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I don't have PS, but I managed something of similar effect with Medibang's Charcoal tool. Thanks for the tutorial!
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I am glad it helped.
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Thank you for uploading this, it is helpful :heart:
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Not bad at all 
Thank you for showing w00t! 
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Thank you! I might try the lava one next, see how that goes. :nod:

No problem! Thanks for the tutorial, fav, and llama badge! :hug:
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Cool! Even though I don't have Photoshop, I might get Photoshop and use this to help me in the future. 
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I can't find the brush in my brush set, are you SURE it's a default brush?? I've gone through every single default brush in my PS CS4 and there isn't a single one named "Charcoal Large Smear"
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First one of 36. Make sure color dynamics is turned of in brush settings.
Not sure about CS2 but CS3-CS6 there should be that brush, only if you haven't deleted it accidentally.
If you can't find this brush you can choose any similar brush to this one and set scattering about 130% and you will get the same result.
Hope it helped :)
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Ahh, thank you very much! Found the little sucker now, he was hiding from me :XD:

Also one more question, if I may? How do I go about adding texture to a brush? never done that before o__o
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Click Window -> Brush
A window with all brush settings will appear. Tick should be next to "texture" and there will be a lot of additional settings.
In this window you also set scattering and color dynamics that i mentioned before.  
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Alright, thanks very much! :)
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amazing I really apreciate
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I am glad you like ti :D
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Huh. A nice, quick and and easy tut for one of the biggest PIAs. Well done!
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I am glad you like it :D
Thank you
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I like to see i can use it for pts ^^
I hope it, so i like that. Thanks :3
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I hope it helps :D
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