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Karneval: Gareki x Yogi



Me wants Karneval yaoi! Shoot me now~! XDDD

Bwahahahaha~ blame extreme boredom that I did this coloring. Argh~ I'm feeling really naughty today so I made a new Karneval coloring but this time, it's totally misleading XD. For my yaoi fangirl bbs~ XD

Oooh~ You curious to see it now? XD Haha... It's not a doujin though, it's from the real manga. Yes, original line-art goes to its manga-ka [Mikanagi Touya]. I only did the coloring and added a censoring in that part O___O, which isn't real (haha I just edited it XD). I still put up a warning though, just to be safe with everyone.

Guess who's the uke for today? XDD. And hmm~ I wonder where Nai is when all these are happening? XD.

Anywa, I uploaded the clean version now: [link]
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