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M. Knight
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Published: July 12, 2010
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The man - the myth - the M.
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MalbenthomasStudent Filmographer
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lilfirebenderProfessional Digital Artist
Can't help wondering if you posted this just to let people rant about the movie...
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thelastmazeHobbyist Digital Artist
It was a terrible, awful, and pointless movie. C'mon.
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Half-ElfProfessional Artist
The effects were pretty. The costume/set designs were good. The acting was awful. The camera angles were awful. The timeline was awful. The movie was AWFUL. I love M. Night Shyamalan, but that movie was HORRIBLE.

But the cosplay was epic fun :)
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"That... wasn't very good."

"But the effects were decent."
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Half-ElfProfessional Artist
My thoughts exactly :XD:
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jansLabyrinthStudent General Artist
M. Night Shanaynay.
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oh LOL

best thing about the movie? The laugh track. Oh wait no, that was the ACTUAL AUDIENCE.
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+1 internets to you, good sir and/or madam.
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I'm sick of all this BS about how The Last Airbender is a horrible movie.
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AlysaTaladayProfessional General Artist
if the last airbender is not a horrible movie, then what is a horrible movie ...
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That's because it WAS a terrible, awful movie. It's going to sweep the 2010 razzies.
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I've yet to hear what was good about that movie, other than "the special effects" or "the soundtrack".

I'm sick of all this BS about how many horrible movies are supposedly not bad because they've lots of CGFX and 3D.
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thepyveStudent Digital Artist
What was good? Seychelle Gabriel. And the hair/makeup/costumes.

And.. nothing else. xD
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I feel bad 'cause M. Night reminded me of an excited puppy while he was talking about the movie. And I wanted to believe him but I knew deep down it wasn't going to end well
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insanityblobHobbyist General Artist
The Last Airbender was such a fail, but I feel bad because M. Knight's actually a really nice guy. :(
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master of jerkbending and failbending
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jansLabyrinthStudent General Artist
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The following petition represents us wanting M. Night Shyamalan to give us his ORIGINAL 2009 version of "The Last Airbender", which he filmed before Summer-2009___this version has good acting/storytelling, AND it justifies the races of the characters___it is NOT the awful version that's in theaters right now, which he filmed after the February-2010 reviews.
Sign now.
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The races make sense asshat, only a few of the main characters looked Asian in the original show. If you would actually pay attention you'd realize that it was clear that they aren't on EARTH and that the canon wise there are many different skin tones within each of the four know major races.
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AlysaTaladayProfessional General Artist
i understand that it isn't a real asian world :p that does not take a genius, but the casting should have remained true to the show's cultural influences.
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AlysaTaladayProfessional General Artist
but ... all the cultural inspirations were all asian, the animation style was asian, and the bending styles were all straight out of real martial arts...... and the names tended to be asian as well ...
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Yeah sure.
Somehow "dark skinned siblings" was ambiguous enough to Shyamalan so he casted "pale fellows". Totally makes sense because, y'know, anime style is ambiguous! So that's why he made the whole thing look grey and dull huh?

"Only a few of the main characters" are still enough main characters to get wrong, and Shyamalan got them all wrong. "Fat" and "thin" are ambiguous too? *cough* Uncle Iroh *cough*

When anyone does the exact opposite of what they're expected to do, they shouldn't be surprised if people react negatively.
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