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ASRIEL SHIMEJI-EE [only for Windows]

By Fierying
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File size: 1.63 MB | File type: ZIP


DOWNLOAD is under your Favorite at >>>

› Custom shimeji size, coding and extra frames! [Also in behaviour]

› Max spawn is 10 instead of 50 to avoid crashing your desktop!

› 6 days of hard work T u T

Credits to Yuka Yamada for originally making Shimeji, Kilkakon for enhancing it to English and Toby Fox for making UNDERTALE!

do not repost this anywhere else without permission, also don't claim it as yours that's rude! :cCommission PageArt Tumblr

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this used to work, but it doesn't spawn asriel for me anymore. i've unzipped the .zip file, and have 32-bit java.

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It's super cute! but there is a problem, It glitches to the normal shimeji can you fix this please?

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People are having some issues with opening this file.

I have some solutions:

  1. If you get an error saying "a JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again" then try unzipping the zip folder (this happened to me because my brain failed and I didn't unzip it first)

  2. You will need Java to open the .jar file

  3. There is no .exe file see 2. ^^^^^^^^

If you have any other problems I am sorry I haven't run into these problems yet.

If none of my recamedations worked, ask google, google usually knows everything.

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really cute! it works perfectly fine and eats BUTTERSCOTCH PIE. C U T E i activated it by java and download the shimeji maybe before using this, hope it helps! :)

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It doesn't spawn for me, any idea?

SpxndletaleFlowey's avatar

did you unzip the zip file?

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how to download it? i cant find .exe file

SpxndletaleFlowey's avatar

you won't. it's a .jar file. you'll need Java to open it.

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it Dosent Work for me T~T i Really wanted it Someone HEelp Waahh I WANT ASRIEL 
SpxndletaleFlowey's avatar

did you unzip the zip file?

or do you have Java to open the .jar file?

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okay, I searched for buttons for hours and I said "where is the button ?!" and when I see the comment it turns out "ohhhhhhhhhh. thank you" XDDDDDD
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Hi! I'm new to this Shimeji thing. Do I have to have the Kilkakon Program for this Download to work?
SpxndletaleFlowey's avatar

no, but you do need Java as it is a .jar file

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yey i dont wanna have my blob..white...thing
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sooo how do you download it?
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there is a download button ^^^^^^^^^^

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I downloaded the file but no exe. All in replace shows me rar.
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have to unrar it. its like a zip file
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he meant "Jar"

i think

SpxndletaleFlowey's avatar

and remember if it is .jar you need Java to run it

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Well uh... i downloaded the file, but i do not see a "Shimeji-ee.exe" file anywhere, any help?
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it'll be Shimeji-ee.jar which you will need Java to open

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