Cleaning my watch folder - ALL the goodies I found

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Yes, good thing I don't delete anything ....from my watch folder - until I have a proper 'lookies' :)
and Im so ashamed to say, that a lot of times, the deviations lately has been sitting in my watch delivery for a longer time then usual :omg:
Don't ask how long :lmao: I'm at 2k now (ok, ok :whisper: for last 5 months) :|
Im trying to clear things up a bit more quickly as I can :nod: scouts honor, and while Im doing it,
I will share with you what I have found :boogie: Sounds like a good idea - I hope it does !!!

here we go, ready:
:thumb186923336: Thaumaturgy by Val-Cali Exile's Way by milleniumsentry
Hotel 'Lumaca' by Nataly1st Tiger by GrafArtClub
whale in love and me by Mimiori --Dot-- by ValentinaKallias Just Heartbroken by Lady-Tori
-Infected-collab by ValentinaKallias Counting Sheep by ackeibler Little Dreamer by LiiQa
Frozen diamonds by ElenaDudina:thumb180427401: Delta Theory by 3mmI
Blueline by relhom:thumb182861670::thumb173145217:
Stone Collection by 12GO Autumn in Mandelbrot by FractalEyes

Okiey not to overdo it now ...hahaha since Im so well known for having humangess long journals,
some people cant open on their web-browser ;)
This one is beautiful & modest, now Just send out the notes - and keep looking in my backed-up
watch :lmao: fave & run a bit, and leave some nice comments ;) :lmao:


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Most welcome :hug:ss
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Awesome features!! :love:
Thank you very much for including my work in this is beautiful collection!! :love::blowkiss:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Most welcome - glad you enjoying yourself ;)
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Beautiful features!:deviation:
:pat: imagine what was in my devwatch after more then 1 year dA break,only journals section was at 2k..and even now i am way behind,i don't think i'll ever catch up.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
yes, this is why Im scared to leave DA for longer then a week :lmao:
my watch would explode ;) Im positive ...hey Im down to 1.1k :boogie:
maybe I can make it to clean up before xmas :dance:
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Oh,you're better them me,i am at 1.8k
One week ago i started to clean a bit the "activity stack" and i thanked so much that dA gave me a "spam" error and couldn't post for 2h. -.-
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Thanks a lot for featuring Delta Theory ! :)

By the way, I have posted some alternate version of the image on my portfolio, if you are curious, it's here: [link]
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Most welcome :) I think I have to look, at your whole gallery,
since this one image came from a group feed ;)
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Of course you have to... ^^
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Thanks :dance: Iwona :blowkiss: for the feature of my "Frozen diamonds"
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Most welcome Elena !!! :heart: :blowkiss:
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If that one from pa was there, then you haven't checked yer folders since '07
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Nope that one from Pa I discovered whn I browesed his gallery :rofl: ;)
I said some .....;)
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Thanks a lot :)
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great features hun :clap:
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Ahhh...awesome - Im glad you like them :D
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I need to go through my folders and find some older things and feature them.
Nice finds up there. I had seen some, but most I haven't.
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Those are not that old :lmao: except one or two ;)
fresh from groups or deviants - good thing my 'watch' stores All :lmao:
Thankies for looking :blowkiss:
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I didn't say those were old, I said I need to go through my faves and find some of the older faves I have and do a feature on them.
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