Yes - lets do 3D !!!

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RoundRobin4 is coming !!!

This is an official RR4 stampie made by marthig for all the working crew of the challenge !!
It means you can ask questions about what it is and how to do it !!
RR-The Staff Stamp for Debs by marthig
Spring boom of Bryce

Update on what's new. I have been doing some computer and program cleaning and while that is happening
I just suddenly remembered I have Bryce5.5 by DAZ !!!
Wooohhooo !!! and now the mixes of published works will be done in Apo, UltraFractal and of course Bryce.
Yes I did 3d before in other programs, but this one is a bit more complex and at the beginning, i was really confused and had no clue how to move around in it :lmao:
Well things are improving greatly, I have been studying the tutorials and the manuals and getting extra tips from my two new 3d friends TheArt0fMe and luchare, if you haven't seen their galleries you simply have to visit and have a look !!! It's an eye-candy :nod:
What else is going on:
- had my first 'fight' on DA, and i got reported for spamming :lmao:
Nothing serious in my last journals one of the images which was featured came from a very unfriendly club, which considers doing features same as "stealing" art, whatever ....i contacted the Help Desk and
they told me I'm ok, didn't do anything wrong and for my own peace of mind keep the weird club blocked ;)
- I did enter two contests - Wacom 'Bring you vision to Life' >>…
Light_from_Darkness by Fiery-Fire Queen_loves_her_fallen_King by Fiery-Fire
and another contest 'Optimism' organized by our own AnnFila and laurengary >>…
I think i should make one more entry as you allowed 2, this is what I have so far >>
Don't worry be happy by Fiery-Fire
- My entry for Seasons organized by Debs DWALKER1047 came third :winner:, which is awesome considering many, many other great fractals which were submitted
My_Seasons by Fiery-Fire
-lets see...what else? oh, yes got a new gift from a cool friend, thank you FracFx :hug: :blowkiss:
Flame On by FracFx
-and another brand new gift from a new friend ;) goddessaragon
for fiery fire by goddessaragon
llama cancan by CookiemagiK llama cancan by CookiemagiK llama cancan by CookiemagiK llama cancan by CookiemagiK llama cancan by CookiemagiK llama cancan by CookiemagiK

This weeks features ARE 3D !!!

Room That Echoes by luchare They Finally Found Me by luchare Tell the World by luchare:thumb122018786:

More of mixes of programs Vue, Bryce, Terragen, Blender, Poser, CD4 and many more
Frozen in Time by hitman101 TRUMPETS OF LOVE AND PEACE by renderix Dreaming Again by Aexion:thumb102862294:
New Chess Wallpaper 2 by TLBKlaus Underground by davidbrinnen Fortify.Invigorate by abstract Suspend by OrangeHeretic
The Oldest Game by TLBKlaus:thumb121848410: Bomber Girl by ivanraposo:thumb121959926:
ice city by FeysalAnthonyNair The Great Thawing by luchare:thumb720998: Laughing is the best medicine by ReginaldBull
Infinities 9 by TLBKlaus Wipe Out by AjonesA:thumb117434281: The Serpent - Wide by Ingostan
Artargatis Wallpaper by mortalitas Finger beach by EhsanA Life on other planets by Chromattix assimilation dual.monitor by j-pettit99
Ice cream city by Pushok-12 Aphrodisiac by niteangel kraken by poisonvectors Macrospiral by fragmentNull ToucH from Other DimensioN by dronograph:thumb71588794:
:thumb53910398: Sans Palindrome by mortalitas:thumb79345262: L I Q U I D  M E T A L by gauravpatel Corrosion by DarK--MatteR
Architecta 01 by silvatrez Desert Island by FredericoFelix RD-Black by Shikijiyu pale green thistles by GeaAusten:thumb112442940:

CSS by :alder-sketch:
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FeysalAnthonyNair's avatar
wow! the work featured is amazing! the artists are incredible this was a groovy idea...thanx so much for featuring me though i feel iam soooo out of my league.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hehee..your league can be any thing you want ;)
and yes you belong there :hug:
FeysalAnthonyNair's avatar
thats soooo coool thanx
FeysalAnthonyNair's avatar
wow love the entries...the featured work is amazing i dont know half of thease artists...their work is incredible...thanx for featuring me iam honored.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You most welcome :)
phoenixleo's avatar
you know your fallen kind piece:?
which gallery moderator do i suggest this to:?
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahaha...for what? it's DigitalArt ...soo it's not Platty or Dave...
I don't know :blush:
phoenixleo's avatar
for a DD suggestion . not platinus. then who? :?
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahahaa....that would be awesome !!!
Oh, 3d galleries mods are listed under the DD's
gotta look and im not at my home computer :nod:
Fiery-Fire's avatar not home, my computer time is limited :D
phoenixleo's avatar
library i assume:? :D
Fiery-Fire's avatar
nope house :lmao: time even shorter ;)
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Thanks so much for featuring my work :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You very welcome :)
JennDixonPhotography's avatar
I really need to get back into Bryce. It's been a while since I've done anything with it.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
yeahh..i did some bryce awhile ago and then i stopped ;)
now i playing with it again :D
EhsanA's avatar
Fiery-Fire's avatar
fractal2cry's avatar
nice i never got into bryce.....a tutorial might b motivating..u got talent...i am jealous
Fiery-Fire's avatar
well, bryce is complex and there is some tutos already done
on DA for some basic shapes plus the online guide for the
program is pretty good :)
coby01's avatar
I was installing -bryce 5.5- too,but it asked for a serielnumber,grrrrrrrrr
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