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Karneval: Gareki x Nai



[Karneval: Mangaka/Orig Lineart - Mikanagi Touya]
Colored it out of boredom~ Lol.
This is from the Omake right after chapter 12. If you haven't read it yet, gogogo read it now! Lulz XD.

We have Gareki and Nai here going all lovey dovey-err... I mean hungry for food so Gareki had to steal, but Nai came in handy for using his "moe-moe-kyun" powers to distract the two. And yes~ "Mission Successful" for both of them XD.

UGH GAREKI YOU SMEXY BASTARD THIEF! *hands all of my jewelries for Gareki-kun* lolz.

Also, I kinda wonder what fruit Gareki's holding, lol I have no idea~ So I just thought of something really random and thought of it as a mango (haha XD) so I colored it yellow XD. Oh god please name that fruit! XD. (or is that even a fruit? O.o)

Ramblings aside, I hope you like it ^^. I really had fun coloring it this time, and I'm kinda celebrating as well because my internet connection is back being fast (I hope everyone in Asia as well). Please comment and faves will be totally appreciated <3


Manga Digest 08/14 ~ [link]
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