People who's Fractals SUCKED !!!

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By Fiery-Fire
This feature is about starting to learn and it should promote a lot of laughter and amusement (at least I hope,
unless I stepped-over some ego boundaries :lmao:).  In fractal 'world' we have a lot of names which are well
known, established, the images from those 'masters' or 'wizards' leave us in awe and amazement.
But did you ever wonder, how did they do, when they first opened their fractal program ...whatever it was
apo or ultra fractal.
Do you think Platinus made a 20 xform tile design when he opened his apo fisrt few times ;), I bet ya not :lmao:
Do you think Jimpan1973 masked out his shiny marble gems and applied intricate textures .....I don't think so :no:
My point is - we all start as people who pretty much suck :rofl: and yet every image of cloudy bubble or
accidental spiral makes us happy and we do post it right away out of pride (no don't say you didn't, because
I did it myself). After the initial enthusiasm we need some back-up in gaining skills. And that part can take
weeks, then months and then months turn to years.
Nobody becomes Light ( SuicideBySafetyPin ) overnight, nobody makes intricate compositions out of many
traps like Chris ( Velvet--Glove ) in weeks of ultra fractaling. Anything good takes time and devotion and
some love ;)
If you don't believe Me have a look below and you will find that....we all start more less at the same point :nod:
I tell you one thing I learned from this experience is "I feel really dirty" digging thru very old, dusty, forgotten
pieces....many greats must have deleted their first efforts and many keep them in 'special' separate folders -
Zueuk, or Fabers or myself . They symbolize the roots of "suckness" and then progress. And since
I do believe in positive change and evolving, those images are not going to be stored, shamefully hidden
or deleted. This is what I was and now this is what I became :heart:
Happy Fractaling !!! as Travii would say, don't forget to read tutorials and learn, ask questions and foremost
experiment and see if any of your ideas work and turn dry math numbers to those super cool things
we call - Fractals !!!

:thumb119545387:  PEOPLE WHO's FRACTALS SUCKED !!!!  :thumb119545387:
I chose myself as a first 'victim' to show I have a good sense of humor about my art development :nod:
So here we go, grab a beer and have a look and have a laugh !!! :beer::relax:

Fiery-Fire Iwona/Female/Canada
Hocus-Pocus by Fiery-Fire Space Cicada by Fiery-Fire Wild Seed by Fiery-Fire
Ruby_necklace by Fiery-Fire Small_graces by Fiery-Fire Warping_space by Fiery-Fire
Terra by Fiery-Fire Into_the_blue_bliss by Fiery-Fire The_Ace by Fiery-Fire Cabaret by Fiery-Fire The King of Spades by Fiery-Fire
Oy_Cherry by Fiery-Fire Fragments_of_Love by Fiery-Fire Solace by Fiery-Fire Megapolis by Fiery-Fire Folklore by Fiery-Fire

Jimpan1973 Jimmie/Male/Sweden
Concretespiral by Jimpan1973 Spirals in the shade by Jimpan1973 Mandelbrotdreams by Jimpan1973
Purplerain by Jimpan1973 Feeling blue by Jimpan1973 Colourchaos by Jimpan1973
Barnsley Holmes by Jimpan1973 Metallic Crystal Globe by Jimpan1973 Sight by Jimpan1973 Celtic by Jimpan1973 Magician's marble by Jimpan1973
MonsterJulia by Jimpan1973 Plastic Bubbles by Jimpan1973 More ApoBubbles by Jimpan1973 Technical Cubism by Jimpan1973 Checkered Marble by Jimpan1973

Platinus  Travii/Male/US
Before (at special Platinus request I added more suckness :heart:)
Forest fire by Platinus A fire in your heart by Platinus Psychomacrocosm by Platinus Lunar Glass by Platinus Tripper's Sunrise by Platinus
Oracle Vines by Platinus Approaching Insanity by Platinus Witching Hour by Platinus Kevlar Soul by Platinus Grandeur in Legacy by Platinus

silwenka Ewa/Female/Poland
-Frozen- by silwenka -We- by silwenka -Flowerity- by silwenka
-Hurricane- by silwenka -Innersity- by silwenka -Air- by silwenka -Cyber-Net- by silwenka -Fiorita- by silwenka

FarDareisMai Jess/Female/US
Alive by FarDareisMai Ode to Nidea by FarDareisMai Toxic Bloom by FarDareisMai
Quayside by FarDareisMai Parsley by FarDareisMai Sattika by FarDareisMai All My Mother's Sequins by FarDareisMai 20,000 Leagues by FarDareisMai

milleniumsentry Chris/Male/Canada
Hyper Chrome by milleniumsentry Lafontaine by milleniumsentry Cosmosis by milleniumsentry
Circuit by milleniumsentry Alchemy by milleniumsentry Smile by milleniumsentry Eye Atomic by milleniumsentry Tinker by milleniumsentry

MichaelFaber  Michael/Male/Canada
Moon Rock by MichaelFaber Rocket Ship by MichaelFaber With Love by MichaelFaber
Expanse by MichaelFaber The Truchet Machine by MichaelFaber The Storyteller by MichaelFaber Flower Tiled by MichaelFaber Three Eight by MichaelFaber

JoelFaber Joel/Male/Canada
Illumination by JoelFaber Focal Point by JoelFaber Forget Plastic by JoelFaber
Overflow by JoelFaber Lost by JoelFaber Twisted Logic by JoelFaber Up On The Ladder by JoelFaber Nemesis by JoelFaber

Zueuk Pietya/Male/Russia
Flame Strike by Zueuk Fluff and Ice by Zueuk Interferention by Zueuk
Sacred Crystal by Zueuk Mind Travel by Zueuk Cataclysm by Zueuk Strange Jewelry by Zueuk Seven Three Dee by Zueuk

Lucy--C  Lucy/Female/Italy
untitled 2 by Lucy--C flower dance by Lucy--C enchanted jewels by Lucy--C
summer evening by Lucy--C mind reading by Lucy--C gold infinity by Lucy--C don't wanna wake up by Lucy--C growth by Lucy--C

depaz Fransisco/Male/Spain
Pink Galaxy by depaz Spirals 2k8 by depaz Only one hope by depaz
Wicker by depaz Starry Circuit by depaz Glynnsim Station by depaz Poisonous Beans by depaz Dreamland by depaz

ineedfire Sean/Male/US
AIRes Luminarium by ineedfire The Absence of Color by ineedfire Phasianidae by ineedfire
Robot Brains v2 by ineedfire Energy Spike by ineedfire Nothing Lasts by ineedfire RR3 Round 2-1 by ineedfire Marbles and Stairs by ineedfire

SuicideBySafetyPin  Light/Female/US
bug by SuicideBySafetyPin Up and Down and Up and Down by SuicideBySafetyPin charlie brown tree by SuicideBySafetyPin
Finally Finished by SuicideBySafetyPin 09 04 24 apo2 by SuicideBySafetyPin 09 03 31 apo by SuicideBySafetyPin 09 03 24 apo3 by SuicideBySafetyPin Gold Buttons by SuicideBySafetyPin

grinagog  Nick/Male/United Kingdom
alchemy by grinagog green cream by grinagog ordovician by grinagog
gaiafield by grinagog deja-vu by grinagog mobius jewels by grinagog the red dragon by grinagog royal flush by grinagog

Xyrus-02 Georg/Male/Germany

Golubaja  Anna/Female/Italy
We could say... Hollow Heart? by Golubaja Soft Whirl by Golubaja Floreal X by Golubaja
Transfiguration by Golubaja Antenora by Golubaja Abstractive by Golubaja In Mixolydian Mode by Golubaja Gift Art - Family Bond by Golubaja

parrotdolphin  Janet/Female/US
Fookin Goofy by parrotdolphin The Debutante's Ceiling by parrotdolphin Million Mandelbrots by parrotdolphin
Blobs Upon Blobs by parrotdolphin Cusped Up by parrotdolphin Ginkgo by parrotdolphin Leafish by parrotdolphin Agave Trippin' by parrotdolphin

Beesknees67 Kim/Female/US
Shamrock by Beesknees67 The Sceptre by Beesknees67 A Perfect Spiral by Beesknees67
Stone Spiral 1024x768 by Beesknees67