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Grass tutorial

Difference between texture and plain brush…
More tutorials are coming soon.
grass, trees, water, ice and other textures.
Tell me what else do you want to see from me? :)

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Thank you for a great tutorial

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Yo, thank you for this and other great tutorials. They're great for beginning digital artists such as myself.
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I am glad it is helpful :D
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how is this possible?!!!
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Can you tell me please, where I can change brightness, scale and contrast of the brush :'D.
I've totally no idea. 
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If you are using photoshop then in the upper menu bar click window -> bush.
A window should appear with all brush settings.
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Yeah, I know that already, but I can't see anything with brightness or contrasts ;;. 
Probably I'm just blind. 
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it is in brush texture settings
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Hello NThartyFievi! Do you provide brushes from this tutorial for downloading?
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Hey, those are default photoshop brushes with default textures. If you are using photoshop, just open the brush settings and you will find texture options in there :)
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Oh, ok! Thank you a lot ^^
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Thank you very much for that tutorial! It kick started my painting motivation once again and this time it may be what I needed!
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I am very glad it's heplful :)
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Nice tutorial! Thank you!
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I still don't get it... I have no idea how u did this brush...
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Sorry, old tutorial. It is explained a little bit better in this one Grass tutorial 2 by NThartyFievi
Choose any brush. In settings of a brush choose "texture" and apply any texture that you want i have examples in the picture. Play with scale, brightness, contrast settings. And thats it.
Hope it helped :)
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OOooohhh... well im kinda blind, i didnt noticed this one.

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What a useful tutorial!
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I am glad it helped :)
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Thank you for this tutorial. I got some great inspiration from it  Woohooooo! 
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That is music to my ears :D
Thank you :hug:
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