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if it's your tale or mine - Chapter 2
if it's your tale or mine
Chapter 2
Shuichi & Hajime

Notes: This chapter is set around the same time as the previous one, Kaede & Makoto.
Dormitory – Shuichi's Room
I placed another of those Hidden Monokuma plushes on my bottom shelf. Between me and Kaede, I believe that makes four we've found in all – two by Kaede, two by me. Admittedly, they do have a bit of a cute charm to them, much more than Monokuma himself. Honestly, I don't know why they're around the campus – Monokuma himself just gave a vague explanation about 'EXP' and 'level ups' that I don't really get – but they're harmless enough.
They gave me something to think about – away from masterminds and Killing Games and time limits.
"Found another Hidden Monokuma?" Hajime's voice asked from behind me. I turned around, and there he was, the self-proclaimed 'Res
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if it's your tale or mine - Chapter 1
if it's your tale or mine
Chapter 1
Kaede & Makoto

Notes: This fic is set in an alternate version of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, based off the demo version's premise of having Makoto and Hajime basically 'guiding' the new protagonist(s) around. (As for how they got there, don't ask.)
The timeframe for this fic is around Chapter 1 – after the motive is revealed, but prior to the murder. Makoto is rooming with Kaede; Hajime is rooming with Shuichi.
The title is derived from the lyrics to Blink of an Eye, a Sonic fan song. (Because why not?)
Dormitory – Kaede's Room
Monokuma's a bit of a jerk.
I realize that's pretty obvious at this point, but seriously—not giving Makoto and Hajime their own room just because it's 'inconvenient' for him is just… ugh! It makes me hate this Ultimate Academy and this whole
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Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Chapter 5
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
Chapter 5
It's Time to Butterfly or Die, Guys

Easin Hills – Inn
The sun was shining through the windows of the inn, signaling the beginning of the second day of this crazy adventure – which is all I can really bothered to keep track of, really. (Next day can be the fourth day for all I care.) The streaking light alone probably would've been enough to wake Makoto and Sayaka from their slumber – but a little bunny appeared to think more was needed.
"Gooooooood morning, everybody!" Usami's cheerful voice exclaimed from the doorway, her figure jumping into the room with her arms stretched into the air. "It's time for another fannnnnnntastic day in Miitopia to begin!"
Makoto, being a light sleeper, awoke to this fairly easily. And—being a Luckster with bipolar luck—he fell off the bed as a result (yay, anime!). "W-Whoa!" he yelped, his
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The Cheesy Way Out - A Mario/DRV3 Crossover
The Cheesy Way Out
A Super Mario Bros. and Danganronpa Crossover
Notes: This fic is set midway through Chapter 1 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The sixteen Ultimates have survived the Death Road of Despair and have just opened the door to the 'outside world'.
As for how this exact event happened… uhh, it's a crack fic. What more can I say?
Location: …I've got no clue, you tell me.
"What," I said blankly.
I'll admit—I didn't really know what to expect beyond the 'Death Road of Despair'. I knew it was our ticket to freedom, yes… but it was long and treacherous enough that I was worried that maybe, just maybe it might not be worth it after all.
And when we finally made it to that barrier-blocked door, I wondered what could possibly be on the other side of it.
A large, grassy plain? Sure, I can deal with that.
An aba
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Hard-Boiled Ursine War! - Sonic/DRV3 Crossover
Hard-Boiled Ursine War!
A Sonic the Hedgehog and Danganronpa Crossover
Notes: This (crack) fic is set midway through the first chapter of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony—specifically, before the first victim is killed, but after the first motive is revealed. Sonic and Eggman are from a post-Sonic Forces timeline, but Eggman is utilizing the Hard-Boiled Heavies from Sonic Mania and replicas of the Phantom Ruby.
Also, there is a fair language warning. Because Miu.
Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles
First Floor – Classroom A

Alarms started blaring loudly in the classroom Shuichi and I were staying in.
"W-Wha!?" he yelped, looking around the room rapidly in search of the source. I was doing the same… and covering my ears, because jeez, it was loud! (I have pretty sensitive ears,
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Are You a Friend, Too? - Chapter 8 (Interlude)
Are You a Friend, Too?
Chapter 8 (Interlude)
Buddy-to-Buddy Situation

Summary: As an unexpected snow season comes into play, a trio of animal buddies migrates from one Pop Star to this one, and make quite the unexpected meetings as a result.
Notes: This chapter is set during Episode 20, Dedede's Snow Job (wonderful title there, really).
Dream Land (Anime) – Whispy's Forest
"What the bloomin' heck is up with this weather?" I grumbled, my feet making crunching noises with every step I took. "It's not nearly as snowy back home – and there definitely shouldn't be so many leaves scattered about, either."
"I'd hate to be the one caught unprepared with this cold front," Coo stated beside me, having chosen to walk alongside me and Kine. "For us, this type of weather is nothing compared to the likes of Echo's Edge or Pla
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Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Chapter 4
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
Chapter 4
Usami Explains Everything

Every adventure has a learning phase – or, in video game terms, a tutorial phase. They simultaneously teach us the rules of the road while also annoying us with the fact that they exist at all. 'Why?' we cry. 'Why do I have to keep sitting through walls of text? Can't I just get on with the game already?' And yet, without them, we would have barely any idea what we are supposed to do. What a paradox. Some tutorial phases last longer than others, and some teach their mechanics better than others, but no one can doubt that Makoto and Sayaka definitely needed a tutorial phase.
Every tutorial is also dealt with in their own way—be it subtle or very, very in-your-face (I'm looking at you, Dream Team)—and for Makoto and Sayaka, that way happened to include their so-called 'guardian spirit', U
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Face-Off Hope Romp (5) - World 1-2 by FieryExplosion Face-Off Hope Romp (5) - World 1-2 :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 0 0
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Chapter 3
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
Chapter 3
The Luckster and the Pop Sensation

Easin Hills
I can't do this! I can't do this!
As Makoto just so happens to have found out, being Level 1 does not help you when you're facing off against more than one enemy at once. (You can blame his luck for that.) Henceforth, he was now running around in circles with two butterflies on his tail. Oh sure, he tried to fight them with his newfound stick-whacking skills, but it turns out they were very effective at double-teaming. And Makoto was only one person. It was… actually a pretty sad event, to be honest. (Like, come on! Where was that triumphant hope from before?)
In any case, all he could really do was keep fleeing and hope that his luck would somehow turn the tables from here (you know, like Nagito! …n-no wait, that guy's luck cycles are way too crazy). "Please, please, let s
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Face-Off Hope Romp (4) - World 1-1 by FieryExplosion Face-Off Hope Romp (4) - World 1-1 :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 0
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Chapter 2
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
Chapter 2
A Cleric to Heal Despair

Greenhorne Village – Outskirts
Some journeys begin with a rather spectacular bang. Others build up their openings so subtly that you might be surprised things have led up to this point.
This adventure lies somewhere in the middle category, as Makoto rushed out toward the Easin Hills in order to try and find Dark Lord Fiery. Filled with a determination that had perhaps always been there, he was resolute in his goal to save the faces of Greenhorne!
Luckily (or unluckily) for Makoto, he didn't have to go very far beyond Greenhorne Village before he found him again. In fact, he was practically just outside, sitting there as if he were waiting for Makoto. (Jeez, what a huge jerk, amirite? All that power in the world and he's just lazing around. Wait, that's what I do, too—)
"Bwahahahahaha!" the Dark Lord c
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Face-Off Hope Romp (3) - First Job by FieryExplosion Face-Off Hope Romp (3) - First Job :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 1 0 Face-Off Hope Romp (2) - Greenhorne by FieryExplosion Face-Off Hope Romp (2) - Greenhorne :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 1 0 Face-Off Hope Romp (1) - Greenhorne by FieryExplosion Face-Off Hope Romp (1) - Greenhorne :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 1 0
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Chapter 1
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
Chapter 1
Hope for Some Heroes

Somewhere between space and time…
"Oh, no! That naughty, naughty Dark Lord is trying to cause havoc in two worlds at once! He's tearing apart the peace and happiness everywhere! That's so… so terrible!
Well, I won't let him continue his wicked misdeeds! I'm going to help these students and everyone else in the best way I can! He won't be able to get his hands on everyone—I swear that on my name as a Magical Miracle Girl!
But first, I have to make sure he can't break in again to Hope's Peak Academy! It would be very bad if he managed to get his hands on more students like that! Don't worry, Makoto, everyone—I'll come back for you! Just let me take care of this first!"
Location: ?
A groan let itself loose from Makoto's lips as he lay face-first onto the floor. His consc
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Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp - Prologue
Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp
A Rather Clichéd Opening

Notes: This fic is set prior to the events of the main Danganronpa series (and by proxy, Danganronpa 3 – Side: Despair.) Class 78 has been enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy for some time by this point. None of the major Tragedy-inducing events have begun yet.
Hope's Peak Academy.
One of the most prestigious, government-run high schools in existence, founded with the goal to create hope for the future of the world. It takes in only students that are showcase exceptional skills in various talents – hereby dubbed the Ultimates. It is said that any student that graduates from this academy will find success anywhere in life.
In another future, this academy would be host to an apocalypse—The Biggest, M
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Real name classified
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a teenager that very much enjoys playing video games, reading fanfiction, and spending too much time on a laptop. I like to make (and occasionally rip) sprites as a hobby, however, and even make gameplay mock-ups with them.

I specialize in making HUDs, menus, and general miscellaneous content. My posting schedule is erratic and very much a "whenever I want" type of thing, so I don't really accept requests or anything.

The main reason I sprite is because I don't see enough custom HUDs and menus out there (or they're not up to my standards. No offense intended, of course). I try my best to give as much quality effort as I can, so I hope whatever I make is of use to everyone.

In terms of gaming, the 3DS and the Switch are my favorite systems, though I find myself reading fanfiction more often than just gaming. In addition, I even have my own gag-a-day sprite comic, Epicly Random, which has finally reached 100+ issues after all this time. Hallelujah!

And recently, I've starting uploading my fanfiction works -- based off series such as Sonic and Persona. I also do some TF/TG works in my spare time. I haven't had the courage (or motivation) to do this until now, so I hope that whatever I write will be of well-enough quality for you all.

That's all I really have to talk about. While you're still here, I hope you enjoy my vast amount of sprite-related content!

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