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Character  Frankenstein
Peachy as Frankenstein from Fate Apocrypha

Costume made by us.


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Sometimes its really gets hard to describe the sheer gravity of how wonderful a work is in words and this is those sometimes indeed. Although I find myself at loss witnessing such an amazing work of art but I'll still try to explain why i find it wonderful and that I am not going empty praises ..

For me cosplay is an art that is very hard to pull and many fail at it, for me its not about glamour, putting on costumes and looking pretty but about reliving the chracter that is being cosplayed so I judge cosplays are these point

1- Make up

2- Composition


4- Model being in character ( the most important)

so first I must say the makeup artsist has doena wonderful job and I dont find any a miss at here so I give full points this..

now to composition , really amazing the background, the angle, the lighting and the pose the model is striking is simply amazing , I have seen photographers go really wrong with this many a times, its important to be original but you should not try to be so original as to devaite from the character itself. The photographer has done an amzing job here. Full marks

Costume is simply perfect who ever did this dervers a stading ovation, really amazing although costumes are one thing that should be easily replicated but still many a times I have people seem to mess it up but here no problems greate job

and Finally model being i character , this is most important in my opinion because this is what cosplaying is all about portraying the character and model seem to have doon a really good job here. Frakenstien was one of my favored servant because of how she conveyed her emotions while being quiet, she sayed nothing but was most loud in her emotions and teh model seem to have captured the very essence of her character.. AWESOME

All in all this is a phenominal display of art , I hope i was able to somewhat describe why this piece is such a fine piece of art and I can only hope that because I am sure i was not able to put the gravity of this work in my words.

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Thank you so much! We really do appreciate your kind words and we are glad that you like our work :) Thank you so much for the effort you put into this critique! <3

What I like is the young woman with a white dress and a unicorn head. I feel that the dress is magical on her person and extends her beauty to a location in a bench of happiness. She is riding a horse unseen to a destination beyond where we are in a sense of a horn being put in her head.

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good job(๑•̀ •́)و✧

This one is sooooo good! :D

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Thank you so much :) We're glad you like it :)

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