TILES - Fractal Styles

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TILES - Fractal Styles

Another fractal style I would like to introduce to everyone is called - 'Tiles' >> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tile
What does the term mean? Tiles are described very well in our surroundings - a uniform shape, can be square, round, hexagonal or
even free-formed. By assembling singular pieces with many others you will see the overall pattern. The best examples of
tiles we encounter every single day are just under our nose - in the kitchen the back-splash or even wall cladded designs.
Bathrooms, floor patterns, ceiling patterns, cobble stone on the street, shingles on roofs and many other styles some
of them historical and quite beautiful in it's intricacy.
Tiles have been around for as long as we humans started building structures. The egyptian pyramids are covered by carefully
measured tiles. The Aztec pyramids are made of whole blocks, stacked and used like big lego pieces.
Tiles were used as decorative motives from very early ages. In Greek culture, stunning etruscan mosaics well into Roman Empire,
which flourished architecturally. And finally one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, I'm talking about TajMahal is all
outfitted in masterfully cut and designed unique tiles and compositions, ranging from floor to walls and ceiling.

Having so many wonderful inspirations, no wonder tile designs 'sneaked-in' into the world of fractals.
The tile style is the most popular in Apophysis program. You can also achive making tiles in UltraFractal by using varies
formulas and applying mapping functions to them to split them into tiles and create repetitions.
In Apo, you need to generate a base for your fractal tiles first, a grid placed in the sequence made of linear transforms, the alignment
of those, generates the insertion points and the number of density for the tile pattern.
After placement of linears you can continue with adding more transforms which will generate the details for your image.
The more variation types you add the more complex and detailed the tiles will become.

:bulletred: Tile designs in our surroundings :bulletred:
Tiles by Kairilim Temple's tiles by lennyconil Wet Tiles by chinotenshi:thumb51420854: on the tiles by awjay
Tiles by BennyTheBenny medieval tiles by photodash Sea of Mosaic by carepa Mosaic by YasSmash tiles by choney25
:thumb50346167: Fella Deviants Mosaic by drsparc Tiles victorian old by jaqx-textures Tiles by jacksbf123
Tiles by navyb:thumb16369581::thumb61576313::thumb10473132:
Texture Tiles 1 by Artwyrd Tiles 0750 by TheLastDanishPastry:thumb61149873: Tumbled Treasures by hogret Handpainted Custom Mahjong Set by pinktoque
Wallpaper - Golden Tiles by Soninn Letters by Marita-Covarrubias Tiles by Nikkuman Tiles by Natalie1703
Are you ready? by MateaLoncar Tiles by kyoko9:thumb64089997:
:bulletred: Tiles as Fractals :bulletred:
Ornate Dungeon Gate by Zueuk Strange Jewelry by Zueuk Ragazzo Bello by Platinus Arpeggios from Hell by Platinus
Aliinite Tiles by Platinus musical tiles by grinagog Turtles by SjerZ tri-tiles by grinagog
Scope Out by JoelFaber Dependant Expectations by ccdigitalfx Coaxial by Shortgreenpigg Xaos Mosaic by Shortgreenpigg
Weapon by OutsideFate 08 11 24 A by penny5775 09 01 30 D by penny5775 Metaphysical Elegance by SuicideBySafetyPin
Flower Tiled by MichaelFaber In Audience I by astigmatix Corridors by SjerZ Warped by JoelFaber
Power Plant by L33tM0b1l3 Tiling Experiment VIII - Julia by astigmatix atomic reaction248 by evilpj Blue Gem Inlay by Zueuk
coiled by NatalieKelsey Rusty Tile IV by baba49 Hatching Time by NilNilNil Textured by Annushkka Sham Symmetry by NilNilNil
Tiers by Shortgreenpigg Warped by Shortgreenpigg Old School Style by nightmares06 Tiled I by Meckie Metallic by terforpova
Armour Creation by MichaelFaber Perspective Tiling by ineedfire 2nd Round by Kabuchan Erupting Heaven by ccdigitalfx
Tube Tile Weave X1-B by Acridx:thumb60270979: Fractal Tile 26 by aremco7 Diamond in the Rough by nightmares06
Tiles Two by FlameBorn:thumb97068187: Back From Work by Annushkka:thumb74871128:
Ceramic Tiles by Xantipa2 Floor Tiles by sparx222 Square Spiral Tiles by JayceCruel Bella by TyrantWave
Bejeweled by Kagu-Tsuchi Flower tiles by Jimpan1973 Tiles Tiles Tiles by AmorinaAshton:thumb42064300:
orange peels by obeyyourmaster Banquet by moforuss Friends Forever by SuicideBySafetyPin Royal Molecule by Zueuk
Dance Troop by SuicideBySafetyPin Everywhere I Go by TyrantWave 09 04 19 B by penny5775 09 04 14 A by penny5775
Lanterns by RV-TIDE tiles by evil-noxx Tiles 2 by NightSparkle The Accidental Tiles by sequential

:bulletred: My own Tiles in fractal art :bulletred:
Crossing_limits by Fiery-Fire Endless by Fiery-Fire Grided_perception by Fiery-Fire Metanomech by Fiery-Fire
Rita by Fiery-Fire Being_twisted by Fiery-Fire My_Julies by Fiery-Fire Sun-machine by Fiery-Fire

:bulletgreen: Resources :bulletgreen:
Tiled Tubes Tutorial by NilNilNil Tiling LTS 1.20.08[17:46:58] Create a blank flame
[17:48:49] Alright, now that we have our blank flame, move this red triangle up 1 and to the right 1 using the move buttons in the triangle tab
[17:49:40] (Not .1 or .01, but 1)
[17:50:12] next, add another triangle
[17:50:38] And move this triangle DOWN 1 and to the RIGHT 1
[17:51:18] next, create a third triangle and move it DOWN 1 and to the LEFT 1
[17:52:17] ok
[17:52:46] And by process of elimination, you can tell where the fourth transform is gunna go,right?
[17:53:02] *Annushkka has her four triangles ready
[17:53:03] create a fourth transform and move it UP 1 and to the LEFT 1
[17:53:35] Now, this part is where we start adding the details to the tiles
[17:54:03] these four linear triangles that you just created are what's gunna REPEAT your details and what makes the pattern tile
[17:54:29] ok
[17:55:09] now, add a fifth transform and TAKE LINEAR OFF
[17:55:22] you will now notice a bun
Block Apophysis Plugin by TyrantWave Apo - Tiles_Tuto by Fiery-Fire
3D TileCubes by MurdocSnook Xaos Tile Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Tile Ball Script by Shortgreenpigg Apo-tile-base-FieryFire-9 by Fiery-Fire
Tiles by yc 90 Damascus Style Web Tiles by excheesetorpedo Fractal Tiles Texture by ALP-Stock Tiles Photoshop Patterns by redheadstock
:bulletblue: Previous Fractal Styles :bulletblue:
SPIRALS  >>  news.deviantart.com/article/91…
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I think tiles are popular because many people like the symmetry.
I have tried tiles a few times following advice from Sjerz here on dA.
I'm going to try your tut here as well and I will let you know what I come up with.
Grtz and :bow:
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Thanks a lot for the feature. And good article too. bless up
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Thank you very much for including one of mine :rose:
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oh my God! thank you thank you thank you!
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Very nice picks. Neat article :D
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oh thanks for the feature....I love fractal tiles
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Wonderful article! Thanks for including one of mine ... :hug:
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Lots of inspiration here but a slight apo bias perhaps? I guess it may have been easier to find examples of apo tiling and that does not take away from the fine quality of the work presented here. :)
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:eager: awesome feature of tiles :sing:
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That's a great tile collection :clap: :D Thank you very much for including one of mine :hug:
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Thank you so much for including me in this feature:)
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Aw, I was looking forward to seeing some cubes in here :(
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Thank you for the interesting info :bow: and the tile links. I can't wait to begin tiling :D This will probably become a new addiction :w00t!:
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Great feature!

Thanks for including on of mine!

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Very impressive collection of Tiles, thanks for including my work...

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Thanks for including me,Great piece and great links,Thanks
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whoa thanks for including my work in this awesome feature
but ahem .. what ya hinting at? i dont want to make tiles right now :sprint:
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many thanks for featuring my images..:)
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Thanks very much for feature my Image ..:kiss:
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Great features!
Also thanks for featuring my script:-)
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Holy crap they rocks !!! :clap: :clap:
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Lovely feature. Thanks very much for including me.

A lot of memories in there...
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