Just Relax ...summer is almost here !!!

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Food Craze!!!
:blankbaker: by Mrichston:iconjimpan1973: :blankbaker: by Mrichston:iconfiery-fire: :blankbaker: by Mrichston
:hungry: Chocolate Balls by Jimpan1973 Wake_up_Mug by Fiery-Fire Choclate cake for Fiery-Fire by Jimpan1973:drool: Breakfast_of_champions by Fiery-Fire
Alien Strawberries by Jimpan1973 Pizza Fractalio by Jimpan1973 Groovy_ToMatoE by Fiery-Fire Cheers_to_cheesecake by Fiery-Fire
:thumb116729422: Spin it good by Droneguard:thumb116729422: Spin it good by Droneguard:thumb116729422: Spin it good by Droneguard:thumb116729422:
My New GIFTS!!!
wow!!! I have been getting lots of gifts lately and it's not even my B-day yet nor Christmas,
gotta show them of :boogie::eyes:
:iconluffsfromafriend: 3rd  Place Winner FC Contest by luffsfromafriend
:iconjimpan1973: QuadCore by Jimpan1973  
:iconphoenixleo: Elemental: Fiery Fire by phoenixleo
:icondaffodilbaggins: :thumb124518845: and :thumb125273135:
:iconhallv5: Wizard Ball by hallv5
RR-The Staff Stamp for Debs by marthig Participant in RR4 Challenge by marthig

Summer is Here!!!

What I have been up to lately?  Busy, busy ...and more busy.
School, some exams and more school :lmao:
Almost no time to fractal, well except short pop-in visits at my fave chat #Aposhack to say Hi to my friends and have some laughs.
I did some community work this weekend - the long awaited packs from RoundRobin4 are done :nod:,
now just waiting for Debs to verify them and they gonna be posted :dance:
I'm in two contests "Optimism" (which is done) and "Rainbow" by FractalDreams there is still time
till the end of the month, so if you didn't enter you should :nod:
Also I did manage to finally do my fourth UF param pack, used my fractals from RoundRobin4 this way its a good combo for marbles ;)
Secret_Rainbow_Garden by Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire_UF5-pk4 by Fiery-Fire

:sun: This weeks features are ....things I found and Luv it !!! In many categories and genres :sun:
Life Emerging by OutsideFate Parsley by FarDareisMai All That I Bleed by esintu Fulgor by depaz Apo 3-D Tree by justravelin:thumb124386636:
Be Happy by Yasny-chan 09 06 02 apo by SuicideBySafetyPin Gong Show by mdichow:thumb124480875: Schizophasia by uncubitodehielo88 Flourish by pm-ark
-31 05 09- by slavkox Millennium Treasure by TyrantWave Pseudo Marbles by Jimpan1973 Limited - Wallpaper by Brigitte-Fredensborg
5-31-09 by Platinus Rainbow Daisies by lindelokse Pulse by Meckie cichlisuite by lyc
:thumb99294105: organeSeiz by seizou Rainbow Target by Kattvinge:thumb122293787:
Locomotion by TyrantWave:thumb28052293: Shelter Moon... by chrisntheboat aMAZEing Cow by Ingostan
Thor by TyrantWave:thumb71884598: fin de mi exilio by poisonvectors Labyrinthine Fractal World by Aexion Artificium by darkMyke
Sea Lab by kuzy62 The Sound Of Mint Is Cool - WS by Ingostan:thumb124791366::thumb125677589:
Imperfection by egresh Bottles Vector by omelets4sqwerls:thumb74682166: Stay Cool by uncubitodehielo88
tulips by kalinatoneva Last train heaven... by HentaiNeko Memories by Yasny-chan Bleeding Earth by PSYXXARTS My heart by aziroth
:thumb122207300: Process by uncubitodehielo88 Torn by MacRebisz:thumb122795599:
Somewhere over the CuppiesCake by iMais Helena the archer by 3dsquid Samurai Spirit - Vengeance by Artgerm Dandelion by RainfeatherPearl lil demon dunny by JasonJacenko
E M P T Y by Yasny-chan Red riding hood by poisonmilow GOOD vs EVIL by abraaolucas Evil Easter Bunny by kidchuckle

1. When you have been tagged you have to do this on your journal.
2. Post the rules before the game.
3. Explain the game in your own words.
4. Tag 5 people, but the person who tagged you.
5. Do the Game.
6. Be glad you got over and done with this :D

Emoticons vol.04 by wanderjunior The 'cheeky :iconleichenengel: tagged me, ok haven't done a tag in awhile so I'm going to do this one it looks fun :nod:
This is just easy. All sentences Begin with "If I could be a" an behind it there are words and after them comes "than I would be a" and there you have to fill in what suits you the most.
ATTENTION: I said what SUITS you the most NOT what you like the most. Behind your decision you CAN (but you don't have to) explain your choice in brackets. You may not change the words asked for!!!

The people chosen as first victims of this are: :iconjimpan1973: :icontyrantwave: :iconsuicidebysafetypin: :iconphoenixleo: :iconmythos721:

If I could be a plant than I would be a(n):
Jasmine bush (tiny white flowers and at night the air is full of fragrance)

If I could be a flower than I would be a(n):
something from my grandparents garden hmmm...iris, peoni, or maybe a wild violet (Just pick one ;))

If I could be a planet than I would be a(n):
not discovered yet (I don't like being studied :lmao:)

If I could be a color than I would be a(n):
Burgundy (Life Love Lust !!!!:heart:)

If I could be a book than I would be a(n):
a good cook book - and why not ?

If I could be a song than I would be a(n):
Anything with soulful music would be nice, let's say a gypsy guitar song ;)

If I could be a vegetable than I would be a(n):
definately a tomatoe and i have pictures to prove it :rofl:

If I could be a tree than I would be a(n):
Pine- with big pine cones :lmao:

If I could be a candy than I would be a(n):
gummie bear, yes I know technically it's not a candy, but I like them !!!

If I could be an animal than I would be a(n):
can't decide either a green-eyed tiger or an elephant ...hmmm

If I could be a gem than I would be a(n):
Amber or opal, yes I know not the most expensive, but I like the qualities
amber outlived dinos and opal looks like it has something magical locked in it :nod:

If I could be a mythological creature than I would be a(n):
a fun, good-hearted dragon

If I could be a season than I would be a(n):
Winter !!! yes that's right - the freshest air, burnings your lunges and the brightest sun on the clear morning.

If I could be a city/town than I would be:
Probably a city of the future.....buildings on stilts and huge, lush jungle on earth :nod:

If I could be an insect than I would be a(n):
Lady Bug, they cute, they bring luck ;)

If I could be a fruit than I would be a(n):
strawberry :) love the taste

If I could be a subject than I would be a(n):
Astrology - im just a spacial being.

If I could be an element than I would be:
fire and water (2 opposites depending on mood)

If I could be a language than I would be:
Any language is beautiful, when you know it well and master it properly for use :nod:

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Hey, I know I'm late but still, thanks a bunch for featuring my piece here :) It's always an honor and wonderful to see that people actually like my stuff ^^

I'm thinking about finally getting a subscription and featuring some nice artists as well. It's definitely a good thing to do...
Fiery-Fire's avatar
yes I think it's good to see your artwork out there !!
Hey features are like mini-gallery shows ...hey there
you go have a glass of champagne and have a stroll :gallery:
omelets4sqwerls's avatar
Wow, thanks so much for featuring my art!!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
you most welcome :)
Kendra21's avatar
I can't wait to see the new Round Robin param pack, it'll be so fun to experiment with! You've got some great features there too :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Yes there will be tons of params :lmao:
I squeezed everything out of people ...hahahahaaaa
Well im glad things went smoothly and everything worked out great !!!
The packs should be up soon !!!
PSYXXARTS's avatar
Great collection! Thank you for giving me a part in this!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
but of course and You welcome :hug: :)
3dsquid's avatar
many thanks for featuring me! :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You very welcome darling !!! :)
depaz's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature Iwona :D, very nice picks :thumbsup::)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Leichenengel's avatar
uhm...as far as I read the thing you often chose things you LIKE (the explanation told me so) and the aim was to fill in things that SUIT you ... seems that is too hard for everyone... :shrug: though thanks for doing it ^^
Fiery-Fire's avatar
actually things I like do suite Me :nod:
Im one of those people, who surround themselves with things to complement or
complete my mood or character !!!
Like = suit in my case :lmao:
phoenixleo's avatar
here done [link]
I stole a couple of what you want to be. :giggle: same thing. though i am a phoenix :giggle:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahahaa...yesssss I see - hmm..two tigers are better then one ;)
and you fainted Blue again :rofl:
phoenixleo's avatar
:giggle: sure is ;)

:ohnoes: :faint: i am wearing a blue t shirt right now :faint:

my pens are blue
my pencil is b lue.
i think i should change my pink punching machine and white stapler to blue :giggle:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahaha...good and now its time to have blue dreams :blowkiss:
gnite tomatophoenix :)
phoenixleo's avatar
bye :giggle:

lolz at tomatophoenix
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hmmm...yummy tomatophoenix - you were on my burger today :lmao:
phoenixleo's avatar
no blue cheese sauce was there? :giggle:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
nah...just covered my majo and ketchup ;)
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i am featured:iconredbullglompplz::iconredbullglompplz:
Thank you so much :iconredbullglompplz:

oh and i am tagged.:giggle:
well let me get started :giggle:
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