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A Goddess Living Life - Chapter 2
A Goddess Living Life
Chapter 2
Curry Never Hurt Anybody

Summary: [Persona 5] I'll admit, these two are some of the most peculiar customers I've seen come to Leblanc. I mean, a Velvet Room attendant out in the open – and not to mention her oddly-dressed girlfriend? Sheesh.
Notes: This chapter takes place sometime after the Fourth Palace Heist, but prior to the Sixth Palace Heist.
Café Leblanc
It's been a fairly quiet day at Café Leblanc. I know we don't get a lot of traffic, since we're in a relatively isolated location, but it was still really empty. The only thing stopping it from being kind of unsettling was the sound of Beneath the Mask playing on the café radio. (It plays 24/7. Seriously.)
Since I had nothing else to do (and I had already hung out with the other Phantom Thieves already), I was cleaning the
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Are You a Friend, Too - Chapter 3
Are You a Friend, Too?
Chapter 3
So Alike, Yet So Different

Summary: Canon!Dedede invites Tiff for a game of chess at his new castle, and from there, she learns how his relationship with Kirby and how it led into his maturing as a king deserving to rule Dream Land.
Now if only the same thing could happen to Anime!Dedede.
Notes: This chapter takes place a couple of weeks after the last one.
Castle Dedede (Anime) – Ebrum Residence
"Hey, Tiff, look!" Tuff called out to me, running toward my position on the couch. "There's a letter for you!"
"A letter?" I asked. That's weird, we don't get too many letters in Cappy Town, since we're so small and all. Maybe it's got something to do with our other-dimensional visitors? With that in mind, I promptly took the letter from his hands. "Who's it from?"
"I dunno, I just found it by our door. It's got your na
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Are You a Friend, Too - Chapter 2
Are You a Friend, Too?
Chapter 2
Grateful Greetings

Summary: The Star Allies become a little more acquainted with the residents of Cappy Town. Dedede's certainly having a lot of fun in this new town – but the other King doesn't quite agree with his presence.
Notes: This chapter takes place shortly after the first one.
Cappy Town – Hill
I'll be honest – this is pretty insane.
What else can I say? I mean, we're dealing with duplicates of people I know. Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede – there's double of them now, and that's so strange to think about.
They act so different, too! Kirby can speak and he's sassy! Meta Knight's even more serious than our own. And King Dedede? He actually seems like a good person. I thought that was impossible, but yet…
It's hard to argue with the sight befo
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A Goddess Living Life - Chapter 1
A Goddess Living Life
Chapter 1
There's Something About You

Summary: [Persona Q AU] Minato muses on how strange and familiar Marie is. Meanwhile, Marie thinks the whole situation is kind of hilarious.
Notes: This collection serves as a pseudo-sequel to one of my past stories, A Goddess in Reality. The details of the stories within will probably not make a lot of sense unless you read that first. Persona 4 Golden is also not canon to this universe.
EDIT 7/11/2018: Modified to add some context for Marie's backstory.
Yasogami High School
Being stuck here in some facsimile version of a high school I've never heard of before was only the first of the weird things to happen today.
As the (co-)field leader of SEES, I (and the rest of the group) have seen some pretty 'out-there' things on our q
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Are You a Friend, Too - Chapter 1
Are You a Friend, Too?
Chapter 1
Intersection of Dreams

Summary: Two different universes – similar, yet different – finally come together. And it's certainly a strange experience for all.
Cappy Town
When I woke up today, the last thing I expected to see was this strange rainbow vortex in the middle of Cappy Town.
By the time I arrived (along with Tuff and Kirby), there was already a huge crowd around the vortex. I could hear murmurs ranging from "What could this be?" to "I hope it doesn't mean business!" to "Please don't let this be King Dedede's doing again…"
The vortex itself didn't seem to be doing anything except swirl in place, changing colors every second. It didn't look dangerous, but then again, there were plenty of monsters Dedede sent that didn't look intimidating at first glance, either.
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Epicly Random 129 - Not Too Big to Capture by FieryExplosion Epicly Random 129 - Not Too Big to Capture :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 2 3
Sonic and Tails: FoA ~ Chapter 4 (2/2)
This village was pretty cool! The people here were nice and inviting, and to their credit, they didn't exactly flinch too hard upon seeing me or Tails. Which is something I thought would happen more often, to be honest.
Eh, we've got several dimensions worth to travel through, I'm sure they'll be some sort of reaction there.
While we were here, we decided to see if there was any other information worth gathering on Eggman's actions – most of the villagers had basically the same information as the first guy we met. I guess Eggman didn't really care to send any Badniks over to this village yet, which is fine by me. I like bashing 'em and all, but there is such a thing as 'too much of a good thing' (except for running, of course).
This village actually seemed like a very stereotypical 'first village', if you get my drift. A village out in the middle of nowhere, generally grassy area, fairly small community, all the signs were there. And I'
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Sonic and Tails: FoA ~ Chapter 4 (1/2)
Sonic & Tails: Frames of Animation
Chapter 4
Patching In These Colorful Hills, Part 1

Last time…
And with that, we'd basically seen most of the menu, and the way it'd be used throughout our journey. We can see our collection of items, change our gear as we go, upgrade our abilities, unlock achievements, et cetera. It was pretty cool!
"Man, all this is getting me pumped for the adventure we're going to be going on!" I whooped. "Ohhhhhhh, I just want to go out there and slice some robot limbs off!"
"Calm down there, Rubes!" Yang chided me. "You'll get a chance to do just that. But first, we've got a Smash match to finish!"
"That's right!" Tails remembered. "Heh, I still haven't gotten done beating your butt yet!"
"Oh, sorry, you think you can beat my butt?" Yang retorted, a grin on her lips. "I've beaten Ruby at every fighting game we have for years!" ("It's tr
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Please Stop Adding Villains, Kirby - A One-Shot
Please Stop Adding Villains, Kirby
A Kirby One-Shot
The Dream Palaces were a mysterious set of buildings, scattered all about Pop Star and even into the rest of the galaxy. When they suddenly appeared, the Dream Landers had a lot of questions on their mind.
Why were they here?
How did they show up?
What is their purpose?
Unfortunately, all of these questions remained without an answer, despite the efforts of the Dream Landers to find out. Much like several other things throughout the Gamble Galaxy, it seemed that they would forever remain a mystery.
One thing was for certain, though.
They served as a convenient place to summon old friends to new adventures.
Which is where this small snippet of an adventure begins.
"Oh boy, the Dream Palace is open again!" Kirby cheered, leading his party of Star Allies back to the fabled monument of dreams. "Maybe they can help us against the Jambastion invaders, too!"
"I really don't get why you love coming
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A Void in the Dark - A Kirby One-Shot
A Void in the Dark
Kirby One-Shot
NOTE: Kirby's POV, Possible OOC, Headcanons, Massive Spoilers for Star Allies
When I first saw the Jamba Shards, as the Jambastion mages called them, I felt a discomforting feeling enter my heart.
At first, I didn't know why I was feeling it. I figured it probably had something to do with the whole 'dark and evil' aspect of the MacGuffins. I mean, they were going around possessing people and giving them strange power-ups – not unlike what Dark Matter used to do (which in retrospect served as a lot of foreshadowing). What else could it have been?
Although every Jamba Shard I saw gave me an increasingly deeper sense of dread, I convinced myself every time it was just paranoia. How many times had we seen dark artifacts and darker villains at that point? No matter how familiar it felt, I had hoped that it was just a road bump on
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Other Clone - A Metroid One-Shot
Other Clone
Metroid One-Shot
When I received the Bottle Ship's distress signal (Why in the name of the Chozo is there a station that is literally shaped like a bottle?), discovering Adam's platoon was admittedly a nice, welcome surprise.
The imperfect clone made by the Federation was a far different story.
The minute the clone walked into view, I heard several of the platoon members gasp in clear shock. My memories of Dark Samus still relatively fresh in my mind, I aimed my Arm Cannon at her while I let my Scan Visor analyze at full blast.
Morphology: Seria Aran
An imperfect clone of Samus Aran made by the Federation. Agile and strong, but lacks much resolve and confidence.
"Samus," Adam interrupted me. His face was worn and tired, a far cry from his normally stoic look. "Please, stand down." Out of respect for my mentor and former CO, I did as he said.
The platoon members were all murmuring in confusio
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Sonic and Tails: Frames of Animation ~ Chapter 3
Sonic & Tails: Frames of Animation
Chapter 3
A Warrior Will Soon Run Wild

Last time…
A squadron of familiar robots – specifically Egg Pawns and a couple of Nebulas (those circular green bots with propellers we've been seeing since Westside Island) – stood bunched together in front of the house. The Egg Pawns came equipped with a bunch of lances and shields, and there were even a few purple ones with rocket launchers.
Leading the crew was a face Sonic and I hadn't seen in years (or more accurately, hadn't seen again until Sonic Mania became a thing) – it was an blue Egg Robo with an outfit much like a police officer's, with a siren on its head and red optics for eyes. He was flying off the ground with a jetpack strapped to the back of his head, a rectangular rocket launcher in his left arm.
It was the first of Eggman's Har
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Epicly Random 128 - Of Princesses and Toads by FieryExplosion Epicly Random 128 - Of Princesses and Toads :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 3 0 Epicly Random 127 - Hype Machines at Full Power by FieryExplosion Epicly Random 127 - Hype Machines at Full Power :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 6 0
Mature content
A Goddess in Reality [Minato to Marie TF/TG] :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 29 7
Epicly Random 126 - Playing With Sand Castles by FieryExplosion Epicly Random 126 - Playing With Sand Castles :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 0 1


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United States
I'm a teenager that very much enjoys playing video games, reading fanfiction, and spending too much time on a laptop. I like to make (and occasionally rip) sprites as a hobby, however, and even make gameplay mock-ups with them.

I specialize in making HUDs, menus, and general miscellaneous content. My posting schedule is erratic and very much a "whenever I want" type of thing, so I don't really accept requests or anything.

The main reason I sprite is because I don't see enough custom HUDs and menus out there (or they're not up to my standards. No offense intended, of course). I try my best to give as much quality effort as I can, so I hope whatever I make is of use to everyone.

In terms of gaming, the 3DS and the Switch are my favorite systems, though I find myself reading fanfiction more often than just gaming. In addition, I even have my own gag-a-day sprite comic, Epicly Random, which has finally reached 100+ issues after all this time. Hallelujah!

And recently, I've starting uploading my fanfiction works -- based off series such as Sonic and Persona. I also do some TF/TG works in my spare time. I haven't had the courage (or motivation) to do this until now, so I hope that whatever I write will be of well-enough quality for you all.

That's all I really have to talk about. While you're still here, I hope you enjoy my vast amount of sprite-related content!

My YouTube:…
Find Epicly Random at: epiclyrandomcomic.smackjeeves.…
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A Goddess Living Life

Chapter 2
Curry Never Hurt Anybody

Summary: [Persona 5] I'll admit, these two are some of the most peculiar customers I've seen come to Leblanc. I mean, a Velvet Room attendant out in the open – and not to mention her oddly-dressed girlfriend? Sheesh.

Notes: This chapter takes place sometime after the Fourth Palace Heist, but prior to the Sixth Palace Heist.


Café Leblanc

It's been a fairly quiet day at Café Leblanc. I know we don't get a lot of traffic, since we're in a relatively isolated location, but it was still really empty. The only thing stopping it from being kind of unsettling was the sound of Beneath the Mask playing on the café radio. (It plays 24/7. Seriously.)

Since I had nothing else to do (and I had already hung out with the other Phantom Thieves already), I was cleaning the dishes in the sink, an apron on over my casual clothing. Sojiro would appreciate it, despite the lack of customers today. Nearby, Futaba was hanging out nearby for some reason. When I asked her about it, she said that "You're my Key Item, of course! I gotta keep you at my side at all times."

I have no idea what that reasoning is supposed to mean, but eh, more company's more company! Morgana's a nice cat and all, but you can only spend so long in just his company before you basically go insane.

"Ohhhhhhh, this is so boring!" Morgana whined beside me. Speaking of which, there he is, proving my point. "Come on, Ren, can't we go out and do something interesting for a change?"

"We've already hung out with the rest of our teammates today," I reminded him. "Besides, Sojiro wouldn't like the dishes being left out to rot like this. I don't want to be kicked out of a place to live now."

"Yeah!" Futaba agreed. "And after you do that, you can cook me some delicious curry! I'm hungering for some good old-fashioned recovery items!"

"And I still have no idea why you keep using video game terminology," Morgana grumbled. I think it's a pretty cute quirk myself, though I don't really play many games beyond the classic 8-bit ones.

Sadly, despite all the Yen I can get from Palaces and Mementos, it's not enough to buy any modern game console. Not like they'd work on my little television, anyway.

"Hey, I'm a gaming nerd," Futaba reminded Morgana. "You should just learn to deal with it, scrub. Or… is it that you want more snuggles today, Mona?"

"No, no, I don't!" Morgana protested, trying to back away from our resident navigator. He was doing kind of poorly on that front. "R-Ren, h-help me out here!"

I smirked. "Sorry Morgana," I half-heartedly apologized. "Can't help you with this. Guess you're going to have to endure Futaba a little."

"You liar! You just want to see how this plays out!"

"What can I say?" I tilted my glasses up, creating a sheen effect that I was proud to have mastered. "I'm quite the Joker, after all."

"Well, you heard our leader! Come here, Mona!" Futaba started walking up to Morgana, her fingers outstretched and wiggling with delight. Appropriately, Morgana meowed loudly and hopped off where he was, running about the café in an attempt to escape Futaba's clutches. Futaba naturally followed while I watched the scene with a vested interest.

"Get away!" he screeched to no avail.

"Nope!" Futaba licked her lips. "I've got a side quest to complete!"

"Well," Morgana began to retort, "you can leave it uncompleted then!"

Eventually, the scene got so comical – what with the two just running around in circles – that I just couldn't help but laugh out loud. It got so bad that I had to double over with a hand on my chest, growing ever more hysterical as my two teammates kept doing the runaround. Sure, Café Leblanc wasn't exactly a big place, but it certainly didn't mean this wasn't utterly hilarious.

Now if only I had a good joke for the situation.

The sound of the door to the café opening forced me to stop, though. "Oh, my!" the voice of an ethereal, lively woman exclaimed in half-astonishment. "I didn't know such conduct was allowed in these establishments!" I… Uhh… She does realize we're a small café, not a restaurant, right? "And here I was told that 'disorderly conduct' was disallowed in regular society! But here we are, and it clearly isn't."

I turned to the front door to see who our apparent next customer was, and my eyes promptly widened in shock. The woman was most prominently clad in blue – velvet blue, specifically – and she even had the striking traits of platinum blonde hair and yellow eyes. The same attributes that both Justine and Caroline had.

There was no way this woman didn't know anything about the Velvet Room. But I thought people from the Velvet Room didn't go outside at all, or were even visible. I mean, Justine hangs about the entrances to the Velvet Room and nobody ever comments on a little girl (not that I'd call her little to her face) just randomly hanging about the red-light district without any sort of adult protection (again, not that she'd need it).

"Liz, I'm pretty sure that this isn't any sort of fancy restaurant, so it really doesn't count," another voice intruded, sounding much more down-to-earth. "So you shouldn't really try to convince restaurant employees to table dance again." The woman that walked in proceeded to gain my number one slot on my list of 'Weirdest Fashion Choices I've Ever Seen,' for all the styles she wore seemed to both clash and suit each other. I'm no Ann, but that seriously can't be right.

"What the heck is up with their outfits?" Futaba mock-whispered to Morgana. She was… uhh… speaking a little too loud. "I don't think they'd give any buffs at all."

"I have no idea," Morgana whispered back. "Maybe if we back away, they won't infect us with their terrible fashion." Classic Morgana, always being snide in very public about every little thing he says. He's lucky that only us Phantom Thieves can act.

…that thought was soon quickly tested when I saw the weird-fashion lady raise an eyebrow at something. "…did someone say something about our fashion?" she muttered, almost too quietly for anyone to hear. I can only assume that she was reacting to Morgana. Immediately, thoughts began to whirl through my mind as to what this could mean. Is she a Persona-user? Is she dangerous? Does she work for the police? Are our identities as Phantom Thieves compromised?

I won't have to be hit with a baton, will I?

"Aw, come on, Marie!" 'Liz' comically pouted. "There was no harm in letting people enjoy themselves! Besides, I seem to vividly recall you joining them, too."

A blush immediately overtook 'Marie's face, completely removing the relatively stoic look she had up to that point. "H-Hey, I t-thought you forgot about t-that!" she stammered a bit, looking away.

"Can you remember what it was like?" 'Liz' was teasing her… friend, I guess. "The feeling of the wind spinning through your crevices, the excitement of all the patrons in the air…!"

Okay, if nothing else, I can safely say these guys are weirdI thought. Then again, that seemed normal for Velvet Room people. Just look at Caroline, always drop-kicking me painfully into the jail cell and always berating me over something. Even Justine joins in with the berating. What god up there keeps saddling me with weird-ass women – even by proxy – anyway? I kind of want to kick him or her in the nuts.

Too bad Makoto's the only closest thing to 'normal woman' that I know.

'Marie' groaned loudly. "Please stop, Liz," she attempted. "We're in public. This is embarrassing."

It seemed as if the duo (or more specifically, the Velvet Room lady) had remembered that we were here. Do… Do they normally ignore the other people in cafés like this? I'm surprised they're not kicked out more often. Or maybe they are. Or maybe they get on through charisma or plain ol' weirdness. Hell if I know. "Oh, where are my manners?" the blue-clothed woman realized, her voice not even raising a single octave. "I am Elizabeth! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The other girl seemed to finally be able to fight down the red on her face. "And I'm her wife, Mariko Kusumi," she stated with a smile. "But I don't mind people just calling me Marie."

"I'm Ren Amamiya," I greeted to the two. I gestured toward Morgana. "This is Morgana," and then to Futaba, "and this is Futaba. It's nice to meet you."

Mariko Kusumi, Mariko Kusumi… I could've sworn I've heard that name before somewhere, but it seems to be slipping my mind. As I let my thoughts wander, I felt Morgana hop onto my shoulder. Luckily, I had gotten used to his weight thanks to him being in my bookbag all the time. He complains about it being cramped in there, but he has no idea how much work it takes to even carry him while he's in there.

"Say, isn't that Kusumi woman the author of one of the books you read?" he quietly said into my ear.

Vaguely, I remembered reading a collection of poems while I was riding the subway to school. While I don't quite remember their specific contents, I recalled that they were introspective and even a little bit philosophical in places, with the subject of 'bonds' coming up often. I'm pretty sure they boosted my Kindness a bit, but how, I couldn't really tell you. If I went to Igor for answers, I know he'd just say something vague and dismissive (like "Knowing such details is not vital to your rehabilitation.") and not actually answer me.

While I was more-or-less ambivalent on this author (I had a bunch of other things taking up my mind first and foremost, like planning out heists), Futaba seemed utterly enthralled by her. It was the same sort of expression she makes whenever we played one of those ancient 8-bit games together. Or whenever the subject of Phoenix Ranger Featherman Victory comes up. (That is still such a ridiculous title. Phantom Thieves of Hearts at least gets right to the point.)

"Omigosh, omigosh!" Futaba was squealing with delight. "Ren, Ren, it's her! Mariko Kusumi! The famous poet! You know, the one with all the bonds stuff!" And there was our favorite nerd, reiterating basically everything I was thinking.

"Yes, I can see her perfectly," I said. "She's literally right there."

"Oh, you've read my poems?" Marie's eyes twinkled. "I didn't expect to see a fan of mine here."

"I've read practically all of them!" Futaba continued. "They… They helped me through some pretty tough times, and I love their subject material!" That's right – Futaba's a recovering suicidal shut-in. As much as she loves hacking and pop culture, people typically need more than just a couple of hobbies to keep themselves steady.

Probably. I'm not well-versed in this kind of thing, so damn if I know.

At least it makes Futaba happy.

"Like, she has such wonderful classics!" she kept babbling on. "Like one of her first poems, Leaves of Green, which was just so memorable! It went like…" She cleared her throat. Several times, actually.

Leaves of green fly away,
Farewell to you, clouds of the sky…
I fly as well, lost as the day,
Farewell to you, moon of the night.

Seriously, I've never seen Futaba so fired up for something like this. Her voice didn't crack a single time, and I really got a sense of passion from the way she was reciting the poem. Even Morgana was taken aback at the sight. "I can't say I didn't see this coming…" he muttered. I could see where he was coming from.

"Bravo! Bravo!" Elizabeth was clapping delightfully. Marie looked pretty thrilled with Futaba's impromptu recital herself.

"Hey, that wasn't actually too bad," she praised. "It's always nice to see a fan of my works celebrate it with such passion. You should feel pretty proud."

"Ooooooooh! My favorite author complimented me! YES!" Futaba cheered. She then insisted to me, "Come on, Ren! Hurry up and serve 'em! This is a Special Event we can't miss! There's lots of loot for me—I mean, for us to win!" I noticed her little slip, but I didn't bother to comment on it. I suppose it wasn't like I wasn't doing much here anyway. I can easily transition into servicing our newest two customers.

Beside me, Morgana muttered, "What loot? She can't be talking about Treasures…"

Plus, Sojiro's out getting groceries, I guess, so I gotta be the one to pick up the slack.

"Alright, alright," I chuckled. "Just give me a moment. I'm almost done with the dishes here."

Elizabeth hopped in front of one of the tables, her hands outstretched in the air as if she were flying. "Wheeeeeeee!" she triumphantly crowed, acting very much like a child. Something tells me I don't want to know what the rest of the Velvet Room family looks like, if this is what just one of them acts like.

Marie joined her beloved in the same chair, smiling warmly at her antics. I imagine she's very used to these types of shenanigans happening – maybe even joining in at some points, judging by what Elizabeth said earlier. I can't say I'm too surprised by that.

"So, what are you two going to order?" I asked the two of them from behind the counter. "We may not have a lot of things, but our coffee and curry's pretty good."

"Ooh, ooh! Get the curry, get the curry!" Futaba happily suggested, jumping up and down with joy. "It's the best! Oh, and don't forget to cook some for me, Ren! I'm still hungering here!"

"Curry, huh?" Marie thought out loud. "Just so long as it's not any form of Mystery Food X, I think I'll be fine." She shuddered for a moment, as if remembering something particularly painful. "And maybe a bit of coffee, too." For a minute, I heard her mutter something about cooking, a 'Fuuka', and a 'F.O.E.'

'Course, there was something else she said that seemed interesting. Like, what was a Mystery Food X? What in the heck could that even be?

Futaba's messages of "Ooh, that sounds like a neat item!" were not lost on me either. So I'm going to go off on the assumption that it's something terrible and I shouldn't try to investigate.

"This sounds intriguing indeed!" Elizabeth added, a joyous tone still hanging over her lips. "It is always a wonder to taste new and wondrous foods from beyond all realities!" …I have no idea how she said that with a straight face.

"This just keeps getting ridiculous and ridiculous," Morgana kept grumbling. "Is it a curse on us Phantom Thieves to have to deal with this?" And does he have to comment on every little thing he sees? "Hey, Ren. I gotta admit… I'm a little hungry, too. You can make some curry for me too, right?"

And now I gotta make curry for four. Five, counting me (because admittedly, I'm a little hungry too). "Don't worry Morgana, you'll get your fill too," I quietly replied. Mentally sighing, I thanked my lucky stars that we had a lot of leftover curry ingredients today. On the other hand, I guess we won't be making any big SP restoratives.

I suppose it'll be worth it to see Morgana and Futaba smile with delight, though.

So I got to work making the café's trademark coffee and the curry, utilizing my skills honed from hours of practice and Sojiro's teachings. I've made this exact recipe so many times that I think I could probably do it in my sleep (that is, if Morgana would ever let me sleep past midnight). The smell of which rapidly filled every crevice of this building again, it's heavenly scent entering every nose in the area, including mine.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Futaba hummed, eyes closed in pure bliss. "I love this smell! It's like finding an Infinity+1 Sword at the end of the road!" And there Futaba goes with her video game references again. "Hurry up Ren, I can't take it anymore!"

"What a heavenly scent!" Elizabeth declared. "I can sense its smell filling every crevice of this building! It's simply beautiful!"

Did… Did she just copy my thoughts?

Like, directly?

Judging by Marie's giggling face, it looks like she knows that Elizabeth did, in fact, copy my thoughts.

This settles it. Velvet Room residents and their companions will forever be a mystery to me.

"Ren, why do you look like that?" Morgana asked quietly. "You're just blinking in place."

Was I? Huh, I didn't notice. Must be because of the cumulated weirdness.

"It's… nothing," I quietly replied. "Just a small hiccup." With that, I got back to work.

After what I'm sure Futaba and Morgana thought was an eternity and a half, I finished cooking all four plates of curry (plus one for me, and two cups of coffee). I don't think I've ever had to make so much curry at once – even when I make them so we Phantom Thieves can easily restore SP, one plate is usually enough for all of us.

"Order's done," I said aloud.

Futaba cheered. "Finally! Woooooo!" She started reaching toward the plates."Gimme gimme gimme!"

"Calm down there, Futaba," I chuckled. "Everyone else needs to get it, too."

"Yes, we have certainly waited long enough," Elizabeth chimed in. Dramatically, she raised her arms to the sky and declared, "Bring on the curry, I say!"

"It certainly smells good," Marie said. "You must have a lot of experience with this."

"It was… kind of a necessity," I admitted. "But at this point, I don't really mind." Morgana quietly commented, "Neither do I; it certainly helps in the SP department."

I started passing out the plates, and it didn't take long for both Futaba and Morgana to start attempting to devour it at the speed of sound. "Whoa, guys, calm down!" I said, smiling at the scene. And to think these two were trying to chase each other just an hour or so ago.

"I can't help it!" Futaba exclaimed, her voice muffled a bit by the food in her mouth. "It's just so gooooood!"

"It's just as good as sushi!" Morgana complimented in addition.

"Ha ha, you have that exact same reaction every time," I told Futaba, a small laugh coming out of my mouth. "Both you and Morgana." It's only those two, too – the other Phantom Thieves have long since gotten used to the supposed magnificence of my curry (I honestly can't tell how 'amazing' it is), yet these two treat every single meal of it as something brand new. Just another quirk to add to the table, I guess.

"I can certainly see why!" Elizabeth chimed in once more, half of her dish already eaten. (How the heck did she eat that fast!?) "Although I have faced far better, your curry is altogether not too bad! Perhaps I should try to find the secrets to this recipe so we can make it ourselves!" …I guess I should take that as a compliment.

"Hey, what about my own curry, Liz?" Marie teased. "I thought you liked that, too."

"But you must admit, Marie, it would be so much better if we added this to your recipe!" Elizabeth was saying joyously. "We would make the perfect curry to rival all curries!"

"Sorry, this recipe is copyrighted," I joked with a deadpan expression. "Ask again next time."

"Such a shame! Oh well, I guess eating this alone will have to do for now." She seems to take everything in stride, I swear. Not that that's a bad thing, or anything. I'm not sure I could take something like that on a regular basis. Then again, I deal with a lot of quirky people a lot – Yusuke, Futaba, Morgana, the twins…

…huh. You know, maybe I could take it.

Not like I'd want to, but, eh.

"Mmm, this really is good," Marie commented. "I'm surprised more people haven't come here just for this."

"Well, we are kind of a small café in the middle of a small area, so we don't really get a lot of attention," I said. "I think Sojiro likes it best that way, though."

"But on the bright side, we get free access to curry 24/7! It's almost as good as Featherman Victory!" Of course Futaba would say that.

"I imagine this Sojiro is the owner of this café?" Marie guessed. "He's got a pretty good recipe. You've mastered it pretty well."

"Thanks, heh heh…" I smiled. I don't get a lot of compliments – especially at school, since basically everyone knows me as 'that one criminal' – so every single one I get really hits home that much more.

Futaba squeed in the background, and Morgana even meowed with a little respect.

Eventually, everyone finished their bowls of curry, and Marie and Elizabeth leaving a pretty sizable tip, too. Out of a wallet that looked close to bursting. I'd wager there was something like nine million Yen in there. Seriously.

"…what in the name of the Metaverse?" Morgana was staring in shock. I was too.

What kind of person carries that much Yen around at once? Even with what the Metaverse hands out, I don't keep nearly that much on me. Though I know for a fact Morgana pillages some of it for his 'secret savings' (don't ask).

"We should come back here sometime, Marie!" Elizabeth said. "The taste of these concoctions is something that I would most certainly like to relive! It's like a beautiful factory of… hmm, let's say festival food!"

…I don't think that metaphor really works.

"Yeah, we should," Marie agreed. "I liked the atmosphere; nice and quiet. I could really see myself writing a few poems here on my free time."

"Ooh, come often enough and I'll convince Sojiro to give you a discount!" Futaba chimed in. "And Ren can do it all for free!"

"Uhh, excuse me?" I burst in, slightly insulted.

"It's not you make a lotta money from this anyway," Futaba insensitively told me, "so you'll live! Make sure to make lots of bowls for us then!"

I slumped. "I thought I was supposed to be you guys' leader…" I grumbled.

"Now you know how I feel," Morgana similarly deadpanned. Snarky little cat…

"You are! But friends are allowed to get freebies from leaders, too! A leader provides for all of us, after all! That's them rules of RPG parties!"

"Gnrk." Where does she even get this logic from?

"Leader, eh?" Marie noticed. Crap, Futaba forgot to disguise that part of her speech. Err, maybe she'll just take it as another one of her quirks? "I didn't know that's what your little group of friends called you."

"It's just a little quirk we have," I quickly explained. "We are a… colorful group of people, so treating ourselves like an organization really helps us out in keeping us altogether really well. It also helps us prepare for the future when we'll inevitably be in similar situations."

Futaba and Morgana both respectively gave a "Yeah, what he said!" and "Sounding good, Joker!" in response. Heh, my leadership skills have really improved over the past few months. I came up with a plausible explanation in just a few seconds! Absolutely perfect!

"Organization, huh? Well, can't say I'm a stranger to that," Marie said. "I was considered a leader in my own group of friends, so I can't say that's something too uncommon. I think it's something to admire, actually."

"Ooh, you hear that, Ren?" Futaba had a giant grin on her face. "Marie just said your leadership is something to admire! That's so awesome!"

"Yes, yes, I get it. Everything she says is awesome. You've iterated that enough," Morgana snarked. Briefly, Futaba got a look on her face that very definitely indicated that she's gonna snuggle Morgana right after Marie leaves. I'd say I feel sorry for him, but he definitely keeps deserving all of it.

"Well, we must be off now! And I must say… Your fates as written in the cards are quite interesting indeed." My eyes subtly widened. That definitely sounded like it was related to the tarot cards the Velvet Room residents love to use. "I can sense that you will have some very hard decisions to make in your future. You should remember to keep track of the paths you are traversing."

If Marie knew the details of what Elizabeth was implying, she didn't show it. She just stood there with a smile on her face.

…I should talk to Justine and Caroline about Elizabeth sometime. Preferably out of hearing range of Igor. That guy creeps me out.

"…thanks," I replied reluctantly. It'd be rude if I didn't say anything to her.

"I just felt like that was worth saying. Now, tally hoooooooo!" And with that, Elizabeth metaphorically flew out the door, her arms outstretched as if imitating an airplane. Marie chuckled, said "See you guys later," and followed behind her wife.

Well, I can't say that wasn't an interesting visit.

"Wow, that was weird," Futaba commented. "Oh well! I got to eat curry today, so that's a win!"

…wait a minute. I never mentioned anything about a 'group of friends' near Marie…

Café Leblanc – Attic

"There's something about those two from earlier that gives me the goosebumps," Morgana admitted to me in the safety of the attic. He was once more outstretched beside me on my makeshift bed.

"Oh?" I said, gesturing for him to continue.

"Like… take that Elizabeth woman. She gives me a sort of… familiarity? Siblingship? I can't explain it."

Siblingship? That's a strange word to use.

Knowing that Elizabeth is very blatantly a Velvet Room resident, this meant that Morgana might have ties to the Velvet Room. Could he be just like Justine and Caroline? Or is he something even greater in power? "Does she have something to do with your missing memories?" I tentatively asked.

"Again, I don't know. Something in me just feels something. Maybe… it's just a coincidence?" Morgana sounded unsure – not surprising, considering this relates to his biggest issue – but this was a vulnerability I'd never seen out of him before. "What do I do, Ren? I want to learn more. I want to have my memories back. But… what if I don't like what I find? What if… I turn out to be something terrible?"

…ever since the day I met Morgana, he's proven to be many things. Snarky, kind of a pain, a little bit snooty here and there – but he's also one of my best friends, the guy who's always by my side, always in my bookbag. And honestly, it'd just feel wrong without him there.

"Whatever you are, I don't think it really matters," I said. "You're still our friend in the end. Sure, you're a bit of pain, but… I don't mind too much. You've helped us out so much, taught us all about being Phantom Thieves. And nothing's gonna change that, ever."

"R-Ren…" Morgana stared at me with something resembling awe. "Heh, I knew there was something special in you the moment I first laid eyes on you. Thanks."

"You're welcome," I grinned. "Now… there's just Marie."

"Right, the poet. She's kind of mysterious, isn't she?"

"I think she's a Persona user too," I bluntly stated.

"Huh?" Morgana blinked. "W-What gives you that idea?"

"She reacted to your first statement near her. The one about her 'weird fashion'. You should know the one."

"Hey, it's true! Anyone could see how weird it was, and I'm sure Lady Ann would notice that too! …but do you really think that she could be a Persona user?"

"She has to be," I insisted. "Maybe she's even like me. She mentioned she was a leader in her group of friends too, but I never said anything about having a group of friends in her presence. She had to have been speaking through experience. There's no other explanation that makes sense."

"…Huh. And here I thought we were the only Persona users around. Well, now we know what to do if we ever see them again!" Morgana said. "We're the Phantom Thieves of Hearts; there's nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it! Isn't that right, Joker?"

I laughed. "Yeah, there's nothing we can't do."

I don't know what the future will probably hold for us – and in relation to Marie and Elizabeth – but we didn't get this far by second-guessing ourselves. We'll see where things go, and deal with things from there.

Besides, we've got plenty of Phantom Thief business to take care of first.



"So, what did you think of the new Wild Card, Marie?" Elizabeth asked me as soon as we stepped out of the café. I'll admit, we came to the café simply because it looked like a quiet place to just relax a little after so much chaos, though seeing the new resident Wild Card was quite a happy bonus.

Over the past couple of years, we've noticed the… startling rise of 'mental shutdown' cases. Everyone's pretty worried about them, and the Shadow Operatives are working overtime to try and figure them out. That's not even mentioning the manifestation of the Collective Unconsciousness known as Mementos, and the fact that something's happened to the Velvet Room. We haven't been able to figure out what specifically, but just the fact that we can't access it is a red flag in and out of itself.

We've managed to gain contact with Theodore and Margaret, but not Liz's younger sister, Lavenza. And that's kind of making Liz a little agitated and worried.

The café was a nice way to get away from all of that.

"He's an interesting character, I'll admit," I answered, "especially with that talking cat of his." Oh yeah, and we can't forget the resident mascot of his. He seemed a lot like Koromaru and Teddie, except really snarky. Abundantly so. Judging by the fact that he was talking freely even when he was clearly a cat, it was obvious that very few were actually able to hear him speak.

"Ah, you noticed too? I felt it rude to speak about that matter, so I simply stayed silent. I thought it was simply like that Teddie fellow from a few years back. What's your thoughts on him?"

"Eh, Koromaru's cuter. That's a definitive fact." What can I say? Koromaru's made me biased in the 'cats vs. dogs' department. He's just too cute to say otherwise. All of the Shadow Operatives feel that way, last I checked. "His existence is intriguing, though. He doesn't feel like a Shadow, not the way that Teddie was. Not to mention his talk about the Metaverse and Phantom Thievery."

"I had always wondered who those Phantom Thieves were," Liz admitted. "I can see they are quite fascinating! Do you think they like takoyaki too?"

What is with Liz's fascination with that food? "That's… probably debatable," I answered carefully.

"Hmm… We should buy a lot of takoyaki for them then! You can never have too much of it, after all!"

"If you say so, Liz. Either way… we should definitely keep track of these Phantom Thieves. Maybe they can help us with our Velvet Room situation." I'll admit, hearing Igor's voice at this point will be a glorious sound to behold.

"I hope so," Liz said. "Lavenza better still be alright; I still have yet to teach her everything about the human world! Maybe she's even our new Wild Card's attendant. We should ask him about it, next time!"

"That we should, Liz. That we should."

A Goddess Living Life - Chapter 2
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It took me a while to write this chapter. Not because I was lacking in ideas, but primarily because of my fluctuating motivations, which have killed many an idea of mine.

As a result, I don’t quite think that this chapter is up to my usual standards. I’d spend a little more time on it, but I think I’ve spent enough time on it. This is my first time writing any of the Persona 5 cast, and I’ve done my best to match their characterizations in this chapter with canon. That means Futaba gets all the video game references. Aw, yeah.

I can’t wait for Persona Q2 to come out so we can have the Phantom Thieves officially interact with SEES and the Investigation Team, because heavens knows that’s going to be a glorious event. Especially given the extreme differences between the latter two and the Phantom Thieves.

I love the Thieves so much; they were my introduction to the Persona series in the first place. To be honest, they’re why I’m so excited for Q2. So please give us Q2 news sometime, Atlus. Please. I’ll even take a 2019 release date, just show us something. Until then, I guess this will have to be my spot for P5 canon crossovers.

Also yes, we will eventually be seeing Marie’s first reaction to the dreaded Mystery Food X. Everybody will lie in fear of its magnificent terribleness.

That’s all I’ve got for now; tune in next time for more shenanigans!



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