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Quick update : busy, busy ...busy :sprint:
Running late, sleeping in when I can, reading tons of homewerk and passing exams :nod:
That's why I often 'hit-fave and run', neverthless I love the faves I give, so this is
a huge group 'great art, thank you and welcome' :heart:

Also a quick update on the 'Nexus' art-rip. A lot of artists got the links and emailed
them along site with the link to the original deviation here on DA to the nexus site
moderators and the response was very positive and helpful. As I have been informed by
some of my friends the images got deleted and also the images got onto the 'list' of
'stolen/or ripped', so if anybody tries to upload them again they be recognized.
There was another idea suggested - if you want your artworks used as wallpapers / desktops
sign-up to the site yourself and have them rightfully displayed. I think alexiuss and
obeyyourmaster were going to do that.
Once more if you need to look at DesktopNexus >>… there is still some fractals I have
found posted and many fantasy, digital images.
If you gonna need to send an email to the site mods AmorinaAshton generated very good
template just for that purpose >>…
How to protect yourself from having your art-ripped, honestly it's almost impossible, anything
what's posted on the net, web can be usually stolen. Even here on DA when you not allowing
the download of your artwork the right-click Save image still works :nod: People watermark
your images - this way they less tempting !!! :D
and now it's time for the feature of this week SPACE CADETS !!!
If you like the sci-fi (like I do) make sure to check out the full collection
I'm submitting as a News Article >>…
:thumb54708559: ::The Tower:: by sangheili117 Steampunk by PReilly Future norm by EhsanA ESCAPE II by AlexWild Starchasers by Kamikaye Starchasers II by Kamikaye
Mutant by whmurai Cave by jamajurabaev La soucoupe volante by MarcSimonetti Brilliance of light by Chromattix:thumb130584163: Futuristic City by Magolobo
Breath of war by alexiuss Exodus by juliedillon:thumb135574444: PostApo PInUp by Remton fantasy cover by Hamsterfly
:thumb93045400: Halowars by Baldasseroni Nikolai - by DanLuVisiArt:thumb42776974: Oil shop by Andead Warm by oddocean
in between steel giants by TheArtofSaul Monsterpocalypse One by OmeN2501 Frankensteins Bride by jarling-art Mechanical soldier by wanbao KEMUSHI MECHA Type.02 by BAKART
the pan of sushiexpress by RemiisMeltingDots:thumb132161790: commando by ElChief Fly me to the moon by guterrez an-thara by viperv6
The Bride by AndyFairhurst:thumb126172848:

Mature Content

TechnoDreams by Fredy3D
:thumb133115014: Futuristic Landscape by ushio18
Heavy Infantry by Prasa DW IV - SAW - Final by d1sk1ss Concept: Cityscape by inetgrafx Mission Completed by Young-Wolf
:thumb115317032: night of the black birds by yonaz:thumb30250042:
THE CHASE by tigaer Blade Runner tribute by Hideyoshi Dark City by Audic Op. Chastity: On The Prowl by ukitakumuki
Speedpaint - Bridge cities by ANTIFAN-REAL Canyon Chase by artbytheo Eden Rising by AdamBurn Exogenesis by MacRebisz
Hostile Takeover by OmeN2501 .Location reached. by Tsabo6 Aurora Collaboration by Casperium Impossible LOV3 ver.3 by MarcBrunet

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui

© 2009 - 2021 Fiery-Fire
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Thanks for the feature! want feature back?
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You welcome it was my pleasure :nod:
Feature would be lovely - mind you I'm mainly in fractal genre ;)

Hey I followed the link from your journal to the portfolio
and looked at the ConceptArt - that's a very cool site !!!
I will check out the artists ;)
Tsabo6's avatar or cghub?
Fiery-Fire's avatar
ConceptArt - that site is really good :nod:
Tsabo6's avatar
great site, check some sketchbooks and you can comment on mine :p [link]
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Can't leave comments there unless you a member ;)

I tried :)
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Awesome journal!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Thank you tons of goodies to catch the eye :nod:
philippeL's avatar
That's really a NICE one, I must say again.
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Thank you so much for the feature :iconmoonypink:
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Wow! :o Thank you!
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Oh yeah, I forgot about the desktopnexus thing already :oops: mine got removed too, I wasn't up for looking if there were any more though, but there was a lot of deletion going on and I'm glad to see a site that actually attempts to remove stolen art without hassle, and that new system that recognises it is genius :D

Some of my more theft-prone images I watermark, but in most cases I just make the full-view too small to be able to actually use it for most things. Huge images are prime theft targets :ohnoes:

And thanks for the feature too :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Yes there was a big number of emails coming from DA site and I think nexus mods made a wise
decision and did help out (I think the volume of the mail had something to do with it :lmao: )
Plus some of the friends I have from 'fantasy/traditional' section are professionals and their
work has legal copyrights attached to it ...things like that, could shut down the other site,
soo most of the images got deleted :nod: there is few odd things left, here and there.
I noticed that they have other artworks as well from bryce sites, or program galleries
means the whole support of that site is based on artworks, which are not generated by the
participants, well .....
I'm glad Mathew your things got removed ;)
Yes watermarks and downsizing the images works the best you right :thumbsup:

Welcome for the features !!! :glomp:
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Only a little detail. In the front page of this deviant, in the journal section, there are many of these images cut, uncompleted.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I know ...I messed up the CSS code :lmao: ...ooops
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Oh great, all those works are wonderful
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You very welcome !!! ;)
viperv6's avatar
great selection, and thnx sooo much im inside,too :D :hug: :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
It's truly my pleasure :glomp: :)
Fredy3D's avatar
most excellent selection! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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