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:bulletblue: Busy busy - as usual too much to do and not enough time, what else can be new :lmao:
I'm around on DA, every second day, had to cut down my internet time a bit, well maybe that will change in few weeks plus I miss making more fractals ....
Have a list of things I should be doing - and it's really long, hope being organized helps.

:bulletblue: I'm also helping my friends running some groups on RedBubble :faint: what a busy place, that is - plus it gives me a great inside to how other art-sites are set-up.
There is few things I like there and few things I don't.  Lets start with my likes (better news should always go first):
the primary objective of the site is SALES !! and exposure, it's always nice to have that, when you an Artist. Also making groups is directly connected with getting artists works promoted, sooooo GROUPS ARE FREE !!! (can you believe that), also to excite the artists every group can apply for a sweet $20US voucher (monthly) - for challenges, rewards etc. Now that part I'm so envious about, when compared to DA where all the prizes have to be donated or come-out of private pocket.
The dislikes: the artwork can not be viewed at decent size (even with the right click blocked, and watermarks), the images are small and if you have cool details in your creations you have to upload separate pics for close-ups :(
Another one, because groups have such 'power' doing features in private journals it's not that common, and not that welcomed eeekkkk (widely - some artists, really have 'high' noses if you would like to show-case their art) oooops
Overall - things are pretty friendly, but devArt is still my home :love:
If you would like to have a quick look at some groups, just to give you a taste here is some links:
www.redbubble.com/groups/welco… Paradise)  , www.redbubble.com/groups/1-art… Artists of RedBubble)  ,  www.redbubble.com/globes-spher…, Spheres and Curves)

:bulletblue: Finally caved-in and watched "Avatar" :rofl:
Did I like it ? YES !! :faint: the story is very plain, and predictable - simple is good in this case, carry a good message as well. Within two hours - you can see something, wild and beautiful subjected to the 'spoils' of war and greedy nature, that should make you think, if you find the time to look away from those amazing landscapes.
Truly this is an 'eye-candy' even for the most fussy of us. The digital graphics are superb and the colors (as much as I do resist the fluorescent hues) are vivacious enough to make you wanna pack your bags, turn blue, grow a tail and move there ....oooops, it's not a real place ;)
Love the set designs, the jungle is so rich with amazing, exotic plants, full of life and fantastic looking animal creatures. Ouuu happy days - some of the plants do look like fractals :giggle: Im not joking !! Have a look, the spiral orange plants - when Jake goes for his first trip, that just looks like Incendia, all the night plants glow-in-the-dark plants, could be made using Apo !! And the floating mountains :faint: - I think we already have a big section of those in the DA gallery and now it's going to grow.

Welcome to Pandora Feature:
AVATAR by gavwoodhouse Avatar Neytiri by JoJoesArt:thumb156531857: Avatar - I See You by TsaoShin
:thumb147390916: Neytiri Na'vi by SteveDeLaMare EnTree 001 SOLD by graemeb forest life by graemeb The Way Up by Lairis77 Tree of Life by graemeb
Avatar by PatrickBrown Hunting at night by beskadi Jungle of Pandora by Maarel
Pandora Misty Morning by Lairis77 my pandora by 0BO Matte Painting Avatar by Bliz-Art:thumb146024944:
Pandora Iknimaya by phantastes Pandora by jamajurabaev A Pandora secret by DameOdessa welcome to pandora by Tarla-Trent:thumb149264194:

Mature Content

Na'vi Sweethearts by GenjiLim
Pandora by Py3rr

:bulletblue: Finishing of with some extra fractals, you should have a look at !! ;)
(I think some Pandora colors sneaked-in here)
at peace by Lucy--C Balance by coby01:thumb156306529: Stick a Fork in Me by SuicideBySafetyPin
Soapbubbles in Wonderland by OutsideFate -FairyTale- by silwenka Pari by TyrantWave minds eye movement by Mobilelectro
Breaking Checks by nightmares06 The Fabric of Space by Shortgreenpigg Hole in my pocket by obeyyourmaster Bubbleballs by SjerZ
am 50 by Craig-Larsen Lothlorien Dawn by fractaldreamer Quartz by coby01 Alien Shrine by psion005 Purple Techno by nightmares06
The Decarboxylatings of Ewes by BrainSplatter SandStorm by sundaymay Following The Game by slobo777 Castles and Dreams by Leichenengel
Ab10 Good Morning by Xantipa2 It had to be done by lamblyn Fractal Full Moon by Brigitte-Fredensborg Pastell Lovlies by Kattvinge

:bulletred: PS. I'm a bit behind with faving and comments. Please forgive me, I'm sitting on 700deviations, some 200comments and not that much time !!!
Big THANK YOU and WELCOME to all :love:

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graemeb's avatar
Thanks again.
Golubaja's avatar
Awwwwwwww Avatar is :love:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Yeshhhhhhhhh !!! have seen it 3times so far (I haz a home copy) :rofl:
phantastes's avatar
THanK YoU for featuring my work and opening up the Pandora rainforest magic created by so many talented artists here :sun:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Yes, the scenery played important part - didn't it :)
It was my pleasure :)
DameOdessa's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature among these marvelous arts! :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I'm glad you had a look ;)
Yes, it's a great collection isn't it :)
Shadoweddancer's avatar
Thanks Iwona, I really appreciate being included in your lovely feature! I especially like your selection of Avatar art. I have some new items in my favorites. :dance:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Welcome :)
wooohooo !!! so you got few extra blue-tailed faves :eyes: :lmao:
Shadoweddancer's avatar
I think I'm predisposed to blue-tailed people :lol:. I have long been an X-Men fan, and Nightcrawler has been my favorite since the 80's. Now I'm a Na'vi fan too. :dance: (I can't help but believe there was at least a little influence from that character.)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
You know, this is an interesting theory ;)
Maybe in some distant universe - mutants are the normal
breed and humans are the freaks, so being blue, striped
and with a tail would be a 'regular day at the jungle' ;)
Thimix2's avatar
My favorite movie , great features :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Ahh, then it's a perfect journal for you ;)
TsaoShin's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
marthig's avatar
Lovely feature and great informative Journal. Congrats Iwona :clap: :glomp: and Yeah!! for ~NNTR
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I think it's good to update from time to time :lmao:
thanks Marty :glomp:
Who is NNTR? or maybe what is? you gotta tell me ..
marthig's avatar
:faint: No Need To Respond :iconnntr: click on the icon or in the name in my sig ~NNTR and go to "About us" [link]
It's what I call a "conscience cleaner" if you are too overwhelmed by your messages and favs you make sure that your friends and other people know that you adhere to that "philosophy" and you may not respond to their messages.
I use it, (the icon and the link) but in general I do respond :( :giggle:
silwenka's avatar
ha.. dzięki za feature :D

Avatarek prosty jak drucik ale jaki zacny :love:
trza mi do kina raz jeszcze :)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
hahahaha, tak to mamy takie samo odczucie ;)
Fajne efekty w filmie - historijka byla banalna i typowo
amerykanska, mozna tylko zamienic drogie mineraly na
rope i mamy rzeczywistosc :lmao:

Nie ma sprawy Ewa :D
silwenka's avatar
Taaa.. tylko w rzeczywistości Ci co siedzą na ropie nie wygrają :paranoid:

Fiery-Fire's avatar
Hahahaaa dinosaury ? :lmao:
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