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Reminiscing about the past...

I totally am in love this photo of me as Mordred :) I hope I'm able to portray her well :) Although most people only see her rage and anger, she does have also a really soft side (at least in my pov) and I just tried to show this :)
I really do love Mordred from the bottom of my heart (my cute rageball) and I'm totally looking forward to have more cosplays of her :)

Hope you like this representation, too :)

Peachy as Mordred Pendragon (Fate Apocrypha)

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So what you reminiscing about? :P
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Well, about the past...and probably about the capacities of a good king...
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*giggles * makes sense. But yes you really got the pose, cosplay, AND the feel of the title perfectly.
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Aww, thank you so much. I was really afraid to cosplay Mordred...'cause I really love the character and her story and everything...kinda had high expectations for myself...but I'm glad you think it turned out fine :)
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Tch high expectations? You seem to beat mine every time. Idk if i have enough glass to keep replacing what you break.
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Aww, that is kind of you to say ;) So thanks a lot for encouraging me. I'm really looking forward to have her other outfits, too ;)
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