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Inspiration Station is a joined community effort - started up by our fractal gallery volunteer Light SuicideBySafetyPin
It features artists, who made an impact on the Fractal community, either via inspiration of artworks or selfless attitude of helping others & coding programs we all enjoy and use. I would like to introduce the featured artists by using quotes from published journals.
Welcome to pt4 :wave:

:iconjimpan1973:  jimpan1973

fractek  says  Jimmie is an awesome fractal artist who's been on DA  for the 4 years I've been here. I absolutely love his unique and beautiful style and always look forward to seeing what  he uploads next!

Avantgarda  says  Best known for his Ultra Fractal works, metallic, rusty, plastic... and many other realistic textures, Jimmie (or Gemmie ) is the UF Gems Master! Any questions one has about UF, he's always kind to explain; he's a very good teacher, I've learnt a lot from him.

coby01  says  Jimmie is always ready to help everyone, I've learned from him a lot. Thank you so much Jimmie. Come to his gallery, and admire his art.

IDeviant  says  Whilst Jimmie has fractals in his galleries from many softwares, it's with UltraFractal that he especially excels in creating strong signature styles, particularly orthogonal metallics. Plenty to choose from: disorientatingly photorealistic creations such as Controller, Chaotic Techno and Complex Illumination; or richly textured arrangements with a patina of age like Industrial Madness and Gold Industry. But I cannot forbear to mention Jimmie's Apophysis work - he's an artist who tends to specialise in well-worn styles, yet always manages to create something both new AND definitive. Think you've seen the last word in Julians? Check out these Julian Gems, this stunningly metallic Golden Heart and the innovatively cracked Julian Debris. Special mention goes to a recent work, Fractal Monopoly, an amazing achievement packed with little in-jokes. My favourite: Render Prison - no bailout

Lucy--C says Jimmie's gallery is full of amazing fractals, especially Ultra Fractal works (but also Apophysis, Sterlingware, Fractal Explorer etc.). You will find pieces with great metallic look, wonderful textures, shiny gems and much more!

FractalEuphoria  says This week's Inspiration Station features =Jimpan1973! He's an awesome fractal artist with a spectacular gallery filled with unique and beautiful fractals! Be sure to hop over and have a look in his gallery!

theslider says I've always loved his jewel fractals (as I call them ). You really have to go and visit his INCREDIBLY AMAZING Fractals

Fiery-Fire  says  Jimmie is the coolest fractal-dad you can ever wanna meet  and a headbanging one as well, with his heavy metal group on a side of being caring & sensitive while teaching kids with special needs !! Honestly I never knew people like that still existed, till I started talking to him and found out he is funny, normal & really down right approachable in person (if this doesn't want to make you move to Sweden, I don't know what will  )
Jimmie teaches people, how to fractal, he is quite amazing at it too and shares anything you wish to learn, if you need parameters for a fractal "here you go", if you need a funny joke "it's coming right up", if you want somebody to help you figure things out or tweak the image to have more details, he is there to help as well. And on the top of all that he is one of the best-dads in the world !! He fractals between child stories for Leo's sleeptime & making chocolate balls (I have been told they delish) !! His fave style in UltraFractal is spirals LOL, and yes he does them very well, full of gems (we all were dying for longest time to learn how to make them) and intricate layers & masks of textures appearing magically anywhere he wants them to emphasize the details or dress-up his jewels  He has also developed a taste for Apophysis julians in 3d, not an easy thing to do - and he has mastered them
and now for grand finally we have Viking chicks & sausages & beer !!
Viking Opera Singer by Momma--G + :sausage: by Unmentionables + beer by gyaabi

PlateausII by Jimpan1973

:iconfractek:  fractek

CoffeeToffeeSquirrel  says  Kirsty, Kirsty!!! Also known as *fractek ! When I looked in her gallery for the first time I was totally awed. Her Ultra Fractal works are so amazing, I was sitting sifting from the one pic to next. And then I decided that I wanted to learn how to be a badass UF'er when I become a grown-up. But Kirsty is more than a great artist, she's my spiritual sister and I'm really proud of her! She's always there with an encouraging word, and everyone remember how she dealt with the famous parameter thief. A tough, but sweet and humble lady   So, Kirsty, this feature is for you!

Velvet--Glove  says  Kirsty is an artist I like to watch as I am a great admirer of her art ~ she creates the most wonderful and stylish abstracts and bold, colourful flowery spirals that are her typical trademark style and instantly recogniseable. If you are not familiar with her work then do check out my choices below or better still, have closer look at her whole gallery.
Just lately Kirsty has also been busy making some craft items for accessorising your outfits ~ so now you can buy and wear some of her fractal art too. How cool is that?!
Well, enough of my waffle... let's have a look at some of *fractek's work!.....

eaver  says  Fractek is one of my favourite Da artist. I love her art, often quite abstract and I love the kind of colours she uses. It is also fun to look at the new stuff she sells lately.

theslider  says  Fractek definitely is one of the fractal artist I love best I really love her way of making fractals...well "painting" is more suitable
You really have to go and visit her Fractals P A I N T I N G S

Fiery-Fire   says Kirsty is known to everybody as *fractek I have been her fan, for as long as I started creating fractals and have been amazed & impressed with her abstract style of compositions, which would easily be viewed as paintings in galleries  Just adore her style, the use of pastel palettes or going  to rich, vivid heavy colors she manages with same ease. The minimalistic shapes always have clean design and seem to tell little short stories to their viewers. The texturing is very delicate, yet gives you a pleasure of discovering new patterns & the quality of brush strokes on canvas. Her gallery will leave you speechless, that I can guarantee.
I had a pleasure of being Kirsty's teammate in our fractal RoundRobin challenges - and yes, her parameter files are as clean & decisive as her final works, what a stunning beauty of math (I should be green of envy instead I'm grinning ear to ear), I made a good friend, learned quite a bit from her ways of finding shapes, and blending & texturing !!

IDeviant  says  The dividing line between fractal art and abstract art is itself a fractal, and may appropriately be visualised in Kirsty's brilliant painterly Landscape. Indeed, it's in this area that I find my particular favourites: geometrics such as movave wave and Feeling the Groove; primitive forms, sometimes with a hint of the calligraphic like primative and Script; and, of course, more of those fizzing horizontal divisions at different levels of 'zoom' - Mediterranean dreams, Frac stract and Royal Gnarl.

timemit  says  This week we take a look at  . What a delightful gallery of high quality truly painterly fractal images Kirsty has. A master of abstract design indeeed..

allthenightlong  says I have gotten to know Kirsty's art one month before and now i am wearing one of her beautiful pendants which are  offered at  Etsy>>…


:iconvelvet--glove:  Velvet--glove

Paddlin-Maddlin  says  Chris was one of the first artists I took note of when I joined DA and have continued to follow with interest ever since. Her style is all her own and her 'jewel' pieces, to me could easily be translated by a real jeweller into real pieces of jewellery. You will be caught in her web as soon as you visit her gallery. Like a few more of my favourite dA artists, Chris is also a graduate of Janet Parke's courses and has  wonderful artistic ability. Please visit her page.
Here are some of my favourite pieces from her page, starting with my first ever dA fave, a fractal piece using image import. All others are some of many I love. I also have to thank Chris for my recent DD because I used her well known marble tutorial to create the piece awarded....Thanks Chris!

LaxmiJayaraj  says This week featuring one of the finest Fractal Artists of Deviant Art...Chris Martin aka  Velvet--Glove
I truly admire her unique style...

fractek  says I'm thrilled to feature my fractal friend... Chris Martin aka velvet glove. A fellow Brit!!  (even though I now live in Canada).
Her work always amazes me.  Chris has developed a beautiful style that's all her own.  I absolutely love her jewel collection.  They are so rich, stunning and simply perfect.    I'm honored to be known by her.  She's one of the best fractal artists here on DA.

Kattvinge  says The day I manage to come even close to her jewellery-fractals - it's the day I will open a jewellery's shop!! She has a treasure-trove of totally awesome fractals!

Xantipa2  says She is one of the great fractalists

cyberxaos  says This artist can create spirals of the most amazing things with Ultrafractal: fish, fruit, flowers... it's mind boggling!

Clepsidras  says Chris is a true master of UF. Believe me. I'm specially in love with almost all her gems fractals and the spirals always get me unaware. Unfortunally, I lack time to proper words, but I will leave you with something a lot better than words. Works!

:iconsragets:  f--l--A--r--k

karlajkitty  says What a great source of fractal art!!! f--l--a--r--k is also the force behing the amazing "Apophysis Challenge"

Lucy--C  says He's very well known for his Apophysis Challenges; you should take a look at his interesting gallery!

fractal2cry  says Get Motivated! Artist Of The Day F--L--A--R--K!Have u tried his Apo contest? over 100 contests

timemit  says This week we take a look at  aka Stan Ragets... you should know him as the host of the long running and most excellent Apo weely challenges that are now well into the 100's ..these challenges have encouraged and inspired numerous of us (myself included) to explore and further our knowledge of Apophysis. Stan also produces excellent tutorials and works on a number of other programs.

jadenkanan  says Alright this week's IS I wanted to make sure I did, because I'm sure Mr. `f--l--A--r--k here has probably had a hand in growing a lot of the people in the fractal community here on dA with his weekly challenges. I know it surely has had an effect on me even though I don't participate much anymore even though I would like too, I don't find much time to put into fractals anymore. As always check out the gallery of this amazing guy for the fractal community.

Nestalgica  says this week, `f--l--A--r--k gets the honor, and personally, I can't think of anybody else I'd like to start featuring than Stan.  He's worked tirelessly for the last few years to churn out brilliant fractals, and he's done amazing things for the community itself.
Not the least of which is his fractal installation on the ceiling of German PONGS. Stan has made major strides in displaying (and therefore legitimizing) fractal art for the masses, not a small feat at all.
His variety of style is impressive, clearly displaying a tight intimacy with the craft. He obviously cares about what he does.

Mandelbrot Unfolding by sragets

:iconkaeltyk:  Kaeltyk

lindelokse  says I knew this moment would have come sooner or later!!! Ladies and gentlemen, this week's Inspiration Station featured artist is... MY FAVORITE FRACTAL ARTIST!!! To me, *Kaeltyk is number one, the best, the model to aspire to. A constant inspiration, and a great example of excellent quality of artworks, no matter which software he is using (and he can masterly use so many!!!). I'm always looking forward to find his works in my inbox!!! So, I will cut my speech so to let a much larger feature begin  my best congratulations Eric

Jimpan1973  says He masters a lot of different fractal programs. Take a look in his gallery for some really inovative fractal works.

rvallync  says I confess. I wasn't familiar with *Kaeltyk's work.....and this is why the "Inspiration Station" concept has value. I've spent the morning going through his gallery and I'm happy that his work was brought to my attention.

fractek  says Kaeltyk who is also a fantastic fractal artist. He incorporates some amazing abstract designs into his work!

Fiery-Fire says  Eric, *Kaeltyk as I would refer to him as 'jack of all trades' - stunning and entertaining gallery, every render seems to have it's own story, the twists of shapes in earthy palettes full of awesome details. Have a look for yourself - you will add him to your watch list

IDeviant  says Eric Provost a.k.a. *Kaeltyk is truly a consummate CG artist. I recall the days of his Apophysis creations - they were always utterly unlike those of any other artists.
When he moved on to Xenodream, it was the same story - no-one else had created images like these from the software.
With Mandelbulbing, he always demonstrated an artistic element that was a step beyond the majority of its users.
To find out more about Eric, read this interview by Alexandre Prokoudine >>…

Light Orchid by Kaeltyk

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These monthly reviews are really good, thanks for putting it all together. I'm so thrilled to have been included this month. :hooray:

:iconsparklesplz::iconasnowmanplz::iconsparklesplz: Happy Holidays to you and everyone who reads this... may 2012 bring forth more amazing fractal art like this! :D