July 1st - Canada day, yey to long weekends

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Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians - and yippie to any & all summer long weekends  :relax:
What's new - besides heatwave, a ton of projects at work - I have been grounded indoors to watch the Fifa World Cup 2018 !! usually trying not to miss matches from my fave teams :heart: 

Caprice by RationalParadox  I'm Not Weird - I'm Limited Edition by 2BORN02B

Wired by Masteroflemon  

Heisenbowl by Senzune   Spiral of Stars by roup14

Electrical disturbances by renatamag

etheral city by Lauredin   Quietly Following by Avantgarda

On Top Of The Mountain - Day 11 by LukasFractalizator   Uf2018-69 by Wsandid

Honeymoon by AquaSixio  Jellies by annewipf

Dude I Found My Car by 2BORN02B   Neptune and Beyond by Velvet--Glove

Pied Piper, Necromancer Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray by shibashake   Solar Flair by Chromattix   Princess, monkey and Moon by Waldemar-Kazak

Miniature shaved Persian Cat sculpture by Pajutee   Hong Kong by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

Guise by escume   Floating islands by ElenaDudina

Untitled by lee-337   Day 1: the land by tatasz

After-the-storm by CryptFiend


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oh, I'm late again :rofl: Thank you very much :hug: great picks :love:
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Many many thanks for the feature! Hug 
Fiery-Fire's avatar
many welcomes - I still have to fave a huge "watch" from you ...might settle for fave and run ;)
:heart: :love:
RationalParadox's avatar
Thank you very much for including my fractal!  :D
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Most welcome :)))
DaffodilB's avatar
Awwww, thank you so much, hon, for featuring a piece of my art!! :heart: :heart: Nice features!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You welcome Michelle - you really getting those UF skills to live and prosper :lmao:
Spock and Kirk - Icon 
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Wow, this ist a really beautiful choice of artworks. I'm totally happy to be part of this! Have a great time! =)
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Thank you sweetie :blowkiss: I wish I could fit triple the artworks .... at times :)
Happy you enjoying it - cheers :relax:
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Thanks for including me, Yvonne, and a Happy Canada Day back to you too! Hope you have AC wherever you are! This heat and humidity is crazy...eh??! Haha. Take care!!
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You welcome Mark :) yessssssss got my A/C running and fans in every room almost :faint: 
We got a crazy heatwave , really - good thing the soccer is on, between matches do short trips out & run back home to "fridge tempretures" :lmao:
Yorkdale was nice - packed with people & cool, thank god :nod:
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Fabulous feature, I am very honored to be part of it! ;)
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You welcome Lukas :) anytime !!
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A wonderful collection of works - thanks for featuring one of mine!

:flagcanada: wavy revision Enjoy the holiday and the footie!
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This one is my fave :eyes: from the spacey stuff ....omgosh , that challenge was challenging :lmao:
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Wonderful feature
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Thank you Marije :nod: :)
annewipf's avatar
Thank you for the support :hug:
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