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Apo-Tuto Sphericals

Apophysis (made in Apo7X)

This is a tutorial for a spherical style in apophysis !!!
The story is ...when I started out in apo last year, one late night in chat #Aposhack `n8iveattitude1 and ~penny5775 did thought me how to make the basic shapes - after 'sitting' on this knowledge and learning few tricks you getting the written version ;)

Enjoy it !!! :D

Dang it !! The button in :dev#Apophysis: for submitting art is not working :shrug:
You guys gonna have to wait, for it to be added to the Group then ;)

Please, don't recycle this tutorial by changing the name and reposting it as your own work - That would be very uncool and equal in removal of your deviation :nod:
Copyright by Fiery-Fire 2009.

examples of tutorial in use:
send me links to your deviations and we will have a mini-gallery here :dance:</em>

The French Translation for this Tutorial is made by `SaTaNiA for #GlobalTutorials >> [link](Apo Tutorial - Spherical FR)

This is a Resource, Copyright protected by Fiery-Fire2008-2010
Please don't copy, rename, repost, blog, outside
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Caekster's avatar

Nice tutorial :D I did this one:

Spherical Fun
brookville's avatar
thanks - did this one in Jwildfire and it worked great - Fiery-fire Tuto Spherical
Jax-Riley's avatar
AWESOME tutorial...thanks man  Here's what I started on. Still working on variations.  Connections by Jax-Riley
Fiery-Fire's avatar
welcome ;) and I'm a "dudette" not a dude :lmao:
Nice render - try playing with color sliders to separate the shapes 
brookville's avatar
here's my take on it - linked back to here
Holmes-JA's avatar
Awesome tutorial! I just made this:
WordlessJoe's avatar
That was fun!  Thanks for the cool tutorial.  My first try:…
piethein21's avatar
gonna give this another shot ;)
looks like they are fairly suitable for filling something :ninja:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
yes it is great for filling - you can make it very very complex if you wish :nod:
Get working Piet :D
piethein21's avatar
i've put it as a cylinder in a flux but got so frustrated with the colouring and bluring i stopped working on it about 2 weeks ago (can share params if you want :ninja:)
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I will send you my experiments :) you will see - rings2 are very special variation.
Cylinder to create stripes like that would have to be really stretched & pre_blur to be added for shine & reflectivity.
I have a tuto for that too :lmao:  >>>  Splits-Cylinder Tuto for Apo by Fiery-Fire
Esherymack's avatar…

I dunno if I've used it before, but I did again. Thanks love!
Esherymack's avatar
And a second one. I'm having a blast with this tutorial.
FunkyRach's avatar
Thanks..this tut has really got me started :) how do i add my pic
WestOz64's avatar
Thanks for another great is my first effort :) (Smile)…
bast4cats's avatar…  , thanks for the tutorial very informative. This is my take on the tut, will be doing lots more :D (Big Grin) +fav 
Antares2's avatar…
This my recent creation using your turorial "Sphericals".
KaiDeLosReyes's avatar
hi! thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial. i managed to make this out of it:

it is indeed so much fun to work with. thanks again.
tiffrmc720's avatar
Nice tutorial, here's what I made [link]
Nion-Won99's avatar
Thanks much here where a few I uploaded

Trip-Artist's avatar
Hi Fiery-Fire! !st I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your awesome tut! But its been awhile for me, just starting to get back into making some new Fractals and I'm using apo 7x15 now, I noticed there's no symmetry feature in the colors tab. Might there be an equivalent that I can use? I was thinking maybe "Direct Color" but I'm unsure. Thanks! :)
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