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Frau x Teito: 'Damn Brat'

By fiercie
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Don't leave me and go off your own, damn brat.
>> Haha~ Frau just can't help but always be there everytime that "damn brat" needs help huh? <3

And yup~ They're my true-blue 07-Ghost OTP forever since Mikage x Teito and Castor x Razette (don't worry I kinda like Hakuren x Teito as well ;P). But most of all, I just LOVE Frau x Teito <333!!! Just enough words, I can't wait for episode 16 because that part of the manga just made it so official between them <3. Kyaa :love:

This coloring was done not too long ago but I was still practicing back then. It's also kinda challenging for me too as a starter. So yeah T__T it looks kinda messy so sorry for that~. But I hope you like Frau x Teito <3. Original lineart by the mangaka btw, Ichihara Yukino.
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this anime is ...?

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RhuwksHobbyist General Artist
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Oh god Frau XD
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MystifiedHopeHobbyist Writer
I really love this
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So full of love~
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IstoquataHobbyist General Artist
it is really good and so cute, in werid king of way... :)
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sidana27Student Artist
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AGRRRR! Love frau! >__< <3
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That scene was so... so... so damn cute!
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OMG i am a huge TeitoxFrau fan!! so much that it really bugs me that its not real haha. im on a mission for as much fanart as i can find, and i LOVE this!! ^^ keep it up!
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I love this art, good job.
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...what happened?
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Was this an actual part of the comic books?
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Damn brat...
But it fits to Teito... somehow :XD:
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lealinStudent Digital Artist
What chapter this scene from?

Sorry for my bad english xD
great coloring^^
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It's in chapter 39... well, the first 'chapter 39' since there's two called '39'... =/
I love this scene ^^
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lealinStudent Digital Artist
Thanks X3 :hug:
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MontenkoProfessional Digital Artist
Ohz, cute! (Jeez, I'm z'ing way too much…)
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This picture is great!...but Frau made me start saying his "nickname" for Teito on a regular basis (despite it being a curse word! AND I NORMALLY DO NOT CURSE!!!)!
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StrangeOnionStudent Traditional Artist
Oh,so sweeeet. I love the couple!
Do you remember when Frau says to Teito that he will feel relieved if he smiles?
And Teito tries to...owww...
Good colouring!
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