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Kiwi tutorial

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I like how you make fruits look food
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That blue kiwi hehe looks tasty and so fun :3
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So, I am starting out on Photoshop and would like to work on coloring and shading. My plan was to add darker colors to key points of a drawing, but that did not turn out quite the way I wanted. I wanted to ask you, how do you blend colors together?

Thanks, and by the way, awesome tutorial! 
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If you use tablet with a pen, then there should not be problem. Set transfer (in brush settings) so you can control opacity with pen pressure. It works almost the same way as if you paint with real brush. If you use a mouse, then it's a bit harder. You can set opacity to about 50-70% and blend colors by changing the color itself every time.. step by step, or use a smudge tool (it works well as a blender if you set "scattering" in brush settings).
Sorry if it is a bit complicated, but that's the best advices I can give. Don't really know how to explain without showing. I might make a tutorial about it in the near future. :)
Hope it helps.
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Alright, sounds good. Thanks so much for helping!
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:D your Tutorials are awesome!...And this one kinda cute :D
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Thank you very much :hug:
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hihi, you laught me : the blue kiwi, nice tutorial
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