ABSTRACT - Fractal Styles

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ABSTRACT - Fractal Styles

Abstract is a style, which should not need a big, long explanation and introduction for anybody.
As I always think about to describe it in my own words "geometric Kandinsky anything goes" ;) and don't hold Me to those words
per say, to be compared to Kandinsky is one of the highest complements you can get - in my books.
Abstract Art is not an accurate representation of a form or object, a matter of fact it's far away from realism. It can manifest itself
via simplified shapes, colors, textures and symbolic forms reminiscent of 'real subject'.
Abstract art has many related styles with it's own distinct characteristics, which represent the broader name of abstraction,
starting with: Impressionism, thru Cubism, russian Avant-garde, Futurism to Post-modern and Minimalistic art.
Well know painters of Abstract Forms just to name a few were ( I picked my favorites here, this is not a full list):
Henri Matisse
Wassily Kandinsky
Pablo Picasso
Georges Braque
Piet Mondrian
Jackson Pollock
Georgia O'Keeffe

Abstract Art is very well rooted in the fractal community as well - since it is relaying on shapes, textures and colors
and we have plenty of that happening in our Fractal Art.
I have chosen few of the artists from DA, who well fit in the description of the style and you will also notice the
variety and different interpretations, expressions of seemingly chaotic composition.
Do give them a chance and have a look, as some of them are sheer beauty !!!
Here are the Artists and their creations (in non-particular abstract order :lmao: )

Megalithes by EtienneSaintAmant Soleil noir by EtienneSaintAmant La Derniere Fois - Partie 1 by EtienneSaintAmant Hippogriffe by EtienneSaintAmant O-PHARES by EtienneSaintAmant
-Sakura- by silwenka -Pinkasso- by silwenka -HerTrueNature- by silwenka -Genesis- by silwenka -FutureCityLights- by silwenka -Reactor- by silwenka -Break and Enter- by silwenka
-BreakMeShakeMe- by silwenka -Joyous- by silwenka -Civilizations- by silwenka -TheLastTree- by silwenka
Interlude by Beesknees67 Slow Dance by Beesknees67 Fan Dance by Beesknees67 The Quiet Storm by Beesknees67 Warm Whispers by Beesknees67 Downward Spiral by Beesknees67 Silent Ground by Beesknees67
The Waiting by Beesknees67 Sered by Beesknees67 Memory of Twilight by Beesknees67 In A Dream by Beesknees67 So It Goes by Beesknees67
Bits by rougeux Dusk by rougeux Bonfire by rougeux Calculated Memories by rougeux Rift by rougeux
Moment by rougeux Crescendo by rougeux Steadfast Dreams by rougeux Rebellion by rougeux Genesis - by rougeux Desire by rougeux Emotion by rougeux Bubblescape by rougeux
News Of The World by esintu Flapjack Orchestra by esintu Bibliotheke by esintu Cappadocian Magic by esintu Deadlock by esintu All That I Bleed by esintu Adoette by esintu
Hayalname by esintu Keeping Quiet by esintu Morning Blues by esintu Euclid's Nightmare by esintu Eternal by esintu Elevation Of Love by esintu Emotional Landscapes by esintu
Colour Clash by OutsideFate Melting away by OutsideFate Weavng Math by OutsideFate annother Gnarl by OutsideFate Tiles by OutsideFate
Relics in the Water by OutsideFate Painting of Soul by OutsideFate Essence of Rose by OutsideFate Life Emerging by OutsideFate Information Highway by OutsideFate Wave by OutsideFate String Sonata by OutsideFate
Through the Ages by milleniumsentry Damascene by milleniumsentry Cocoa by milleniumsentry Relay by milleniumsentry Artifice by milleniumsentry
Ponder by milleniumsentry Vulcanize by milleniumsentry Mixer:WS by milleniumsentry Circuit by milleniumsentry Galleria by milleniumsentry
Quayside by FarDareisMai Samothrace by FarDareisMai Missing Winter Already by FarDareisMai Thunderbrot by FarDareisMai Parsley by FarDareisMai Whiplash by FarDareisMai Gustave Dore on Acid by FarDareisMai
Littoral Zone by FarDareisMai Hephaestus by FarDareisMai Thorn by FarDareisMai Upon a Painted Ocean by FarDareisMai Ultima by FarDareisMai
Deadlock by esintu Cross Pollination by monochromatic-stains
HALIAN 2008 by monochromatic-stains
Fractal Years by misterxz something by misterxz Traveller's Friend by misterxz Daydreamer by misterxz Liquid Orchestra by misterxz Ethereal Ocean by misterxz untouched by misterxz
Aqueous by misterxz Rejuvenation by misterxz constellation by misterxz bridge by misterxz terrestrial by misterxz
heavy metal guitar sound by greyfin curious neighbours by greyfin deep sea by greyfin woman wept by greyfin celestial clockwork by greyfin rassilon's wallpaper by greyfin
uf1875 by 0Encrypted0 uf1852 by 0Encrypted0 uf1828 by 0Encrypted0 uf1882 by 0Encrypted0 uf1562 by 0Encrypted0
exp332 by 0Encrypted0 uf1671 by 0Encrypted0 uf1023 by 0Encrypted0 uf736 by 0Encrypted0 uf1072_w by 0Encrypted0
Fissure by IDeviant IFCC by IDeviant Sonata for fractalklavierchord by IDeviant Wasteland by IDeviant A trip to the bookbinders' by IDeviant Canvas 2: Fire in the city by IDeviant
Docklands sunset by IDeviant At the end of the tunnel by IDeviant Shroom world by IDeviant Intercity by IDeviant Boiler room by IDeviant
Ap09 ApoFantasy 3 by Xantipa2 Ab09 Fantasy 123 by Xantipa2 Ab09 Abstract 153 by Xantipa2 ab09 Abstract 189 by Xantipa2 Ab09 In blue Garden by Xantipa2
Ab09 Go Home .. by Xantipa2 Ab09 Abstract 146 by Xantipa2 Ab09 FraMan 06 by Xantipa2 Ab09 Ab13 NoName 3 by Xantipa2 Ab09 Beauty of Symmetry 15 by Xantipa2
Propagation by Rykk Moorings by Rykk Days of Future Past by Rykk Potemkin by Rykk Kon-Tiki II by Rykk Bedrock by Rykk