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CSS Design

original CSS design by Pyritie
>> pyritie.deviantart.com/art/Hiv…

Just a quick update for everybody !!! Yes I'm going to school, yes I get good marks....soo you cant' even spank me for this :shakefinger: by LRJProductions :spank:  My average is between 90-95% :eyes:
With school and summer being here :sun: I have smaller activity on DA, that part is true ...well no
worries I try to fractal as much as I can and have few ideas for some 'help' tuto resources, so keep your eyes open.
Hey!!! I would like to take a minute and thank everybody for their support of my works and for all the comments and notes I'm getting (+the faves ;)). THANK YOU !!! :heart:
I myself, often 'hit-fave' and run ...due to time limit lately, please don't be surprised and Yes, when I fave I do like your artwork, soo I'm asking for some slack in 'comment' department :D

I got some surprise gifts as well, check them out !!!
:iconoutsidefate: :heart: Artificial Skies by OutsideFate Information Highway by OutsideFate:heart:
Dots, as I call him is in my top5 of abstract artists I can't live without here on DA, you really must visit his gallery, I promise you gonna have tons of fun and find some faves. I shall give you a taste
with few of my fave pieces from his gallery :)
Essence of Rose by OutsideFate Prism Nebulae by OutsideFate Painting of Soul by OutsideFate Life Emerging by OutsideFate Flare Brushes by OutsideFate

stopbouncingonmeplz by stopbouncingonmeplz1LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN (the new, or mostly new things I found) stopbouncingonmeplz by stopbouncingonmeplz1 :
Variations of a Common Theme 4 by Phoenix-22 Delirium by JoelFaber Metropolis by depaz:thumb128196385: -DeeperIntoTheSea- by silwenka
in too deep by lindelokse:thumb127519292: Morning Blues by esintu Invasion by fragmentNull fractal frequency by fragmentNull
Dream to share by LeXXe Whiplash by FarDareisMai Crystal Solitude by Szellorozsa Fractal by mnlmr
Rooted by SuicideBySafetyPin Abstract Gem by Jimpan1973 Gift for DeadDog2007 by Kattvinge sweet flower by coby01
Criss Crossed by obeyyourmaster Forest Hive by ineedfire NAUTILUS by bo-dion ying by coby01
Umek by Wetbanana Oriental Portrait I by Cerbercus Moon by Eredel iPod vector by donaldson1026 Turbulent Tides in BW by aFeinPhoto-com
Damage by ersi TINY WILD STRAWBERRIES by GeaAusten still . .. by light-from-Emirates Faces by esintu Future norm by EhsanA
Cascade Rapid - III by TaylorHarmon planetery preservation 2 by zummi Chronoscape - monk by alexiuss:thumb128351913:
Oh Noes by wormhappy1plz Moon reflection by nico-blue Day-break by Chromattix

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Thanks for the feature!

I've been keeping my eye on some of those features as well.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You very welcome :)
Yes there has been a real shakedown of good fractals lately
and it's outstanding :)

Speaking of features, have you seen this >> [link]
rocamiadesign's avatar
Excellent selection! You have most of my favorite artists here and a few new favorites. :clap:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Thank you Kathleen :hug:ss I do come up
with some cool ideas at times and happy to have many friends to inspire my features :heart:
EhsanA's avatar
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Very welcome !!! :D
Szellorozsa's avatar
I'm so glad you included one of my fractal in your feature. Thank you so much.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Well it's rightfully earned place :nod: 100%
Welcome :hug:sss
marthig's avatar
Fabulous feature, great images ... loved those fractals :drool: :D congrats on going back to school or whatever :D :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Yes I went back to school in the middle of my life :lmao:
soo i was a bit unsure, how im gonna do and now I do
really like it!!! :) and im getting good grades and i get to sign my own grade cards :rofl:

Thanks the feature is always a must in my journal :boogie:
marthig's avatar
:rofl: I liked the "... I get to sign my own grade cards..." What if they ask you to go to talk to some principal or whatever because of some behaviour problems from Iwona. :lmao:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
well...same thing I get to go and talk to the principal :)
Actually I'm there to learn soo I really stay out of most
of the troubles :nod:
I'm a good student ...soo far :boogie:
marthig's avatar
I know was joking of course. It's a totally different attitude when an adult decides to re-start studies, you are there because you want to, not because you HAVE to :D Good luck :glomp:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Well, jokes aside ...school is important, and second time around
is very different -You know you doing it for yourself :nod:
marthig's avatar
Agree, my point exactly :D
ersi's avatar
Beautiful features, I do thank you for including one of my photos! :heart: :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
your photography and post-processing is superb !!! :D
depaz's avatar
Very nice picks :nod::nod::nod:, thanks for including my city ;) :icongwomp:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You always welcome :hug:ss
How could I miss-out on your business :lmao:
fractek's avatar
thanks so much, Iwona, for including one of my fractals in your journal :hug:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
No problems!! I love strong graphic spirals ;)
Welcome Kirsty :hug:ss
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