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Splits-Cylinder Tuto for Apo



Apophysis Tutorial made for any version of Apo

This is a tutorial for splits-cylinder style in apophysis !!!

1) You can still play with your color control by moving the color sliders on all four xfroms (Color speed is fixed for max outcome)

2) If you want smoother color application, try blurring your gradient slightly.

3) The 'pipes' can be textured, if you link-transform texturing variations to T3 & T4 - for example crackle or truchet ;)

4) You can test adding small amounts of cross or epispiral to either FX or T1, that will make very nice wavey shapes on your pipes.

5) FOR EVERYBODY< WHO DIDN"T DOWNLOAD and can't see the numbers !!
The PT coordinates for T3 are:
X= 0, -2.6
Y= 50, 0
Z=-0.65, 0
Move left by 0.7 (from 0,0)
T4 has identical PT, except it's moved by 0.7 of 0,0 to the right (which means 1.4units from T3)

please also on T2 in COLOR TAB, set the opacity =0

The original technique was made by :iconmeckie: and it has tons of possibilities in making
very cool apo abstracts !! User friendly and even newbee friendly !!

Enjoy it !!! :D

As always, I'm curious what you will come up with leave me a link to your new fractals :))) Have fun !!

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:boogie: Mini GALLERY of works made from this tuto :boogie:

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