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What? Of course I'm strong!


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What? Of course I'm strong!


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What? Of course I'm strong!

Fate Apocrypha - Knight of Rebellion

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It seems you still will not let me hide my face...

Fate Grand Order - Queen of the Land of Shadows

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Even an alchemist needs some sleep...

Genshin Impact - Researcher of Alchemy

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Are you waiting for me?

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - The grave keeper

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Chaldea Master Candidate - Ophelia

Fate Grand Order - We are number 1

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Santa preparing for Christmas :)

Fate Grand Order - Merry Christmas

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The world is as beautiful as the ends of the world

Fate Grand Order - Camelot

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I'm happy if you are happy, Master!

Fate Grand Order - Princess of Knights

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You don't need to be nervous, I'm here for you!

Fate Grand Order - Cheer for Master

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Sooo, you want to know all of my secrets?

Fate Extra - Welcome to the Moon Cell

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Don't worry, Master. I'll be here...

Fate Grand Order - Ewig war ich, ewig bin ich

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I'm gonna go my own way...[Mordred]

Mordred - Design by Shirow Miwa

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Happy Easter!

Fate Grand Order - Bunnytoria and Casi-Mo

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Do not forget. You serve me!

Fate Grand Order - Scathach-Skadi

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It takes only one smile and they fall in love...

Fate Grand Order - Queen Medb

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Your dependabe Fox Shrine Maiden has descended!

Fate Extra CCC - Fox Shrine Maiden

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Welcome to the Garden of Sinners...

Kara no Kyoukai - Shiki and Mikiya

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Behind closed doors...

Fate Apocrypha - Berserker of Black

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I like the color black, too. Don't I look good?

Fate Grand Order - Beach Queens

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Enjoying the sunshine :) [Mordred - Fate]

Fate Apocrypha and FGO - Mordred and MHX

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Heartseekers [LoL]

League of Legends - Heartseeker Ashe and Quinn

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If you like, I will show you around!

Summer Time - Fate Grand Order

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Time to summon the strongest Servant!

Fate Stay Night - Artoria and Rin

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Black and White [Aion]


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Always keep smiling [RWBYjama]


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Princess Anju (A-Rise/LoveLive!)


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We're the law!

Officer Vi x Officer Caitlyn - League of Legends

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Lighting the way!

Katarina and Lux - League of Legends

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AhrixNidalee - League of Legends

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Rinoa - Final Fantasy VIII

Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII

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Shizuma and Nagisa - Strawberry Panic

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SlayBelle Katarina und CandyCane Miss Fortune

SlayBelle Katarina and CandyCane Miss Fortune

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Morrigan - Witch of the Wilds

Morrigan - Dragon Age Origins

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RyukoxSatsuki - Kill la Kill

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I will follow but one king!


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