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SPIRALS - fractal styles

This is going to be a new series of news articles for teaching and widening the audience of fractal art.
I would like to introduce everybody to different styles and genres, we have in fractal arts, whatever the program you may
use for making them.
Lets start things of a bit easy with one of the most common and popular shapes - Spiral. What is a spiral ? In mathematics
it's a curve unfolding from a central point, creating proportional bigger curve the farther it gets from the point.
We have many types of spirals in math as described by their functions. The most used in fractal art (not the only one) is a
logarithmic spiral, which is characterized by equiangular spiral growth, described first by Descartes and also known later
on as "the marvelous spiral". It's roots are in nature plants, fern leaves, shells, atmospheric changes and even cosmic
systems forming spiral nebulas (see Logarithmic_spiral >>  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logarith… ).
If you interested in the full mathematical meanings and formulas you can look up the basci definitions and spiral types in
the wiki >> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral
Since all our knowledge comes from nature I wanted to show you some examples of that, nature and then man made
things mimicking it.

:bulletred:Spirals in Nature and things we make:
Spirals by sourcow Spirals by WojciechDziadosz Spirals by snader Spirals Of Time by Dae-ekleN:thumb40263109::thumb80644898:
Twin Spirals by sketchydreamer Time by WojciechDziadosz:thumb123571495: New Growth by PheonixSkyFlyer Pine Spirals by cbramhall
Tornado by bjmprime Andromeda by DoomWillFindYou The Downward Spiral by AdamKindwall Bar Galaxy NGC4409 by glassocean Daily Painting No.2, Tornado by tun4f1sh
Shells by Hoodwinkstar conch 1 by AcrylicArtMeridians Sharp Beauty of Fibonacci by knolaust Snails by Wild-Soul
infestation by jannaj:thumb48065336: autumn's vegetables by zoflasoviette Eternal Green2 by alpinestar larkumaki by schmetterling
Inside the Spirals by Replicante Spirals by momoclax Blue Spirals by OfficialSerenaStar spikes and spirals by sTuPiD-eLcH Spirals of Blue by BurningPaperSun Pendant- kukui nut + shells by Lealta
spirals by tripping Big Spiral by silverkittie Spirals of a Dragon by oytis Spirals by Jules1983 Colouful Spirals by ezan
:bulletred:Spirlas in Fractal Art:
Koch Curve Carving by LaPurr untitled_21 by majicou To Live and Live Some More... by Rykk SG0070 by Spiral-Gene Vibrations by LaPurr
things forgotten by evilpj Fractalasia by fractek 27.06. by SquareSoul -DeeperIntoTheSea- by silwenka Ochede by fragmentNull
Spirals in spirals in spirals by titiavanbeugen Leafy Apophysis by Platinus Plateaus by Jimpan1973 Gold Finger by 12GO
Minerals by Jimpan1973 abstractspiral2 by coby01 An Everlasting Summer by Alterren Gift for donnalorelei by Kattvinge
:thumb133898136::thumb133903317: Eisa 27 by aleisa 09 06 08 uf4 by SuicideBySafetyPin 2500 Swirling the wires by AndreiPavel
Autumn by caffe1neadd1ct:thumb82021349: Daedric by Zueuk Unwind:WS by milleniumsentry
sleeping bird by theaver Down To The Beginning by jimami UF09 Time of Spiral ... 24 by Xantipa2 Moonlight Serenade by titiavanbeugen
Sterne im Nebel by Brigitte-Fredensborg Another Spiral by gabiw:thumb126156897: Ascention by bandit4edu
:thumb124421640: Coral Reef by fractek:thumb123424362: 09 05 14 apo2 by SuicideBySafetyPin
09 05 28 apo10 by SuicideBySafetyPin Secret Garden by Velvet--Glove:thumb118390374: WP - Coffee Break by SethraLavode
Oblivion by deliquescence Fan Room by 12GO Oiled by slobo777 Frostbitten by kdietrich Caffe Fiori by kayandjay100
White Spiral by Lazy-Photon MonsterJulia by Jimpan1973 Back to the Wood by Beesknees67 Unending Quietly by Golubaja
Ginseng by mdichow Life in the Vortex by Yuline Inca Sun by sci-clone:thumb122293787:
Still Around - 4 by aleisa:thumb91089953: Highland Memories by kayandjay100:thumb8308913::thumb45684991:
Omnious by Raykoid666 Amalgamate by FractalEyes Flutter-By III by psion005 Alchemy by milleniumsentry
Toffee by Platinus Classic Spherical Spiral by ineedfire Roly Poly by Kabuchan JMask Experiment by Jimpan1973
Chequered History by Stevi0d Samurai by 12GO Essential Oils by Velvet--Glove -22 02 09- by slavkox
at the ball by evilpj Dear Miss Pearl by ersi:thumb114284789::thumb113895485:
RG spiral by Lucy--C Scorpion by theslider Christmas Thoughts by RadioWonder Simple Spiral by parrotdolphin Pearl Curl by Beesknees67
Lounge Lizard by tresamie Foresee by MichaelFaber All The Lonely People by NinthTaboo Elven Magic by esintu
Jim and Julia by FarDareisMai Diurnal Rythm by Velvet--Glove Hot Winds by Mignon Shoji by mdichow Water Drop Chocolate by locomouse
Monochrome Fantasy by Alterren uf1810 by 0Encrypted0 Igraine by Kattvinge:thumb134538454:
Sakura by Kabuchan Sine mod discs by Jimpan1973 Formation and Image by LaPurr Round Robin 2 by LithMyathar
:bulletred:and of course some of my own spiral creations:
Oy_Cherry by Fiery-Fire Forgiveness by Fiery-Fire Oil_machine by Fiery-Fire The_Witcher by Fiery-Fire Milk_and_Honey by Fiery-Fire
Double_crossed by Fiery-Fire Sheen by Fiery-Fire Song_for_Coco by Fiery-Fire in_the_gardens by Fiery-Fire Happiest by Fiery-Fire
© 2009 - 2021 Fiery-Fire
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Congratulations. You have a gorgeous spiralgallery here.
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This all are gorgeous spirals!!!!
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You did a special collection, congratulations...
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Brilliant collection!
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What a wonderful collection of spirals. Thank you so much for including one of mine :rose:

Sorry for the delay in replying to this.
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What a lot of great spirals!
Thanks so much for including one of mine :-) :hug:
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What a gorgeous collection! :D
Thanks so much for including my art. :hug:
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Thank you for including me in your spiral collection. :blowkiss:
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Hi :D !

Thank you so much for :+fav:'ing my "Inca Sun" ( [link] ) !

Have a good day!
C U :D :w00t: :D
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Stunning... :o ...and thanks a lot!! :hug:
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Thank you for featuring my fractals in this article, I feel honoured! :aww: :heart:
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spirals in everywhere :heart: great selection amazing works :love:
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genial works and cool feature
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Great spiral examples, both natural and artistic! Thanks for featuring mine :D
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Thanks for including me in such a wonderful article ... :)
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:thanks:Great collection, thanks for the inclusion!
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thanks a lot for the feature! :hug:
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Stunning features! Thank you very much for including mine among them :tighthug:
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:D these are beautiful. Thank you for making my photograph part of this collection.
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actually i found spirals a little bit boring, but you proove that they aren´t this...a massive fantastic collection. thx for being featured in here!
you brought back the spiral fascination !
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Absolut wonderful my dear friend!!!Great collections ....great artists!!!:clap::heart::)
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I love this and can't wait to learn more. Thanks so much.
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I love spirals! Thank you for including one of mine in your beautiful collection.
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Very good idea :clap: :rose:
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