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Chicken Smoothie Fan Club Competition Questions

The questions for the Chicken Smoothie Fan Club competition. All the details regarding the competition can be found on the CS facebook page ([link])

1. Introduce yourself!
2. If you were to dress up as a CS pet, which one would it be?
3. How would you make a chicken smoothie?
4. Merdogs or Sharkdogs?
5. What is your favourite Malk pet?
6. Avian and Totoro have invite you to spend two weeks at the beach. Who is your vacation companion?
7. What was your companion wearing when Zack complimented them on their outfit?
8. One extremely hot and sunny day, Sandy held a small contest to see who could make the best ice-cream. What was your entry?
9. Your companion has decided to attend a CS appreciation parade. What are they going to wear?
10. Show us what your companion was wearing to the end of vacation beach party.
11. You're now back in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is cold and rainy. What is your companion wearing when they stop by to chat over a warm cup of tea?
12. And finally...CS ftw?
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cujekatt's avatar
Hey man! It's been a long time. This is Moonclaw from WildFang! Anyway, Switchblade's closing in on his 9th or 10th birthday which is crazy!
I was thinking about reading some of our old posts from back in the day but the site is closed for maintenance. Do you have a user/password I could use to read some of the stuff?
Not sure if you're still active on here. I miss WildFang, and I owe a lot of my writing skills to the amazing site you created. Hope you're doing well.
- Moony
DarkFireWyvern's avatar
Gonna do it... just for fun
guitaristemily's avatar
i shall be entering
The-Sin-Kid's avatar
Ah man I need to find my tablet pen
Narwhals-Bro's avatar
Wait I have some questions.
Do we email this to you?
do we have to draw something?
do we have to dress up a pet?
Fierygatoh's avatar
You have to email me (my email is listed on the facebook page), and you don't have to draw or dress up a pet. The questions can be answered using any medium.
Narwhals-Bro's avatar
Ok Thank you! I will be surely trying for this!
FourCrosses79's avatar
I will be back tomorrow. Cee you!
AkantiaSolaris's avatar
Ohhhh I'll be entering I think ^-^
ForeverShep's avatar
Yes! I can't wait to enter
Xjino's avatar
I hope I can get my tablet fixed in time to do this.
iWafflezz's avatar
Whats the "CS ftw" thing and whats a user number? c:
Fierygatoh's avatar
FTW means 'For The Win'. You can pretty much draw whatever you want there.
Your user number can be found by looking at the number in your Profile URL, as shown in this picture: [link]
iWafflezz's avatar
ScaledWithStars's avatar
Totally gonna do this! :D I hope I'll be able to finish it before the deadline, I'll be on vacation until mid-september o.O
FrenchAngel94's avatar
uhh .. so, all questions have to be answered with a Picture or how does it work ? :D

and with introducing, do we send our "real-life" or sth about CS ? :D
Fierygatoh's avatar
The questions can be answered however you want to, whether that be by picture, writing or some other means :3
When you introduce yourself, just talk about yourself a little (or draw or whatever), although don't give away any personal information like your full name, age, location etc
vag111's avatar
I did a combination of both. I think it's up to each player.
vag111's avatar
Whew - Finally finished my entry and getting ready to upload it now ;)
LouKri's avatar
No you email your entry.
best check the FB page for full details
vag111's avatar
I know - I wanted to upload it too though
Moonstar-san's avatar
I'm going to do this as soon as I get home from school :) (Do I submit it to DA?)
Fierygatoh's avatar
You send it to my email (which is up on the facebook page) :)
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