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Inspiration Station is a joined community effort - started up by our fractal gallery volunteer Light SuicideBySafetyPin
It features artists, who made an impact on the Fractal community, either via inspiration of artworks or selfless attitude of helping others & coding programs we all enjoy and use. I would like to introduce the featured artists by using quotes from published journals.
Welcome to pt5 Cheerleader by CookiemagiK


eReSaW says Coby from the Netherlands - Her works are all masterpieces of the finest.  She is the queen of UF.

Paddlin-Maddlin says This week's artist is none other than Coby is one of my personal favourites and a very talented and prolific fractal artist who produces some very beautiful pieces. Here are a few of those I like, but you really must visit her page and see all she has there for you. Enjoy.

jim373 says One of the most talented Ultra Fractal artists on dA

Velvet--Glove says It is with great pleasure that this week I highlight the work of my friend and fellow Ultra Fractal artist, Coby. This talented lady has gone from strength to strength in her mastery of UF and can now be relied on to produce high quality and beautiful fracal art time and time again.
It is difficult to pick just a few of her works to show you here so do understand that this is just a taster of the goodies to be found within her gallery... enjoy this small selection but do take some time to go and have a good look round at the rest of her work here. You won't be disappointed!

caffe1neadd1ct says I just love all of =coby01's fractals, she is a real inspiration!

theaver  says I am happy that this weeks inspiration station is for Coby. We met in our dutch fractal club and started fractalling at about the same time. She is a wonderful friend and a great artist, a queen of UF who makes real original and wonderful art.
This is one of the fractals she made in the very beginning and you cannot see that she had only just started.In those days she also did some apo which she does not do much any longer though it earned her a DD. Later she amazed us all with the great art she made, it is hard to choose as there is so much that I like but I will try.

Jimpan1973 says She masters UF with elegance. Her gallery is full of flowers and other colorful masterpieces. Go there and take a look. You won't be dissappointed.

Avantgarda says This talented dutch lady needs no introduction, check out her gorgeous works

Balance by coby01 Jewels by coby01 In the mood of Spring by coby01 PreciousSapphire by coby01 Flynn- by coby01
UFO's by coby01 WinterWonderland by coby01 Poppies by coby01 Turbulence by coby01
StillLive by coby01 Brooch by coby01 Zantedeschia by coby01 Tulips from Holland by coby01
Quartz by coby01 Delphinium by coby01 sunflowers- by coby01 TheRaindropWaltz by coby01 appletree by coby01

ThePassionOfTheHearts by coby01


esintu says I trust many (especially those from the Shack) know more or less what I have to say about Jess, but for those who don't; `FarDareisMai's gallery is one I know pretty much by heart, and it's probably safe to say that about a quarter of it is in my favorites collection. Our tastes in, styles of and approach to art and specifically fractal art click really well so my gallery has quite a lot of works directly or indirectly inspired by her art. Beyond art, she's also a dear friend and a delight to chat with.
For a gal who used to be a gallery director here, I find that her gallery is utterly underexposed and underappreciated. I personally think she's a genius with colour and texture, and she has many innovative experiments displayed there that will inspire you to try new things so go browse around. She has a very managable sized gallery considering she's been around for 7 years, but then, it's not a gallery you can appreciate fully by scanning the thumbnails so try and take your time.
I will stop here and leave you with a hipster collection of five works from her gallery to add to the wonderful stuff other people have and will be featuring today

phoenixkeyblack says While most of us are pulling our hair out trying to learn the latest Apo style ...While we were trying to get the new dIFS formulas to work in Mandelbulb ...While you were sorting out your newest 35 layer UF masterpiece ... Yeah, you know who you are ...Jess made some simply beautiful art ..

Jimpan1973 says She's very skilled in both Ultra Fractal and Apophysis. Her speciallty is abstract fractals. And she makes them splendid. Take a look in her gallery for some awesome goodies.

Fiery-Fire says In the galaxy far far away from here - ok, this is an inside joke as when I first met Jess I could not remember her name and I kept adding syllables from Far to Far-dare and now my spelling is perfect and she is just Jess !!
Jess is literally one of fractal community veterans  she has been around for longer then some of other 'dinosaurs' and that as well as her art earns her a steady place in fractal community.  
She has her own unique style and outlook about Fractals as art forms and that in itself gave me more then few things to ponder. Her beloved type of fractals is 'field' fractal full of shapes with clever use of masking & moding in UF and superb texturing. She is also as of last few months filled her gallery with interesting apophysis abstractions (and even Platinus got that 'bug')

jadenkanan says This week it goes too `FarDareisMai who is someone that has been around the community for quite a while now, and has been there to help along the way always and makes for a good friend as well.

Clepsidras says Jess says: who needs symmetry? I couldn't agree more. Her gallery is an amazing labyrinth of colours and texture and talent. Why don't you go and take a look yourself?

timemit says    A truly inspirational collection of works awaits you in Jess's wonderful gallery [link] and exciting pieces with unusual and unexpected takes on the more familiar aspects of UF, a great collection of tuts and resources and a collection of Apo works to drool over .. thanks for sharing Jess

Pasternak says So the art of `FarDareisMai... why do I find it so awesome? It's amazing art, and its BOLD, devoid of fads and with amazing, creative use of color.

Quayside by FarDareisMai Ringaling Bells by FarDareisMai Avere by FarDareisMai Thunderbrot by FarDareisMai Gregorian by FarDareisMai
Guitar Solo by FarDareisMai Hypothermia by FarDareisMai Propellers Over Dresden by FarDareisMai Fetish by FarDareisMai
A Glass Brain by FarDareisMai Dissonance by FarDareisMai Leaf Subsides to Leaf by FarDareisMai Sebastian by FarDareisMai Shantytown by FarDareisMai Ciftetelli by FarDareisMai
All Painters Go to Heaven by FarDareisMai I Hope You Like Onions by FarDareisMai Littoral Zone by FarDareisMai Vincent by FarDareisMai

100 by FarDareisMai


dark-beam says Fiery-Fire Rocks!!

karlajkitty says I had so much fun going through Fiery-Fire's gallery of rich colors, beautiful designs, and brilliant diversity.  But don't take my word for it - check her work out for your own treat

rce-ordinary says Fiery-Fire is a 'crazy' fractalist. yup, she made some fractals in many various styles. not only apo and ultrafractal which programs she used to make fractals, she also can made 3D scenes in bryce/daz, 3D fractals in mandelbulb 3d and mixed medias. she also share some resources such as tutorials and params (yay) which i used it a reference and practice.

Loony-L says Iwona is very talented with many fractal programs, and not only that, but she also makes some impressive 3D work. I love her fractals, they are so full of energy (and... omg, there are so many that I don't know where to begin... )

TABASCO-RAREMASTER says the IS this week is the page of my hot and very first DA friend Fiery-Fire  [link] Check her awesome images in a wide genre & style-range here

jost1 says I will be online here more often than I was last weeks, even though not so often as I used to be earlier. But this week I participate in the inspiration station featuring fiery-fire cause her gallery is worth it! Have a look: She's a very versatile artist. Here are some works that I like a lot.

Jimpan1973 says This week we bring you a great friend of mine. Fiery-Fire. I met her in Aposhack some years ago. And I can tell you, she's one of the nicest persons around. And she's always up for a good joke.
She's also a gfreat artist. She masters a lot of programs. Go through her gallery and take a look. It's feast for your eyes. I promise!

IDeviant says Although not as prolific as formerly (she was once almost Light-speed ), Iwona's mastery, especially of my own favourite software Apophysis, remains the stuff of legend. Page after page of highly polished yet richly detailed how-did-she-do-THAT? fractal goodness, all in the kind of muted, earthy-leaning tones that I often favour. A small selection to whet the appetite

timemit says If you want to see some of the very best in a wide range of fractal programs..go visit Fiery Fire and give her some deviant art love.
Apo.. Ultra manips..3Dabstracts..scenes name it Iwona does it and does is brilliantly. A True addict with a habit that rewards us all with super works...thanks Iwona

Clepsidras says  Fiery or Iwona, is a talented fractal and 3D artists that lives in Canada and it is one of the responsibles for me doing Apophysis fractals. Saying that is saying I own Iwona a lot. But she is a master with a big "M" having a great deal of talented work in her gallery. Not only she masters the hard fractal art, as she dabbles with grace with photomanipulations and she can create the most amazing works with her 3D skills. Iwona is a heavy weight in talent and a most dear and admired artist of my heart.

:flame: by Katuend :flame: by Katuend:iconburningplz: :flame: by Katuend :flame: by Katuend:iconburningplz: :flame: by Katuend :flame: by Katuend:iconburningplz: :flame: by Katuend :flame: by Katuend:iconburningplz: :flame: by Katuend :flame: by Katuend:iconburningplz:
The last tree on the cliff by Fiery-Fire Chesnuts by Fiery-Fire Cruel_summer by Fiery-Fire Be-ware red gnarls by Fiery-Fire Too_much_information by Fiery-Fire Excalibur by Fiery-Fire
The game of chess with a red by Fiery-Fire Pearl Keepers-3 by Fiery-Fire buddha brother by Fiery-Fire lost in middle of desert by Fiery-Fire
Manhattan by Fiery-Fire autumn lights by Fiery-Fire where dragons sleep by Fiery-Fire the new universe by Fiery-Fire
lost paradise by Fiery-Fire The burning state of entropy by Fiery-Fire The optical jester by Fiery-Fire Noodle-Poodle by Fiery-Fire Undieing_visions_of_happiness by Fiery-Fire
blocks of networking by Fiery-Fire Heaven's sake by Fiery-Fire Alien Casanova by Fiery-Fire Going down by Fiery-Fire

Just a Splash by Fiery-Fire


kr0mat1k says Cory Ench aka ~Mobilelectro is one of the most inventive fractal artist around, a master of complex patterns and so clever with the colors. He's known as a fractal artist over DA, but he's so much more

cmptrwhz says It is once again time for Inspiration Station.  This week we are featuring ~Mobilelectro.  As I browsed thru this deviant's gallery I was amazed at the level of complexity that is contained within the fractals created.  here are a few I thought were grand and so take a minute out of your day to browse thru these images. I bet you will find one you like also.

phoenixkeyblack says I found this installment of Inspiration Station very difficult to write for two reasons -
1. I usually use the 'Sit Back and Watch' feature to view ~Mobilelectro's gallery, so there weren't very many of these awesome works in my Favourites.
2. I couldn't stop pasting thumbs ...
The intracate details in ~Mobilelectro's Apophysis works leave me gobsmacked ...:jawdrop:

cyberxaos says This artist creates some of the most intricate and detailed Apophysis designs.

Lucy--C says He makes amazing things with Apophysis; his fractals with complex and intricate patterns are a true inspiration!

fractalfiend says It would appear that I am still a little behind the curve on most Fractal artists. Case-in-point: ~Mobilelectro Absolutely stunning work that until today I was totally unaware ... I've corrected that oversight!  Enjoy!

pillemaster says ... a true fractal artist with a unique style and a great skill... but see for yourself in ~Mobilelectro's galery

patternplay by Mobilelectro connection section by Mobilelectro clockworks1 by Mobilelectro inlay6 by Mobilelectro julian dream by Mobilelectro
constellation station by Mobilelectro box city by Mobilelectro decotile by Mobilelectro 090908 by Mobilelectro
earth blossom 2 by Mobilelectro logic2 by Mobilelectro metalpetals2 by Mobilelectro drop shadow 3 by Mobilelectro scalloped by Mobilelectro tech nouveau by Mobilelectro
flame licked by Mobilelectro dragon court 2 by Mobilelectro red by Mobilelectro seeds by Mobilelectro

ringed klien by Mobilelectro


cyberxaos says This week's inspiration station features  a psychedelic extraterrestrial artist psion005

Leichenengel says Please make sure you don't forget to check out his gallery for more awesome stuff. Additionally I want to say that he was always the right address when wanting to pong trippy/psychedelic parametres - our Alien is just awesome like that.

Jimpan1973 says Take a look in his gallery to see some really nice and trippy fractals. You can find works from different fractal programs. His work is very colorful. Go there now and enjoy!!!

pillemaster says ... a fractal artist of the first hour when no fancy tutorials and well known styles were around
... but see the great skill for yourself in *psion005's galery

phoenixkeyblack says Whilst your average alien is busy doing unspeakable things to farm animals and abducting people with IQs that match their shoe size, one of our visitors is researching the things we humans do to make ourselves happy ...
To fool the authorities and pay his taxes he has taken human form and is known as Andrew Ostin ... My Deviant ID by psion005
But I would like to introduce you to psion005 Binary ID by psion005 Area-51 Permit by psion005 and his pooch >> 75percent human by Fiery-Fire
As luck would have it, I have just learned that he is in this part of the galaxy just in time for this weeks 'Inspiration Station' ...Inside the mind of our alien can be very surreal and a sometimes dark and disturbing place ...
They grey dudes keep themselves entertained by running around the lower end of the human gene pool, and waving their anal probes around.  Psion005 is a far more colourful character and gets his kicks in different ways ... I'm sure the crowds at these gatherings contain a higher than usual alien to human ratio ...
The more artistic alien can usually be found in Southern England where he will make fantastic designs in wheat fields ...This alien's artwork is an inspiration, his lifestyle should be too  ... Please show him a bit of earthling love ...

Fiery-Fire says Psion - also known as Andrew in his mere human disguise is a perfect example of fractal artist, who takes soo much joy & fun in making his fractals it's infectious (even to aliens). His gallery is filled with different styles and ideas, he takes you on trips thru different galaxies and alien landscapes !! You have to bring tons of toast when visiting his gallery and make sure you don't get abducted the first time

:alien::alien::alien: I has Alien by Droneguard Sparkly Toast Avatar by gonnafly I has Alien by Droneguard:alien::alien::alien:
Inner Sanctum by psion005 Hyper-ion by psion005 Birth Chamber by psion005 Scientific Reality by psion005 My Chicken Feet by psion005
Fractal Rust 2008 by psion005 Welcome to Labyrinthia by psion005 Viral II by psion005 A Day at the Beach by psion005
Giger-esque Butterfly by psion005 Moonrise Over Escher by psion005 Ascension II by psion005 Frankie by psion005
Tinrib III by psion005 Dark Days Ahead by psion005 Spinal Tap 2 by psion005 Back 2 Basics by psion005
Big Rig Jig at BM2007 by psion005 Praying for Forgiveness II by psion005 Bleached Whale by psion005 Peace in Pieces by psion005 BurningMan 06-after by psion005

Convergence by psion005

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Well done! So many of my favorite artists in this one! Keep up the great inspiration series!! :D