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Birthday request by fifimcfeef Birthday request :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 2 0 Vector as Alligator Grunt by fifimcfeef Vector as Alligator Grunt :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 4 2 Inflated Vector, again! by fifimcfeef Inflated Vector, again! :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 1 1 Fat Vector (Sonic Boom) by fifimcfeef Fat Vector (Sonic Boom) :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 5 3 Birthday Request for KexAndy100 by fifimcfeef Birthday Request for KexAndy100 :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 3 1
Dudley Puppy (TF/MC)
Samcraft10 was in the city, sitting in his apartment. The mailman came in and gave him a package. "Here's your package," said the mailman, then he walked away from the door. Inside the package was a black shirt. Samcraft10 put the shirt on. It fit perfectly on him.
Samcraft10 looked down at his skin, which was suddenly growing white fur. His five fingers turned into four, and his feet grew into paws, destroying his shoes. Samcraft10's face started to strech into a muzzle, and his nose turned black. His pants fell down, revealing a big butt and a short tail. Next, Samcraft10 grew a pair of black ears above his head. Finally, as Samcraft10 started chewing his butt, his memories slowly changed into a certain secret agent dog: Dudley Puppy from "T.U.F.F. Puppy".
"What am I doing in this apartment?" Dudley said to himself. He then looked out the window and thought, "I must be in the wrong side of Petropolis. Dudley then left the apartment. "I've got to meet up with Kitty, the Chief and Kesw
:iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 9 2
Ollie (TUFF Puppy) TF
I was in my room, experimenting on my latest invention, the Transformatron 3000. This invention looked like a ray gun. So far I had programmed information on hundreds of well-known species into the device. I put on my headphones and started listening to electronic music. My parents were on a world tour promoting their own inventions, and I had told them that I was going to spend the next few weeks working on the Transformatron.
My invention was nearly finished, and I decided to test it out on myself. I took off my glasses so that the rays wouldn't reflect off the lenses. I entered a code to transform myself into a frog and stood right in front of the Transformatron.
"Transformation commencing in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." The transformation ray engulfed me in a yellow light. As soon as the light subsided, I looked at myself and didn't notice a damn thing.
"Guess I should go back to the drawing board," I quipped. I didn't notice a thing at first, but I felt an itch on my butt. I
:iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 6 3
Vector the Crocodile as a vampire by fifimcfeef Vector the Crocodile as a vampire :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 3 1 Vector the Crocodile filling himself with water. by fifimcfeef Vector the Crocodile filling himself with water. :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 3 1 Inflated Vector by fifimcfeef Inflated Vector :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 4 1 Inflated vector by fifimcfeef Inflated vector :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 1 1 sumo shark by fifimcfeef sumo shark :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 2 0 Big Belly Bros. by fifimcfeef Big Belly Bros. :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 2 2 Al the alligator with a big belly by fifimcfeef Al the alligator with a big belly :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 2 2 Fat Dr. Wani by fifimcfeef Fat Dr. Wani :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 0 0 Vector is happy with his big belly by fifimcfeef Vector is happy with his big belly :iconfifimcfeef:fifimcfeef 1 3

Random Favourites

Wild Valentines by artbirchly Wild Valentines :iconartbirchly:artbirchly 919 62
Bad Luck Transformation RP
Use bad luck to invoke any transformations.
You can transform into:
-The Hulk/She-Hulk
-Any animal
-Your's or anyone elses fursona
-Something different (comment)
Just comment here, make up your own setting (and what clothes you're wearing or wish to wear) and we'll see how far it can go.
:iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 1 49
Good Luck Transformation RP
Use good luck to invoke any transformations.
You can transform into:
-The Hulk/She-Hulk
-Any animal
-Your's or anyone elses fursona
-Something different (comment)
Just comment here, make up your own setting (and what clothes you're wearing or wish to wear) and we'll see how far it can go.
:iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 1 3
Ness vs. Mewtwo by JasonPictures Ness vs. Mewtwo :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 0 Kusuo Saiki vs. Mewtwo by JasonPictures Kusuo Saiki vs. Mewtwo :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 2 2 Crash by TonyNeely Crash :icontonyneely:TonyNeely 99 13
Wolfgang (Skylanders) TF TG (Request)
Carmilla was hiding out in the woods after a rumor began spreading about her. Many people had believed she came from a long line of male werewolf Skylanders. Carmilla tried to tell everyone that the rumor wasn't true, but they never believed her.
"What's the point? No one will ever get over this," said Carmilla.
Carmilla looked up at the sky and saw a full moon. She then fell to the ground as her body began feeling different.
"This isn't good...I can feel a change coming!" said Carmilla.
The upper part of Carmilla's skirt ripped into pieces along with her socks and boots. Her breasts shrunk until they were nothing while her long black hair fell off. Carmilla's eye color changed to brown as her private parts vanished completely.
"Aargh...I think I was cursed!" said Carmilla as her voice deepened.
The bottom part of Carmilla's skirt became a pair of dark blue pants with a skull belt as two toes vanished from each of her feet. Brown fur covered Carmilla's body as her fingers and toes beca
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 20 1
Jasper Rolls' Mini TF Stories Set 004: GMF's Set
Mini 013: Pink Frosting [Homer Simpson TF]
Does anyone know what the pink frosting on a donut was? Howard had to guess it was probably strawberry flavoured or something, but people just called it pink frosting with sprinkles. It didn't really matter. They tasted good. He'd stopped in a donut shop on the way home, feeling like he deserved a snack for the hard work he'd done today, and now he was sat in his car, his blazer set in the back of the car, enjoying his treat. He took a small bite.
The sweetness was apparent the second it hit his tongue; it was almost a little too sweet. He didn't have treats a whole lot, keeping himself in fairly good shape, so his taste buds weren't quite used to that kind of thing. But with just a single bite of the donut, he was about to lose that fairly trim body he'd worked to maintain.
His stomach digested the little bite from the donut, and the result was something like multiplying the little amount of fat he had by 5. Almost instantly, his belly was be
:iconjasper-rolls:Jasper-Rolls 27 3
A Warrior of Black and White (Po TF)
A young woman with blond hair and thick rectangular glasses stood close to the rails of the subway station. With a loud screech, a train pulled its way into the station. Alice stepped onto the subway train. It was pretty late, and the subway was pretty empty. She sank into her seat a bit, and sighed. Her stomach growled loudly, and she started thinking about food. All the restaurants near her house were closed at this hour, and she was craving Chinese food. She could really go for some chow mien and chicken, or maybe some noodles of some kind. She felt her mouth watering up and drooled a little. Her face turned red and she wiped it off with her hand, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. The other few people were preoccupied with their own things. An older man across from her had fallen asleep in his seat. The train slowed to a stop at a station. A young woman walked past Alice, and got off. Next, a somewhat large man got on and sat a few seats away from Alice. She pulled out he
:iconwestenwurt:Westenwurt 9 3
F.C.V Nick Wilde by Joe-Awesome93 F.C.V Nick Wilde :iconjoe-awesome93:Joe-Awesome93 56 3 Flash n Muscles by Joe-Awesome93
Mature content
Flash n Muscles :iconjoe-awesome93:Joe-Awesome93 16 1
Sumo Panda noodle break  by Joe-Awesome93
Mature content
Sumo Panda noodle break :iconjoe-awesome93:Joe-Awesome93 11 0
Nick Wilde Posing in Underwear by AnthroDalModel Nick Wilde Posing in Underwear :iconanthrodalmodel:AnthroDalModel 26 12 Ollie by FurryLovePup Ollie :iconfurrylovepup:FurryLovePup 18 2 billeder nr.6.653 by andebyful billeder nr.6.653 :iconandebyful:andebyful 14 3



Birthday request
A birthday request for :iconkexandy100:, who wanted a picture of himself and Vector the Crocodile (from Sonic the Hedgehog) with big bellies.
Vector as Alligator Grunt
A request for :iconkexandy100:. He wanted me to draw Vector the Crocodile (from Sonic the Hedgehog) dressed as Alligator Grunt (from the X-Men arcade game).
I don't have much spare time to write any stories because of university work, but I'm going to make a list of fanfic ideas that turn me on. I will be adding names to the wishlist once I get a good idea.

A few characters from Madagascar [the penguins, the lemurs, Vitaly]
A few characters from My Little Pony [King Sombra, Lord Tirek, Shining Armor, Snips & Snails]
A few characters from Pokémon [Registeel, Muk]
A few characters from TUFF Puppy [Chief, Snaptrap, Larry, Francisco]
A few characters from Zootopia [Mr. Big]
Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Bugs Bunny
Captain Underpants
Darkwing Duck
Dave (Scaredy Squirrel)
Gabumon (Digimon)
Gex (from the video game of the same name) - I'll write this eventually
Iago (Aladdin)
I.M. Weasel
Mordecai and Rigby
Mr. Peabody
Mushu (Mulan)
Pablo Sanchez (Backyard Baseball)
Peter Potamus (Hanna Barbera)
Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)
Sheriff of Nottingham (Disney's Robin Hood)
Soccer legend Jason Kreis
Spy Fox (from the computer game of the same name)
Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)
The Beatles
Tiger (An American Tail)
Tom and Jerry
Wally Gator (Hanna Barbera)

What I like:
Cartoon transformations (I prefer animals)
Transforming into animals (I prefer anthro)
Videogame characters
Anime characters (only well-known series)
Transforming into humans
Mind change
Outfit transformation
Multiple character stories
Sex changes
Strong language
Written in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese
Turning into a real life person [I prefer soccer, American football players; rock musicians]
Breast or butt expansion
Weight gain
Costume transformation
Inflation [blueberry, air, water, balloon]
Feral transformation [sometimes]
Voice change
Age change [only between children, teens and adults]
Wrestling (preferably sumo)

What I don't like:
Exposed penises
Most feral transformations
Most inanimate transformations
Extreme gore
Age change involving the elderly or babies
Shit or piss
Weight loss
  • Listening to: Avril Lavigne
  • Reading: transformation stories
  • Playing: classical piano
  • Drinking: Cherry Pepsi


Fifi McFeef
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States


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