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WnXXS: Akira Uncovered

By fiercie
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I feel happy~ And thank you also for those who are commenting. It totally motivates me more and gives so much space for me to improve ^^. Here's a gift for y'all~

Are you reading Watashi ni XX Shinasai? Then guess who's this guy? Will you believe me if this HAWT dude with beautiful eyes happens to be Yukina's bestfriend Akira??? What the hell's he been hiding all along with all those bangs he's sporting 4 chapters long!??!! XD. He's such a closet bishie!!! Gah, I love him~ Gotta love him more than the other guy actually, who's pretty boring acting all "perfect" and stuff. Meh~ Hehe. But I'm honestly not rooting for Akira x Yukina though.... Because he's only saved for us!!! Bwahahaha~!!!! *SHOT*

[update ~ I changed Akira's outfit color to a darker one and changed the skin tone a bit 'coz I found him looking quite a bit too pale before ^^] Original: [link]

Thank you very much to Xiao-chan for the RAWs [link]

Manga: Watashi ni XX Shinasai!/ Please Do XX To Me!!
Mangaka/Original Line-art: Ema Tooyama
Character: Akira
Colour: Moi <3

Please visit my Manga Digest post where this is featured: [link]
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MDufruitStudent General Artist
Akiraaaaaaaaa !!! OMG I love him ^^ Amazing work :)
AnimeFreaks360's avatar
AnimeFreaks360Hobbyist Writer
so HOT
iceceam1234's avatar
iceceam1234Hobbyist General Artist
I love him. That is all. He's just nicer than Shigure, and if he ends up with Mami I'll probably kill someone XD
hollagirl98's avatar
Amazing... :)
Mayuangel1's avatar
Akira is just 2 sexi for his shirt! XD lol plus he looks better wit blue eyes :3
Xxunknown227xX's avatar
Xxunknown227xXStudent Traditional Artist
-----------------> enough said :)
heartbeatxP's avatar
he is awesomeee!i love it!<33so cute!
Emilee0The0Strange's avatar
Emilee0The0StrangeStudent Traditional Artist
*droll* <3_<3 sooo kool x3
chesire-n-wonderland's avatar
chesire-n-wonderlandStudent Traditional Artist
hmm i've read lots of manga so far-but i seriously think once i saw this guy's eyes,
i was love struck.

u did great job coloring him btw.
and yes i just started reading the today xD
Ninyo-chan's avatar
So cu~te! Though I must say I've loved Akira from the very start.. is that weird? xD
vampiregurl677's avatar
at first i thought he wasnt good lookin lol! but i was wrong! >///< KYAAAA! xD
IamOwezam's avatar
i read that manga.. and yeah.. so hot :drool:
KiaruIshkarTenshi's avatar
Best friend? I thought he was her cousin ^^; either way, awesome coloring. You made Akira look even hotter, haha!! Love his hair!
CarolineBezarius's avatar
KYAAAAAA!!!! que kawaiii esta!!!!!!! me encanta *w* y ahora conosco los verdaderos colores de cabello y eso xD me encanto tu coloreado >w<
TamaHaruu's avatar
Nice coloring >w< Akira looks so much better showing his eyes :love:
blossomgirl101's avatar
OMG!! It looks so pretty! :] I love his eyes (I honestly hope it really is that color).

Lol so true! Why hide behind his food all the time? xD Show it off!~ But Akira is my second favorite character, but like you, I'm not much of a Yukina x Akira supporter.
fiercie's avatar
Thanks~ <3. I also hope. Darn, we need an official colored splash page for Akira XD.

Akira's probably my second favorite character as well, first being Yukina and third being... Kitami. Well lol, who else xDD. And yep~ Me ish more of a Kitami x Yukina though~.
AzuraMizuiro's avatar
Kakkoi! *_* Love the colors! <333333333
fiercie's avatar
Thank you <33
zetsubou-buster's avatar
Congrats (*-*)9!!
I love the way you colored it <3 And the hair was probably hard to color (the hair ends >.<!) Great work :3
fiercie's avatar
Thanks shuuu <33
Yeah ;__; the hair was quite hard though, the strands are just stubborn xD... but I hope it looked alright. Did it?
Thanks again ^.^
zetsubou-buster's avatar
It did, it did (^3^) ♥
pielover89's avatar
Oh my God! That just looks HAWT! Hell lot hotter than the black and white version. You do such a good job coloring these.
fiercie's avatar
Thank you very much ^^. Akira's just HAWT, right? *__*
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