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Karneval: Gareki + Nai

By fiercie
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Yeah, b*tch is finally here~!!! *pops confetti*

I think I should introduce first, I'm also known as "Kanzeon" from METANORN, an animanga-whatever-goes-blog. Well as you can see, this is my first post here, and I'm still a newbie when it comes with this place so please take care of me >__<!!! And oh, why did I have "fiercie" as my deviant-name? "Kanzeon" was taken, "Kanzie"(my nick) also had been taken, so I suffered by thinking of a new name in here, and I ended up using "fiercie". Because I'm so hell damn fierce~! XD.

Moving on, here's my very very first post as a "deviant". It's not actually the first manga coloring I did, probably my third? Yeah~ third. I'll post the old ones later.

And I'm featuring Karneval [Original Lineart © MIKANAGI Touya]. OMG I'm totally hooked with this manga right now. And since it's really boringly-boring, I just thought of doing something, and that's coloring this adorable page of my OTP, Gareki and Nai~<3. Took me almost an hour and a half (stupid sundae because that's the part that took me so long~ XD). I'm STILL learning though, so please go easy on me with the comments there, lol.

Hope you'll love it <3

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Samy-ConsuProfessional General Artist
really cute!!
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ilovesebby7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it! Nai and Gareki are sooo cute!
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Zilch216Professional Digital Artist
nai-kun!! ><
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TrigramSeal-TriforceStudent Writer
Karneval is like the 800+th manga on mangafox... T.T i mean i know the main character can't fight, but the artist makes up for it with an amazing storyline!!
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nayo-niisanStudent Artisan Crafter
wa~~~ very nice job coloring it i want you to do more pizzzz!!!!!
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CheshaNeko98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im reading Karneval chapter 27 now and Gareki is my favorite :D gyaaa >.< gareki~
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awesome!!! x3
i luv karneval but not a lot of ppl read it...T^T

gareki~ :iconinloveplz:
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*Points at Gareki* Can I keep 'im!?
The coloring is so pwetty *o*
Infinity-Unchained's avatar
Yay for sundae 8D Great job coloring xD
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lysenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work, I just started the manga yesterday. :D
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I was going to colour this page! I don't think I'll bother now, yours is so good!
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Thank you ^^. Aww~ not really I wanna see your too ^^.
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kisaki-akizukiStudent General Artist
Gareki freezes my brain over. @_@
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Thanks ^.^
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fateavernicusHobbyist Traditional Artist
... um is that the one from the mangafox site?
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The manga? Yes ^^. It can be found on Mangafox =)
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