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Desert Disguises [Sora to Namine TF/TG] by FieryExplosion Desert Disguises [Sora to Namine TF/TG] :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 68 7
I'm Not Entirely Okay, But I'll Get There - Kirby
I’m Not Entirely Okay, But I’ll Get There
A Kirby One-Shot

Summary: As a puffball and his friends traverse the galaxy, a traveler visits his home again, a regent mourns his lost love, and a secretary struggles with her emotions.
Notes: This fic is set during the events of Kirby Star Allies, though references to that game are fairly minimal. None of the Wave 3 Dream Friends are adventuring with the Star Allies during the main campaign.
This fic will contain spoilers for Kirby Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot, though they shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise anymore.

Dangerous Dinner – Landia’s Nest

The sounds of a loud engine winding down billowed through the volcanic field. Landia’s four heads opened up each of their pair of eyes, watching the massive technological ship as it descended to the ground and landed not too far away from their nest. Silently, sy
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 3 3
Tales of Sora's Heart Squad ~ Index
A collection of tales involving Sora and his ragtag Heart Squad™—Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Vanitas, and Strelitzia—from various points during the Dark Seeker Saga.
[Back to Main Index]
Another Side, Another Friend
In the realm where hearts return, a nameless star waits with a purpose. That is, until Sora and his Heart Squad™ come crashing through.
A fic diverging from the opening to Kingdom Hearts III. Features massive spoilers for both that game and Kingdom Hearts Union X[cross].
Chapters: [1] [2]
i found myself crying by your grave (Danganronpa)
I couldn’t believe my eyes. This co
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 4 0
i found myself crying by your grave - KH/DRV3
i found myself crying by your grave
A Kingdom Hearts and Danganronpa Crossover
Summary: I couldn’t believe my eyes. This couldn’t be reality. She couldn’t be reality. And yet, she was real, she was here – and she was no longer herself.
Notes: Kingdom Hearts-wise, this fic is set during the timeframe of Kingdom Hearts III and follows continuity from one of my other fics, Another Side, Another Friend (which should be read first). Sora and Kairi have, at minimum, cleared both Toy Box and Kingdom of Corona. No explicit spoilers for the game are featured.
Danganronpa-wise, this fic is set midway through the events of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, diverging a day or so prior to the beginning of Chapter 3’s Deadly Life. Both the victims and the
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 3 0
Fiery's Fanfic Series ~ Index
Make a Friend (Kirby, Super Mario Bros., Danganronpa, Super Smash Bros.)
“There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of good friends!”
On Planet Pop Star, impossible miracles are regularly born and evil bad guys routinely invade. But to Kirby, that doesn’t matter. So long as he’s happy and he’s got his friends by his side, everything will be alright. (Because who says the Power of Friendship can’t save the day?)
The ongoing, interconnected Kirby series where Kirby is really sassy, Dedede is really nice, there’s massive amounts of continuity, Adeleine shows up a lot, and The Power of Friendship is taken to its natural conclusion. Oh, and people can inexplicably come back to life too, because why not?
The Kirby franchise is one of my favorite fandoms, and there’s a lot of untapped potential to expand its world based on the material HAL Laboratory have given us. Also for some reason
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 0
Worlds of Transformations (TF/TG fics) ~ Index
Beyond the clinically ‘clean and appropriate’ sections of the multiverse lies a series of timelines where things can get a little more… explicit. (And kinky!) Especially in the sexual department, and in plenty more ways than one.
The males of these timelines better beware, for they’re not likely to keep their gender—or identity, for that matter—for much longer…
[Back to Main Index]
A Universal Contrast (Persona)
One night, Yu Narukami gets mysteriously dragged into a facsimile version of Tartarus. While there, he encounters the not-quite-dead Minako Arisato, who seeks to use his body for some… rather unsavory purposes.
Yu is about to discover just what the Universe Arcana is capable of, when Minako enacts a plan that will change him every way possible: body, mind… and soul.
A TF/TG one-shot set during Octo
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 6 0
A Goddess in Reality fic series (Persona) ~ Index
The misadventures of Marie (formerly Minato Arisato) and Elizabeth as they venture throughout the world giving everybody within range a massive freaking headache.
[Back to Main Index]
A Goddess in Reality
After searching for so long, Elizabeth’s finally found a way to save Minato from his fate. By borrowing a bit of power from Izanami (don’t ask how), she'll give Minato a body that can simultaneously live in the real world and act as the Great Seal. It's a genius tactic!
Of course, using Izanami as a base has... consequences, as one can no doubt imagine. Luckily, they might just be good ones…
A TF/TG one-shot set during after the events of vanilla Persona 4, where Minato Arisato gets transformed into Marie.
Chapters: [1]
A Goddess’s Arena
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 3 0
Fiery's Misc. Fanfiction ~ Index
[Back to Main Index]
I'm Waiting! (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Due to bugs and glitches, Sonic and Eggman are locked in a virtual staring contest. Sonic isn’t amused.A crack one-shot featuring a self-aware Sonic and Eggman.
Chapters: [1]
Other Clone (Metroid)
When Samus arrived on the Bottle Ship, the last thing she expected to see was an imperfect clone of herself.
(A one-shot set on an altered Other M scenario.)
Chapters: [1]
Hard-Boiled Ursine War! (Danganronpa, Sonic the Hedgehog)
A mysterious rotund doctor shows up out of the blue at the Ultimate Academy and declares it—and the sixteen Ultima
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 0
Harmony Never Really Dies - Chapter 5
Harmony Never Really Dies
Chapter 5
Dreaming of Something Better
Summary: There aren’t enough smiles coming from Kaede, Kirby decided—so why not have she and Rantaro help bake a cake with him and Dedede? Cakes always make things better! Though, that might just be his stomach talking…
Castle Dedede – King Dedede’s Room
Several hours had passed since Rantaro’s arrival and Kaede’s subsequent breakdown. In the time since, the two of them had been properly introduced to Castle Dedede – and, having no place to stay (Kirby’s place is too small for that, Dedede thought), the king let them reside in the spare bedrooms he had laying around. Dedede had barely any idea what was going on, sure—what could he say, this was an unusual event, even for Dream Land—but he could tell Kaede could use the room.
“Oh, boy,” he massaged his forehead, sitting on his bed. Through his wind
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 3 0
angels in flight - A Kingdom Hearts One-Shot
angels in flight
A Kingdom Hearts One-Shot
Summary: He helped them out when they needed it most—so it’s time that they return the favor. ‘Cause at the end of the road, when all else seems lost… you can always count on your friends to guide your way forward.
Notes: This fic is set around the endpoint of Kingdom Hearts III, during the confrontation at the Keyblade Graveyard. This fic also takes place in the same continuity as one of my earlier fics, Another Side, Another Friendnamely, Sora’s Heart Squad™, Strelitzia, and Kairi joining the adventure.
This fic, unsurprisingly, contains both headcanons and massive spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union X[cross], so it is recommended you be up-to-date on your Kingdom Hearts lore before re
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 5 3
Another Side, Another Friend - Chapter 2
Another Side, Another Friend
Chapter 2
In You and I, There's a New Land

Summary: Sora's back from his trip through the Sleeping Realm – and he's got a new friend-slash-Heart Squad™ member to share with everyone! (Kairi and Naminé aren't too surprised, really. This is Sora they're talking about…)
Notes: This chapter is set after the opening Dive to the Heart sequence in Kingdom Hearts III, but before Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off toward Olympus. In addition, Riku, Mickey, Kairi, and Lea have not left the Mysterious Tower yet.
The Mysterious Tower
Sorcerer's Loft

"I'm backkkkkk~!" Sora's voice sang through the doorway.
Kairi's face immediately lit up at the sound of her best friend. "Sora!" she cried happily, delighting in seeing that familiar dumb and goofy grin hanging off his face. Her sentiments
:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 1
KH Instagram - They Can Take Your World by FieryExplosion KH Instagram - They Can Take Your World :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 6 0 KH Instagram - Lingering Will by FieryExplosion KH Instagram - Lingering Will :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 16 4 Kingdom Hearts III Equipment Menu Mock-up by FieryExplosion Kingdom Hearts III Equipment Menu Mock-up :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 0 Kingdom Hearts III Menu #4 ~ Equipment by FieryExplosion Kingdom Hearts III Menu #4 ~ Equipment :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 5 0 Kingdom Hearts III Abilities Menu Mock-up by FieryExplosion Kingdom Hearts III Abilities Menu Mock-up :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 4 0


Team-Attack! | Screenshot Redraw by CamilaAnims Team-Attack! | Screenshot Redraw :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 1,116 83 Boku no Hero Academia - Pretty Smile by TC-96 Boku no Hero Academia - Pretty Smile :icontc-96:TC-96 2,084 203 Kirby_Until we meet again by Chivi-chivik Kirby_Until we meet again :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 218 21 3rd Team by bellhenge 3rd Team :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 523 12 Ladies Tennis by bellhenge Ladies Tennis :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,168 22 queen of the world! by CHERRILOID queen of the world! :iconcherriloid:CHERRILOID 102 4 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by AlbertoV The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time :iconalbertov:AlbertoV 203 12 Dream Friend Icons: Everyone is Here by AceDaniaMMX Dream Friend Icons: Everyone is Here :iconacedaniammx:AceDaniaMMX 89 34 New Danganronpa V3 by riyuta New Danganronpa V3 :iconriyuta:riyuta 281 9 Starry Night Fantabit by Louivi Starry Night Fantabit :iconlouivi:Louivi 260 20 Kirbubble by Daycolors Kirbubble :icondaycolors:Daycolors 2,722 74 Windy Day TG by GriloqueTG Windy Day TG :icongriloquetg:GriloqueTG 154 8 Future of Fashion by Sofiya03 Future of Fashion :iconsofiya03:Sofiya03 50 0 Who are we presenting to again by zarla Who are we presenting to again :iconzarla:zarla 1,874 152 Yeah! Smash Em Up! by thegreatrouge Yeah! Smash Em Up! :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 871 21 :: best friends by hawberries :: best friends :iconhawberries:hawberries 419 26


:iconhassoutobi27: :iconnickthegamemaster: :iconericgl1996: :iconle-hazard: :icona-very-merry-q: :iconkrusperbutter: :icondreamspeed:



Real name classified
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a teenager that very much enjoys playing video games, reading fanfiction, and spending too much time on a laptop. On this account, you'll find me doing two major things: making sprites, and writing fanfiction.

In terms of sprites, I specialize in making HUDs, menus, and general miscellaneous content. My posting schedule is erratic and very much a 'whenever I want' type of thing, so I don't really accept requests or anything. Occasionally, I'll even make mock-ups using my own sprites, which are always sort of a treat. I've been more focused on other things as of late, but trust me, I haven't lost my passion for spriting yet.

On the fanfic end of the spectrum, I write for these primary fandoms: Kirby, Persona, and Danganronpa, though I'm not remiss to branching out every now and again. Like my sprites, I upload fics and chapters at a 'whatever, whenever' pace. My current project on that front is Star Allies, Unite!. Also, I post my major works on and Archive of Our Own under FierySprites, so check me out there!

And as of late, I've been posting a good number of TF/TG content—because I have a bit of a fetish for that, and I like extending my reach wherever I go. If you like that too, then—that should be right up your alley! I'll see about posting them in tandem(-ish) with the rest of my fanfiction stuff, but as usual, no promises!

In terms of gaming, the 3DS and the Switch are my favorite systems, though I find myself reading fanfiction more often than just gaming. In addition, I even have my own gag-a-day sprite comic, Epicly Random, which has finally reached 100+ issues after all this time. Hallelujah! (It's on hiatus now, but hey! You can still enjoy it!)

That's all I really have to talk about. While you're still here, I hope you enjoy my vast amount of quality content here!

My YouTube:…
Find Epicly Random at: epiclyrandomcomic.smackjeeves.… or…
My FanFiction profile:
Archive of Our Own:…


Journal History


I really love how Pop Star is designated the 'World of Miracles' in Star Allies. I don't know why; I just do.
Next string of updates will include:
- Star Allies, Unite! (Chapter 4)
- Harmony Never Really Dies (Chapters 6-7)
- Smile for the Sake of Everyone (Chapter 3)
- i found myself crying by your grave (Addendum Chapter)
Desert Disguises [Sora to Namine TF/TG]
Credits: :iconrazupan:’s Caption Creator, :iconmadamemidnightrose: (Naminé), Otzipai-Art (Agrabah), :iconnevbix: (Kingdom Key)

Decided to get a little more experimental with this one—using MikuMikuDance models to make my caption images! I’m fairly certain I’ll run out of interesting images to use, so I want to branch out a little, see how well it works.

I’m also going to be slowing down the amount of TF/TG caps I put out—I don’t wanna burn myself out and/or run out of ideas to produce content with. Hopefully that won’t disappoint too many people of you out there. I gotta pace myself, y’know?

I think this turned out not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I probably won’t be making this a regular thing, but I might use it again here and there. We’ll see!

Caption Text:

Form-changing magic isn’t something to sneeze about. There’s a reason why Donald’s the one that does it for us—one mistake, and you could be stuck as something embarrassing for quite a while. But with the three of us separated on Agrabah and our Gummi Ship… not exactly usable right now, I didn’t have a choice but to try using it myself.

Look, it was hot, I wear all-black clothes, I was way too far from wherever Aladdin was, and I didn’t recognize anyone around—so until I managed to find Donald and Goofy again, I’d have to at least blend in a little better. I found a secluded place to hide, lifted my Keyblade into the air, and willed the magic into existence. “Well… here we go!” I said.

Sparks flew from the tip of my Keyblade and started spinning all about my body—but things went off the rails from there. My first clue that something was wrong was when my clothes poofed into sand and left me barely covered in the desert. “Wh-What the—!?” I yelped. “H-Hey!” My whole body tingled and shifted uncomfortably: my torso caved in, my face felt like it was compressing, my hair fell down and looked notably lighter, and my butt inflated against the wall. But most frighteningly of all, I felt my chest expand and my crotch disappear—and in the hot breeze, it made me blush hard. “What’s g-going—!?” I tried to say—but I stopped upon hearing my voice sound like… N-Naminé!?

Clothes reformed on my body shortly afterward—but it only made things more mortifying. Before too long, I was wearing some kind of bra, a skirt-ish thing with fabric-y pants, some poofy sleeves, a veil… It—It was a lot like the clothes I saw some girls wear in Agrabah, actually. “H-How did this happen…?” I murmured to myself, looking over myself—and the girl I had become. “I never thought I’d see Naminé’s body like this… W-Wasn’t she supposed to be with Kairi? So how did—ugh, th-think about that later!”

Desperately, I tried to reverse the changes with my Keyblade—but no matter what I did, no form-changing magic came out of it. Without Donald to get me out of this situation… I was stuck. Stuck in Agrabah, stuck as a girl, stuck as Naminé—and it didn’t help that, despite having an outfit to wear, I felt just so… exposed.

I placed a hand to the side of my face. Soft and sensitive, just like the rest of me. I sighed. “At least I fit in now,” I said. “Now I just need to figure out a way to get more Munny—‘cause something tells me I’ll be here a while…” I wiggled my hips around—now that I thought about it, Naminé’s hips seemed pretty fit for dancing… B-But was that really what I wanted to do? With the body of my best friend’s Nobody, even…?

…I don’t have much of a choice, though. Ugh, why couldn’t there be more Heartless in this region…? They were a good source of free Munny…



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Josh4321 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019
Stupendous job writing the Masked Dedede fight! I really loved it. How do you manage to write an amazing piece like that?
FieryExplosion Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear you loved it! To answer your question, I just write whatever I feel fits the situation, and it usually works out fine.
Josh4321 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
You see, I’m kind of a novice around hear a little bit (if you like at my home page on DA). I was gonna try and write a story using Masked Dedede but I don’t know exactly how to explain his appearance or so to those who haven’t played KSSU yet. I need something to help me explain why Dedede went all out, so do you mind if I use the story (as a whole) as reference to what I’m writing? I’ll give you credit and send you a link to it when I’m done. Still trying to learn the ropes around here. Thank you (and love your KH stuff by the way)!!!
FieryExplosion Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's perfectly okay! I'm happy to see my works inspiring or being used to help others. I hope you'll be able to find your own voice writing out fanfics like this!
TheHuseontheLoose Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you know about Superstar Saga, the two M&L RPG remakes and Rayman Legends?
FieryExplosion Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. I have Superstar Saga; the rest I don't. SS+BM was fun, if easy.
TheHuseontheLoose Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it's not like I've found any of those games hard - especially not Rayman Legends... well, at most points.
TheHuseontheLoose Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which of Raina Telgemeier's books do you have?
FieryExplosion Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In order: Smile, Drama, Sisters, Ghosts. Haven't read the last one all the way yet (I have a little problem we call procrastination).
TheHuseontheLoose Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As for the BSC graphic adaptations...?

Oh, and how far along are you on Ghosts?

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