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In this News Article it's time to look at another very popular Fractal Style - Julians (and julias).
Made in Apophysis or Apo3D (this is what I'm going to be showcasing in the features) - Julians use as a base a variation
of the same name to create a complex network of detailed 'arms' repeating endlessly complex patterns, streching out  from
the central 'jewel'.
You can adjust the ' power 'of the variation - by the variation number. Depending on variables of the variation - you will get
different compositions and shapes. And don't be afraid to input the negative numbers, those give awesome effects, as
long as you adjust things appropriately :nod:
On DA there is few 'masters' of julians and grand julians, I'm talking about Zueuk and ClaireJones, NilNilNil :nod:
And then we have a few ultimate 'julain' lovers, who create surprising and fun compositions in Apo and in the 3D version
like nightmares06 or kuzy62 Whenever you have a chance to pay a visit to their galleries you really should :heart:
There are also formulas in other fractal programs dealing with julian images - UltraFractal and also Incendia, which bases
the forms on many formulas of the 3d versions of julians, julias (but that should call for another article).
Have a look at all the wonderfull compositions from many artists here on our own devArt.

Julian by limeyhedgehog ooops king Julian, this is not you feature :sing: 'You got to move it, move it' :sing: :rofl:

Let's try this again ;) Ahh, that's much better !!!

:: Fractal movie :: by Abreuzin Julian Evolution by Janherbergh Animations

The Moloch Mirror by NilNilNil Clockwork Pearls by NilNilNil Starstruck Menace by ClaireJones Infernoscope by Zueuk
Jools' Jools by Pharmagician Presto Fractal by HauntedVisions FractalVision by ClaireJones Clockwork by Loucife
Treasure of Atlantis by Zueuk Julians by Charlizee Dragonheart II by Zueuk
4 19 09a by ccdigitalfx Time Machine by TyrantWave:thumb50852382: Millennium Treasure by TyrantWave

Julians, Julias:
Elven Blood by Aeroglyph 036 Precious Treasure PCH2 by Brigitte-Fredensborg 071 - Obsession by SquareSoul:thumb89814433:
Of Roses and Wicked Lace by NinthTaboo domination by Raemed Impossible Hope by kuzy62 Dreamscape by Phoenix-22
-01 10 08- by slavkox Tried by ibon16 Candy Apple Red by Gibson125 Circuit by Shortgreenpigg
Star Light Star Bright by YarNor Majestic Julia by Zueuk Julian Rubies by Jimpan1973 Beneath The Hills by NilNilNil
Julian by Platinus Gold Julian by Platinus:thumb66450028: Julian Pearls by JaviArce
Julian bean by SaTaNiA Lace Julian by obeyyourmaster Fire Opal Julian by Asa-Vegodsky Treasures of the deep by Liuanta
Cement 1st place in WTC by ojad0 Abstract Julian by VickyM72 Julian Nefarious by Fyrebird Stays and Laces by NatalieKelsey Epispiral Julian by HalTenny

3D Julians:
Crystal Castles by Zueuk Eyes in the Sky by kuzy62 Metallic by ineedfire Krystalline Spherical by nightmares06
Treasure in 3D by Zueuk Pumpkin Patch by obeyyourmaster Creative Assault by ccdigitalfx mycology by cyberxaos
Juliac Warps Too by AmorinaAshton Julia Scorned by ccdigitalfx Tranquil Result by ccdigitalfx Vegas by TyrantWave
Twisted Julia by penny5775 Bollywood Disco by NatalieKelsey Stand out from the rest by obeyyourmaster Guarding the Gem by nightmares06
Bejewels by SuicideBySafetyPin 09 07 25 B by penny5775 Rubber Road by depaz Tyrade by TyrantWave
Tranquil Justification by ccdigitalfx Spring Of Beauty by MurdocSnook Life's golden edges by Jimpan1973 Focal Point by Jimpan1973
Permafrost by Lucy--C Porcellain by Meckie Julia Estate by Artico621 recurring dreams by Lucy--C
RR3 Pong 1-2: Julian 19 by uncubitodehielo88 Sun Julian by Asa-Vegodsky Julian Spikes by Jimpan1973 Julian Experiment V by astigmatix
Julian Valley by Jimpan1973 Splattered Checkered thing by obeyyourmaster Julian Dome by Jimpan1973 Vigilance by Shortgreenpigg
Boa by depaz Frozen Sapphires by uncubitodehielo88 Bubble Shimmer 3 by nightmares06 Chaudach by kuzy62
Colors of Ice by nightmares06 The Diamond of Fire by nightmares06 The Fabric of Space by kuzy62 Zenda by kuzy62
Cataclysm by Zueuk Iron Guard by uncubitodehielo88 -12 07 09-1 by slavkox Polka Dot Explosion by Asa-Vegodsky

UltraFractal Julians:
Julian Beehive by Jimpan1973 Woody Julian by Jimpan1973 10.521 lights... by OutsideFate String of pearls by Fiery-Fire

Some of my own Julians:
Sapphires_Dreams by Fiery-Fire Nite party by Fiery-Fire Spills by Fiery-Fire Checkers by Fiery-Fire Maharaja by Fiery-Fire
Portico_swirl by Fiery-Fire Playground_na_zawsze by Fiery-Fire Epic_Silver by Fiery-Fire Summer_breeze by Fiery-Fire
Glassy_gaze by Fiery-Fire Labirynth_visions by Fiery-Fire Fill_me_in by Fiery-Fire walking in the spider-web by Fiery-Fire

:bulletred: Julian Resources :bulletred:
The best Julian Tutos around by ClaireJones
Julia Uncovered by ClaireJones Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by ClaireJones Apophysis Starter Flames IV by ClaireJones
Julians by NilNilNil
Apophysis FlamePack 2008 by NilNilNil
Julian Scripts by kuzy62
Julian Scripts by kuzy62 by kuzy62 3D Julian plus DOF script by kuzy62 3D Julian Scripts by kuzy62
Julian Scripts by Shortgreenpigg
Julian Beads Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Script by Shortgreenpigg Grand Julian Batch Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Pearls Script by Shortgreenpigg Edisc Julian Script by Shortgreenpigg
Julian/Bubbles/Xaos Tutorials by nightmares06
Xaos Bubbles Tutorial by nightmares06 Bubble Variation Tutorial by nightmares06
Spiked Julian Tuto by Fiery-Fire
Apo - Spiked_3D_Julian_tuto by Fiery-Fire
Grand Julian Challenge  by f--l--A--r--k
Apophysis Challenge 10 by f--l--A--r--k
Newer version of Julian Plugin for both versions of Apo by Xyrus-02

:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletred: Fractal Styles News :bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue:
:bulletblue: SPIRALS
:bulletblue: TILES
:bulletblue: ABSTRACT
© 2010 - 2021 Fiery-Fire
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Excellent article, you have a flair for this. Sorry it took me so long to stumble across it. What a treasure house of images! :wow: This represents a lot of love and effort. Looking forward to another. :heart:
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Such a beautiful article ... so many julians and yet all so very different. Thank you so much for including one of mine. I must apologise for my really late reply - forgiven?
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(Awfully belated) thanks for featuring my works here :)
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Awesome article Iwona! I never get tired of a well done Julian! :clap:
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:w00t: Great julians feature!
Thank you very much for including my work among them :hug:
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Great features, hun! :love:
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Thank you so very much for the feature!:heart::smooch::heart:
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thanks great post
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This is great! The mother-load of inspirations gathered in this feature. Thank you so much.:w00t:
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Fantastic feature and my favorite apo variation :)
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Another awesome feature, thank you Iwona for including me :hug:
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Thanks for all the features!
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*-* I love Julian fractals *-*
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I hadn't learned julians until the past few weeks and of course fell in love with them! Unlike a lot of other fractaling, I find julians quite relaxing. This is a great article and thanks a bunch for including Epispiral-Julian!
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A great eye candy, sweetie! Thanks for including mine as well, it's an honour! :hug:
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Oh wow. I can't tell you how happy I am that you featured my work yet again! You are awsome!!!

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:wow: Soo many beautiful Julians in one place!!! Great feature!:nod:
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great features Iwona,and a great journal :clap:
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Thanks for including me in your feature!!! :hug:
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Nice article, great Julian images - I found a couple of new faves in this lot. Well done! :clap:
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great article , some stunning examples.. maybe I can come up with some more worthy ones :D
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I knew it :lmao: Just had a feeling about this one ;) :heart:
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