Legend of Zelda: The Unexpected Hero, Chapter 13

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(Chapter 13)

Link rushed into the arena with an air of pride and confidence leading him in an artful display of acrobatics to get the crowd whipped into a frenzy. It worked better than he expected as he drew his new set of weaponry provided by Ruju. The audience roared as he posed dramatically, holding his blade out to the side with his shield tucked in close. He had planned to face his opponent next, but he quickly found that he was not there yet. Suddenly Link found his form circled by a bird shaped shadow that flew over his head as a few feathers fell around him. He quickly looked up to find that his next opponent was above him, rounding him like a predator, before slowly making his descent, landing across from the young man with his wings folded against his chest. Link noticed the glare in his eyes as he fixed his sights on the young man. ‘He must be the archer Levin lost to.’ He assumed as he noticed his specially designed bow, as well as his dual quiver of arrows. ‘Wait, he’s the guy that gave me advice earlier.’ He noticed as he got a better look at him.

“I hope you’ve been doing your research.” Falcon stated as he unfolded his wings and drew his bow. “Because I’ve been doing mine.” He added as he pointed to Link threateningly.

“We’ll see!” Link replied as he pointed his sword at Falcon, before swinging it to the side fiercely.

It was at this point the young boy took notice of the unique design of Falcon’s bow, as it had a blade running down the lower half of the body, while the upper half held a grip. If he had to assume, it was purposely modded like this to function as a sword in close quarters combat. ‘Clever craftsmanship.’ He admitted to himself.

“Things are getting Fierce now folks, we’re almost to the pinnacle of the tournament, and things will only get better from here!” The announcer declared as the stadium practically shook with cheers and applause. “Now let’s get to those rules,” She said before sighing in annoyance. “Okay look, how many times have I gone over these? We all know the rules, No killing, we already know it will get you arrested, as we’ve seen. The potions we have are for emergencies, and you only use weapons you registered, now let’s get to the fun stuff!” She said, getting everyone cheering again. “Are the combatants ready?”

Link and Falcon nodded as they took up their battle stance. “Then let’s get this party started!”

“Begin!” Link and Falcon said as they charged one another.

Link swiftly brought his sword down in a slashing motion, but it was blocked by Falcon’s bow as he swung it upward to counter the attack. “Not good enough!” He said as he performed a roundhouse kick; missing by mere centimeters with his talons, he followed it up with a sweeping kick, which Link dodged as well with a backroll. When he recovered back into his battle stance, he found that Falcon had perched himself on a stone pillar with his bow at the ready. “You’re fast, but how agile are you?”

Link quickly brought up his shield as he deflected Falcon’s first barrage of arrows. He ducked behind the nearest pillar as the next barrage flew past, barely missing him. “I gotta break his bow or get his arrows.” He told himself as he peeked from the sides. ‘Wait, where did he go?’ He wonders as he found no sign of his opponent.

Link then noticed the ominous predator’s shadow flew over him. ‘Oh, right.’ He added with a groan as he quickly rolled to the side to dodge Falcon’s shots. “Wait, you can fly and shoot at the same time?!” He shouted as he noticed the Rito archer flying with his wings and shooting with his taloned feet.

“Of course, I’ve developed this style myself and perfected it, making me the ultimate arial warrior!” He declared as he quickly knocked a couple more arrows. “You can’t hide from me; I rule the sky!”

“We’ll see about that!” He replied as he sliced the oncoming arrows out of the air. ‘He’ll have to run out of arrows sooner or later.’ He said as he blocked a few more shots.

“I can see you’re waiting for me to empty my quivers just like your brother did, but you better forget it, they’re magically designed to hold a vast quantity, as well as a multitude of types, you’ll run out of stamina long before I run out of arrows!” He said as he watched Link dodge, block, and slice his shots. “Well you seem pretty capable of dodging and deflecting, but how good is your judgment?” He questioned as he fired an arrow with a yellow glowing tip. Link wasn’t sure what he was planning, so he quickly sliced the arrow it two; but by doing this he realized too late that this yellow glowing arrow was imbued with lightning magics, as he felt a painful surge of electricity ripped through his body, causing him to lock up and drop his weapons as he cried out in pain. “Not so sharp, it would seem.” The Rito said with a disappointed sigh.

Link fell to his knees as he tried to regain the feeling in his hands. ‘What was that?’ He wondered as he clenched both his hands repeatedly. ‘Was this what he used to beat Levin?’

“I was hoping for more of a challenge, but it would seem as if you are no different from your brother.” He said as he landed before the young man. He flipped his bow and took hold of the grip as he placed the blade to Link’s shoulder. “I’ll claim this win and save you from further embarrassment.” He said as he slowly approached the young swordsman. “I hope you’ll learn from your mistakes, and better yourself in the future.” He said as he brought the point to Link’s shoulder, ready to claim victory.

It seemed as if Link was about to lose, but right before the announcer was about to proclaim Falcon the winner, the young noble had vanished from sight. “What, where did he go?” The archer demanded as he looked around to find his opponent.

Link took this moment to grab Falcon from behind and suplexed him. “Learn from this!” He said as he tossed his opponent before moving to recover his weapons. By the time he faced the Rito archer again the young feathered warrior had already had his bow drawn and multiple arrows ready to fire, only this time he was using his wings instead of his talons.

“Time to get serious!” Falcon said as he let loose his barrage on Link, but his spread shot missed as Link vanished once again. “Damn it, he teleported again!”

Link re-appeared behind a pillar, but this time he was panting. ‘I can’t keep this up, I’ll tire myself out if I keep teleporting around; especially if it keeps happening on impulse.’ He told himself, as he still hadn’t figured out how he was doing it, other than wanting to will himself out of dangerous situations. ‘It’s only a matter of time before he takes to the air again.’

As if on cue, Falcon had rocketed back into the sky and was looking for Link once more. Which didn’t take him long as the terrain wasn’t as accommodating for him from above. “I hope you are ready for things to get explosive!” He said as he knocked an arrow with a sparking fuse on the side.

“Uh-oh!” Link said as he started running, the arrow landing behind him and exploding on impact.

“Time Out!” The announcer shouted into her amplification stone. “Hold it right there!” She said as she magically summoned a book to her hand. “It is written in the rule books that explosive arrows are expressly prohibited!” She said as she held it up, the text magically appearing in the air for all to see.

“I am aware of this,” Falcon stated as he floated before her. “My arrows are modified to be less harmful, they’re practically mini fireworks.” He explained as he held one out for her to see. “I can assure you I was given approval to use them.”

“Well, if they were cleared by the staff, then I guess I will have to allow them.” She stated as she signaled for the match to continue.

Link sighed inwardly at this. ‘So close.’ He thought as he watched Falcon take back to the air from behind a pillar. ‘I guess it’s time to use a secret art!’ He decided as he formulated a plan. He had a few to choose from, but he knew which one he needed.

Falcon continued firing shot after shot at the young hero, trying to wear him down, so that he could take him out effortlessly. Yet Link had other plans, as he threw his shield at the airborne enemy. Falcon artfully dodged the shield, but in a flash, Link was next to him, grabbing one of his winged arms, twisting it into a hold as they plummeted to the ground. He then separated from the archer just before hitting the ground and landing skillfully on his feet; at this point he readied his finishing move. “Time to finish this!”

Link held up his sword, having it let out a glowing light as he charged at Falcon, who was attempting to counter with his bow, only to find that the draw string had snapped. Link quickly thrust his sword forward, just short of his target; his blade released an explosive green aura that left the archer staggering; this was swiftly followed by Link holding up his sword again, a noticeable sheen running up the blade, he then followed this up with a powerful spin attack that again, fell short of reaching the Rito, yet the force of the attack had damaged him. This was then ended with Link swinging his sword with multiple powerful attacks; all of which hit his opponent with waves of power. “Secret Art: Tri Ender!” Link shouted as he finished with a mighty thrust, sending Falcon crashing into a pillar, knocking him out cold.

“Incredible!” The announcer declared in awe as the crowd cheers filled the arena. After the ten count had concluded, Link let out a sigh of relief as he fell to his knees.

‘I did it, I won!’ He told himself as he dropped his sword, panting hard. “Take That Falcon!” He said aloud as he leaned back to rest on his hands, his face basking in the light of the sun, now filtering through a layer of clouds.

“Nice job, little hero.” He heard the announcer say as she pressed a chilled bottle against his cheek. The contents were blue in color, but the cool feel of the glass was very inviting. “You must be proud to beat a warrior your brother lost to, huh?”

“Yeah, he was tough.” Link replied before uncorking the bottle and drinking its contents. He got in two gulps before the taste was acknowledged, he choked momentarily before trying to spit it out and clean off his tongue. “Gross, what is this?” He asked as he examined the bottle more closely.

“Chu jelly of course!” She replied with a smile. “It’s the rare blue chu jelly too, only reserved for the elites!” She explained before walking over to Falcon and opening his beak to pour the potion into it. His reaction was not too approving either.

After hacking and coughing what he could get out, he turned to the announcer with a glare. “What putrid slime are you forcing down my throat woman?” He demanded to know as Link got to his feet, feeling remarkably revitalized, as if he had just finished bathing in the fairy’s fountain, although it was not as nice.

He took this time to slip away, as the stadium announcer smacked the Rito archer over the head with her book for his unpleasant behavior. Once Link was safely out of sight of the crowd, he took a deep breath as he held out his trembling hands. ‘Wow, I’m still buzzing from that match, I thought I was going to lose.’ He thought to himself before he looked around, he quickly noticed that there were far less individuals in the staging area now; hardly any at this point. “I’ll go meet up with Ruto and Ruju,” He told himself as he placed his gear on his back, before heading out. “Beats standing around here waiting for my next match. Plus I need to get that horrible taste out of my mouth.” He added as he tried scraping off his tongue again:

Finally got to Chapter 13, Sadly I am way too swamped with my job to do much writing. Unlike others who are stuck at home because of the virus, I am actually at work more often. I'm tired. T-T
But hey, the pay is boss! XD
Anyway, please enjoy! I plan to revise some of my previous chapters eventually, as I keep altering minor bits.
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