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Inspiration Station is a joined community effort - started up by our fractal gallery volunteer Light SuicideBySafetyPin
It features artists, who made an impact on the Fractal community, either via inspiration of artworks or selfless attitude of helping others & coding programs we all enjoy and use. I would like to introduce the featured artists by using quotes from published journals.
Welcome to pt6 Special Dance by Malacia777


timemit says The Guy who has the kind of DAINBRAMAGE we all want to have..A master of the bulb producing both grand scenic renders and intricate geometries alike.

kr0mat1k says mcimages has been one of my main inspiration. Almost every image he produces is so original that you can see tons of tweaks of his work on the days after. This title fits so well to him, it's so logical to give him this honor.He's one of the top Mandelbulb artists actually.

Hollowfication23 says He is the reason istarted Mandelbulbing and he is always willing to help, and share his parameters.

rce-ordinary says i'm not a fan of m3d and also used to produce fractals, but his works is so fantastic. nuff said.

Lucy--C says Do you love 3D fractals? Then you should explore Brent's gallery (if you already haven't); his work with mandelbulb 3D is just amazing.

cyberxaos says I've never used mandelbulb3d, so I'm not a good judge of its output beyond knee-jerk aesthetic appreciation, but *mcimages has created some of my favorite mandelbulb3d images.

I'm a Big Fan by dainbramage1 Concentricity by dainbramage1 Dimensions 002 by dainbramage1 First Keeper of the Orb by dainbramage1
Lattice by dainbramage1 Anomaly by dainbramage1 Seti by dainbramage1 Hidden Away by dainbramage1
State-of-the-art Suspension by dainbramage1:thumb264600925: Geo by dainbramage1 Cluster of 'Clusters' by dainbramage1
Bridge to Everywhere by dainbramage1 Brood of Spotted Gourd Spiders by dainbramage1 Pipe Works Render 2 by dainbramage1 Moon Candy by dainbramage1

Standing Out From the Crowd by dainbramage1


cyberxaos says This week's inspiration station features gfxcoder extraordinaire, lyc, author of chaotica and Indigo Renderer

Fiery-Fire says lyc also known as lycium on many fractal hang-out forums and to me Thomas. He is an awesome computer brain trapped in mere human shell  No worries he will love this symbolic gesture, and he fully deserves it too. From software development & coding (he helped on many programs, you guys are using today to generate those intricate fractals) to his own nearly perfect rendering engines !! *lyc has it all !! I just wish he would make a bit more of his own iterated compositions hint...hint
Whatever I could dig-up in his gallery - please have a look at the master of putting pixels to do crazy dances....  

Lucy--C says Thomas is a programmer and in his gallery you can find images rendered with various programs he's written. A special mention goes to Chaotica, fractal renderer for Apophysis flames.

Jimpan1973 says He's the author of the render program Chaotica. And he also have some great art in his his gallery. He's done a lot for the fractal scene. Not just art and coding. He's given us a lot of help and guidance and helped us understand better what we do. lyc, we all love you!

Xyrus-02 says I really owe my german bro respect! I am not the only one who says, that he is the best living graphics programmer and a massively talented fractal mind and artist. Cursed be you who refuse to look in his gallery. It's really worth it. His artworks are unique and amazing. GO!

timemit says There are people like me who just muck about having fun with all the cool toys there are to play with in fractal land....then there are people like lyc. who have the wonderous ability to make the things that we then go on to play with... now that's what I call putting creativity into art - Thanks man!!

esintu says fun dude, great friend, talented computer person that codes pretty images and stuff. i first got to know him from his scraps and not his proper gallery, so that's what i'll feature. please full view the thumbs featured below to appreciate the amazing texture. he actually singlehandedly made me grow fond of grain in digital images. enjoy! and don't let my obsession with his scraps prevent you from visiting his actual gallery. if you like these, you'll love the actual thing.

cities of tomorrow by lyc candyfloss by lyc cichlisuite by lyc a fire upon the deep by lyc
tundra by lyc snow by lyc plexiglass palace by lyc kryptonite shards by lyc
3d mandelbrot by lyc sehr geehrter herr m by lyc conjure by lyc elements by lyc
a deepness in the sky by lyc temptress by lyc metropolis by lyc spring by lyc

cities of tomorrow by lyc


IDeviant says grinagog was an Apo artist way ahead of his time. Although he never had access to the more advanced 7X version, his work remains as fresh as ever, a powerful testament to his obvious natural skills in all aspects of the program. Meticulously crafted and rendered to perfection, this is but a small selection of one of the finest fractal galleries you'll find here.

Fiery-Fire says Nick has been always a big influence and inspiration for many Apo flamers  I can not tell you, how many times we all sat in chat and tried to figure out, how is getting those shapes and his palettes always applying to where he wants them to be.
There are a definite two faves from Nick's gallery I always adored "Freezing flames" and  "royal flush" - have them displayed for you below. If you want to have a taste of Apo mastery with cool ideas, you can not pass on grinagog's gallery - must see, must fave ....and I wish we had a chance to 'water his params' (as Light always said and I second that )

Lucy--C says One of my first fractal inspirations  I love Nick's Apophysis work, always full of great details.

timemit says This is a delicious collection of Apophysis works.. the sort of stuff that makes me :drooling: and wish oh wish I could make Apo do that for me.. go check out his amazing gallery.

lindelokse says let's hope the amazing artist of this week will come back active on DA again soon, to share with us all the wonders he can create with Apophysis! Please go give a deep look to the beautiful gallery of mister grinagog

Fantastic Voyage by Grin-agog bamboozle by Grin-agog octopus's Garden by Grin-agog gaiafield by Grin-agog tyranny by Grin-agog
freezing flames by Grin-agog Contiguity by Grin-agog royal flush by Grin-agog cobalt curl by Grin-agog
A starry night by Grin-agog chain reaction by Grin-agog fractal mosaic by Grin-agog celtia III by Grin-agog
uncertain futures by Grin-agog campfire by Grin-agog victorian values by Grin-agog mobius trail by Grin-agog

Merry Yuletide by Grin-agog


Lucy--C says He has a very interesting fractal gallery, with great patterns and delicious colours!

allthenightlong says Famous with his interesting interviews with well-known personalities of dA and his fractals are known to me as very special ones.

Jimpan1973 says His gallery is full on inovative and artistic Apophysis stuff. Go there and take a look. You won't be disappointed.

lindelokse says The featured artist of the week is one of the best people I've ever met on deviantART and such a dear friend  please go enjoy ~guagapunyaimel's artworks and his admirable dedication to fractal art and fractal community!

Fiery-Fire says Your best bet, if you want to say hello to Randa is coming to our fractal chat #Aposhack where he is one of the mods.
He has started a series of articles, with fractal artists interviews - and I do enjoy reading them - you should check them out, can find out more about people in your fractals watch.
His fractals are always well composed in yummy splashes of pastels and saturated colors - beautiful palette combos, tons of field fractals with extra details added.

esintu says I can't skip a feature for guagapunyaimel. The apophysis abstracts he exhibits in his gallery are very unique and inspirational and I honestly think he's one of the best in that area, right up there with IDeviant and FarDareisMai . Without further ado, here are some fractals I thought didn't get the attention they deserved.

Lady In The Night by guagapunyaimel Kremnica 1729 by guagapunyaimel Thief Pallete by guagapunyaimel She Sail by guagapunyaimel 21082010 by guagapunyaimel
A Head Inside The Man by guagapunyaimel 0251 by guagapunyaimel The Polar Tree by guagapunyaimel Mute by guagapunyaimel Gong by guagapunyaimel
Imaginary Mine by guagapunyaimel Grinding Out by guagapunyaimel Unification Of A La La Song by guagapunyaimel The Ronin by guagapunyaimel Hide And Seek by guagapunyaimel
Noble by guagapunyaimel The Great Collision by guagapunyaimel Beg You by guagapunyaimel The Edge Of The End by guagapunyaimel 08042011 a by guagapunyaimel

Enigmatic Korean Love Song by guagapunyaimel


Lucy--C says She was one of my inspirations when I first became interested in fractal art: I started with her flamepacks and tutorials for Apophysis (it was the end of 2007...)
Her gallery is full of beautiful organic looking fractals; here's some examples of her work (including some useful resources!)

timemit says when I fist started to play with Apophysis Claires tut  'Julia Uncovered' was the first thing I ever learned..baptism by fire in some ways as it is a thorough and in depth tutorial...but the outcome is worth the input..... it's not just in apo and apo resources, Claire does wonders with FE and gimp.. shame she isn't around more but such is life!

Fiery-Fire says One of the nicest fractal galleries on dA and I think one of the oldest and most viewed when it comes to 'old-school' flames as well as julians and lazysusans. That is the gallery of today's Inspiration's Station `ClaireJones
She is the most known for making amazing tutorilas - her Julia & Rings2 tutorials are pretty much a legend, I think every person who uses apophysis has them, read them and made great fractals, it did work for me, when I was starting up and didn't know Apo very well. Clair's tutos helped me find the way around the program and got me making my first grand julians.

pillemaster says CJ is a fractal artist and started, using apophysis and fractal explorer back in the times when no fancy tutorials and well known styles were around ... so you can find a lot of original fractal art that was really new and mindcracking fantastic at that time.

Jimpan1973 says She has a gallery full of awesome Apophysis works and resources.

fractalfiend says Early pioneers are often overlooked because their work is dated ... Most people have seen x, y or z a thousand times. Some art is timeless and stands up to the humdrum and tedium. Case-in-point: `ClaireJones

Garden by ClaireJones The Weight of Ice by ClaireJones Pixie Dust by ClaireJones Spiral Interweave II by ClaireJones
Millefiori - Wallpaper by ClaireJones Gilded by ClaireJones Twists and Turns by ClaireJones The Bronze Age by ClaireJones
Yggdrasil by ClaireJones Forgotten by ClaireJones Good Day to Die by ClaireJones Cloistered Worlds by ClaireJones
Moon Snail Redux - Wallpaper by ClaireJones Julia Bubble by ClaireJones Path of Thorns - Wallpaper by ClaireJones The Rings2 and Julian Guide by ClaireJones

Cloistered Worlds by ClaireJones

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Wow. I've been inspired for sure. Haven't done many fractals for a while but this has given me a push.