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I'm currently taking a long, indeterminate break from painting and jewelry making. I had another baby who is now a active toddler that keeps me busy. I do have plans to resume making art and brand new jewelry in the near future though.
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A new collaboration and business effort between me and :icontiranaki: brings to you origami ornaments and jewelry as well as more of my regular natural stone and Swarovski crystal jewelry. Everything will now be offered for sale at our site @ Koana Art and Design. The store also has tiranaki's beautiful silk screen designs.

Some of my oil paintings will also be available as prints. I've started with the Blue Rose/Rosa Azul painting. More to come. If there is a particular painting that you'd like as a print, let me know!

Unfortunately I'm still working at a very slow other words, during my 2 year old's naptime! ^_^

Also, if you're on Gaia and would like some avatar or OC art then head on over to my art shop.
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So I'm adding a lot of Gaia related art. I'm doing avatar art as a way to practice using Photoshop CS which I'd had for years (I've always had a version) but thought I didn't have the time or the knack to learn to use it to create art. I do know how to fix minor problems in photos and have made simple web graphics in the past.

So anyway the Gaia avatar art is easy to make since I don't have to damage my extremely tired mommy brain searching for a theme or character design. So I'm doing realistic and chibis as well. Also its good practice for my people drawing skills in general which were sadly neglected through out my college years.

I will not be adding new oil paintings anytime soon simply because I haven't made any. My official babysitter is out of commission and I don't want to start a painting and not be able to finish. I'd need like...5 hrs everyday for about 2-3 weeks. Those being 5 uninterrupted hours which is almost impossible without a baby sitter (fam member). Also I haven't sold anything and have several paintings accumulated so I don't really want to add to the stash.

That is all.
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After going through an uncomfortable pregnancy and C-section and surviving the 1st year of motherhood...I was able to start painting again. So here is some "new" work that I had finished some time ago as well really new stuff. As long as my father can babysit for me I'll keep on working. I'm also adding old character drawings from my high school/college years that I really like and would like to display. I think they are mostly fantasy based.
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Most of the stuff I posted has been sold. Thank Mother's Day for that. I'll be posting new things as soon as I make any of them. I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant so finding the energy to do things is hard at the moment.
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I'm making jewelry to sell. Different types available. I'll be posting pictures soon. I can do custom work as well. Send me an e-mail or contact me through MSN or AIM.
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Wow, I've been here for 2 years. Slowly adding new things. I graduated college in June and so now I have a finished portfolio. So I'll be adding the works I did for that.  Also, Gato died a few weeks ago...but now there's Neko who is only 7 weeks old.
Not really new art but recent art, or stuff I hadn't uploaded in a while... I'm thinking of torturing people with pictures of my cat.

Edit: I added some pictures of Gato to the scraps section, please go see them, I think they are pretty.
Look at the picture of the Carlos. That is all I will say.
An old (last year) drawing of a fav book character. Then a recent paiting. I'll try to do an update everyday. Try and see if you get the painting. Also, I added the drawing just cause I like it a lot and I realized I don't have a lot of drawings here. I mean, that weren't done for class.
Soon, very very soon, like as soon as I remember to bring the CD with me to school, I shall be updating my gallery with brand new pictures of my paintings as well as recent artwork.
I finally uploaded my recent artwork! I must, once again, apologize for the bad low-resolution images. Blame my "not top of the line" digital camera and my lack of good photograhpy skills.
i have new art but i haven't uploaded it yet. Also Yelitza took a better picture of my Uvas paiting.

one last thing, Arelis, thank you for recomending Georgia O'keffe to me. Her art is great! It's very close to the ideas i have in my head. i actually downloaded a lot of her work to the 'puter. someday, we shoudl do an exhibition of my paintings and your photos since they are similar in a way.
I have a problem with the images I just uploaded, they fail to capture the details of the paintings. Trust me on this, the one with all the spheres has a lot of color variations and some of them have slightly different bruchstrokes but you can't fully apreciate it. Oh well.

I have another pianitng to upload but the picture I took of it was horrible so you'll have to wait.
I'm currently working on several paintings which aren't finished so I can't upload them yet. The first is a landscape with some water in it. Normally, I can do water, but this particular landscape features very murky, movement-less water wichi looked more than mud. So the problem is how to make it look like water and not mud.

The second is a very big (4 feet x 4 feet) and I'm working with that one at school, it should be finished tomorrow. I won't be able to take it home until it's completly dry, that could take a few weeks. But I will take pictures of it.

The third is an idea I just got about mocking Boticelli's Venus. I know that many people have made fun of the masters before so I'm going to do some research so I don't repeat what's already been done.
New art! Started taking a new painting class this semester, pintura 2: métodos y técnicas de pintura. Meaning: methods and techniques. Used oils for the first time and will be constructing our own canvases today. I had a lot of trouble buying the wood. But is seems like fun. I actually feel like I'm taking a real class, like the rest of the students are at my level. Ok, that's not true there are people there that are really bad and I feel sorry for them. Most of them aren't art mayors but art education mayors. Meaning, the know HOW to tach art but they aren't that good at it. That's my opinion and I'm entitled to have one.

In other news, I'm having artist block. The professor arsked us to come with 7 sketches of things I'd like to paint, I have 0 sketches. I bought a new sketchbook to see if carrying it with me helps.
Not true, I actually joined a few weeks ago but I never got around to uploading anything. I'm still trying to figure out how this site works.

Umm, not much to say. I have fantasy stuff at Elfwood in case anyone is interested.

Tiranaki is my twin. *look below*
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