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As you all know or noticed I do actively participate in :iconultra-fractal-redux: monthly challenges.  We would love to see more of the deviants, fractal artists who work with UF software to participate :heart:
Here is a link to a month June challenge >>   June 2018 Challenge: Space textures

Here is some examples of Space Art, some is fractal some is painting or manipulation, bit it should be inspiring and helpful to the new challenge.

blue orb divider by WhiskeyxGirl90   blue orb divider by WhiskeyxGirl90

phantasmal by Esherymack    ultrafractal_4 by Xenofish

Valkyries Nebula by Ali Ries 2017 by Casperium   Exoplanet by rachelblandon

Winter View by ZMastah94   Celestial Witness by submicron

The lady of infinity by Luis-Bello  Scythe by ThoughtWeaver  Sailing Into Space by lucid-light

Gateway to Eden by technochroma   slipping free by etomchek   Portrait of a Nebula by ChaosFissure   enigma by Esherymack

Space and Particles 2 by JanRobbe   Expanse by ThoughtWeaver

Fighting the Storm by Ali Ries 2016 by Casperium   ebb and flow by etomchek

Sunset by TRAEMORE    

Donut Dividers by hanar0Donut Dividers by hanar0

Some extra news & tips !!

If you have a chance and you are an active fractalist, we also have a fairly "young" group, which is looking for extra new members !!
Join in , if you interested to  :iconall-fractal-art:

If you looking to earn extra dA points , you should check out  >>  :icondahub: you can earn points via watching new deviants, faving the artworks & giving away llamas !!!    

And here are some recent faves from my endless browsing on dA

Femme Fatale by Harkale-Linai     Dreaming Again by JanRobbe

Find My Way Home by aartika-fractal-art     Fearless - Pong 80 by batjorge    Feathergems by technochroma

    Wilderness Apples by 2BORN02B

A Pearl Mermaid Hunt by Valentina-Remenar    mandelbulb3d_64 by Xenofish

Akasha by Masteroflemon    Ammonite 3 by Amytea

Green Newton by roup14    Color Hurricane by RHADS    Hidden Secrets by Valentina-Remenar

 Crashing by DanNortonArt    Dolores by Harkale-Linai

Swords by Harpiya   Cosmic Oasis by jimmytc25

Spring Flower 6 by roup14     The way she expected the ocean by lamblyn

Enjoy and see new features in a week - till then Happy Creativity and Summer - love Fiery

Divider by lexypuppy228Divider by lexypuppy228Divider by lexypuppy228

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui

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Esherymack's avatar
Thank you for the feature! Beautiful works by everyone, as always :heart:
lyc's avatar
really nice features! kinda miss dA...
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You here now Thomas, should I glue you to the page :lmao:
How are ya Thomas ? :hug:ss , hope you ok :)
lyc's avatar
heya, i'm ok thanks, hope you are too :) i've kinda given up on dA though, at least in an active sense... it's just not the place it used to be, especially when aposhack died.
lamblyn's avatar
Thank you for the feature! 
batjorge's avatar
Very beautiful feature :deviation: :love: Thanks for including one of my works :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You always in my journal Jorge :lmao:
So happy you finding cool things in mb3d - constant fun :)
Casperium's avatar
Thank you for the feature. I am honored. ((((HUGS))))
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Ali !! I gotta make and UF space art :lmao: .....oh gosh not same as apophysis it will be trippy and require a lot of beeeeeer :lmao:
You most welcome sweetie :hug:ss
Casperium's avatar
lol I can't wait to see what you come up with

2BORN02B's avatar
Thanks for including me in this feature, Iwona. It is greatly appreciated. Have an apple on me!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I be having a lot of apples ;) You welcome Mark The Apple 
marijeberting's avatar
Beautiful feature
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Thank you Marije :glomp:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thanks for the feature :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Very welcome Famous Hard Hat Dancer Emote 
submicron's avatar
Thank you Fiery. I appreciate the gesture.
submicron's avatar
Damn, that drink looks better and better each time I see it. xD.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahahaaaa ..couldn't find the girl this time - but wine is wine ;)
Cheers !! 
submicron's avatar
LOL. Like you said wine is wine. The rest is a grey line.
Harkale-Linai's avatar
Thank you for the feature, and for making me discover some very nice artworks!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
:showing-art: yes, indeed always finding something new along with your image is bonus+bonus 
Welcome :blowkiss: 
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :D :hug:
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