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Karneval: Gareki x Yogi

By fiercie
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Me wants Karneval yaoi! Shoot me now~! XDDD

Bwahahahaha~ blame extreme boredom that I did this coloring. Argh~ I'm feeling really naughty today so I made a new Karneval coloring but this time, it's totally misleading XD. For my yaoi fangirl bbs~ XD

Oooh~ You curious to see it now? XD Haha... It's not a doujin though, it's from the real manga. Yes, original line-art goes to its manga-ka [Mikanagi Touya]. I only did the coloring and added a censoring in that part O___O, which isn't real (haha I just edited it XD). I still put up a warning though, just to be safe with everyone.

Guess who's the uke for today? XDD. And hmm~ I wonder where Nai is when all these are happening? XD.

Anywa, I uploaded the clean version now: [link]
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Bunnelly-Ouji's avatar
Awesome ~~
nayo-niisan's avatar
nayo-niisanStudent Artisan Crafter
hahaha!!! at the begining i didnt saw anything wrong but then~ i laughed so hard!!!
WingedMajesty's avatar
WingedMajestyStudent Interface Designer
looks great XD
Orulyon's avatar
omg, LOL, love it~ Gareki x Yogi OTP;D
Birtheharentissemand's avatar
tissemand means dick :)
ImaginaryGirl10722's avatar
ImaginaryGirl10722Hobbyist General Artist
XD It makes me hope that there are doujinshi for these two out there.
ilybear's avatar
i see what you did thar. ;D
awsome job!
Shuusuke's avatar
ShuusukeHobbyist Digital Artist
LOLL. Brilliant xD
Thing is, I thought they were a little close when reading this part too.. THEY WERE ASKING FOR IT :la:
Fuugen's avatar
FuugenHobbyist Digital Artist
omnom °3° I love this lol xD

It'd be even better with a blushing Gareki kyun
HopelessOsaka's avatar
FFF I came across the clean one first, and then saw the word "NAUGHTY," clicked its link six thousand times, and was blinded. So, uh, yeah.

Chanuchi's avatar
ChanuchiStudent Digital Artist
omg soo awesome :heart:
they're both so hawt ! :D
would be the cutest couple EVER xD
TaigerLily's avatar
Poor Nai would be so upset if he saw this! lol
fiercie's avatar
Lawl~ Lesson learned for Nai to never leave Gareki alone XD.
kisaki-akizuki's avatar
kisaki-akizukiStudent General Artist
This is LOL. I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with it if it weren't for the pixelated part. *pfft... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
fiercie's avatar
Haha yep~ It's like you scroll down until you get to see something wrong in the picture XD.
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