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My Sister's Secrets
In which events are set into motion no one was prepared for.
   Sitting in a hot, sweaty, musk-smelling auditorium audience as my sister addressed us wasn’t the most embarrassing point in my life.  It was the moment half-way through my sister’s speech that I realized she was one-hundred percent willing to go through with this, and that everyone seemed to agree. It was the moment my sister needed my support, and I slid down in my seat, hoping nobody realized that she and I were related. I’m getting ahead of myself. The reason I slid down in my seat was that on April twenty-third, nineteen fifty-one, my sister Barbara Rose Johns, led a walkout at Robert Russa Moton High School and it set off a storm greater than any of us had seen before.
   This idea of her’s started way before that day, probably when the school board didn’t want to integrate the two schools in Prince Edward County, one being the all white Prince Edward School, an
:icondomaex:Domaex 23 19
Jurassic Park for MONDO by shoomlah Jurassic Park for MONDO :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 2,402 67 SC57: Don't Touch her  [+Speedpaint] by Qsan90 SC57: Don't Touch her [+Speedpaint] :iconqsan90:Qsan90 261 33 Dragon and Phoenix by lilsuika Dragon and Phoenix :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 401 12 Reach for the Stars by Shamanguli Reach for the Stars :iconshamanguli:Shamanguli 797 22 To be human... by Kaze-Hime To be human... :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 2,523 91
I've noticed by reading comments on a lot of webcomics that when it comes to writing, people are overly concerned about clichés and making their characters extremely unique and original. 
While, yes, it is good to try to write a unique and original story - it is also a grievous limitation to try to avoid clichés at all costs. In fact, it's impossible. You're not going to write a completely original story. You can't. 
Now, I'm no writing guru, but I do know that being worried about this is a beginning writer's mistake. I know it because I was there once, too. 
You can write an excellent story using nothing but clichés and stereotypes. It IS possible. I mean, have you ever thought about how many stereotypes are in Shakespeare? And I hear he's considered to be pretty good :D In fact, Shakespeare never wrote an original play. All of them were based off of other stories from other writers before him. It was how he handled these preconceived ideas that was so br
:iconsummer-peaches:Summer-Peaches 14 25
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The Snow Returns Again
The view behind me while traveling to work on a wood-lined dirt road. The weather in my area has been changing drastically for some time, this year. It snows an inch or more and the temperature drops to zero, then it warms up and melts in a matter of a few days, or less. A strange spring, to be sure. At least it's beautiful to look at and the mud is fun to drive through!
Looking Back
The sunrise behind me, while traveling to work on a wood-lined dirt road.
The Flying Toast Guy
My youngest son wanted toast with cream cheese. Then it had to have a face, so I spread on some raspberry jam. Then it needed wings. String cheese for those. Next came fudge striped cookie ears. Last he insisted it have arms and legs. Jello, anybody? Kids have the best imaginations!
Cookies for Santa
From my great grandmother's recipe. I used cookie cutters I bought from The Bavarian Inn of Frankenmuth Michigan a few years ago and painted them a little, instead of using frosting. Santa loved them.
Winter Pine
It was snowing quite a lot in my area. The scenery was so lovely that I couldn't resist photographing some of it. This particular tree is in my side yard.
Every day people have a drink... Or 2... Or more... Then they climb into their vehicle and think "I'm okay to drive." "I've driven like this before." "I know what I'm doing." "It'll never happen to me." "I've never been caught." "Everybody does it." Or whatever their excuse is... Then they wind up killing someone, or several someones, and altering everyone's lives... Stupid. My aunt and uncle are in critical condition right now because of someone choosing to drink and drive. It sucks. The dummy walked away, too. That's always how it works, too. Their body is so relaxed and their reaction time so delayed, that they just go with the flow in an accident.
What's really pathetic? My uncle does it, too. His siblings do it, habitually. My father-in-law... Sister-in-law... They all think "I'm okay to drive" and stick their keys into the ignition...
Murphy's Law, people!
Now they're badmouthing the person who injured my aunt and uncle...
Does that sound right?
All dummies.
They all wonder why I don't drink. They're always making fun of me or talking about how stuck-up I am not to drink with them. Cause, you know, you can't have a good time unless everyone is drinking...
I'm done ranting, now.


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United States
A married mother of 1, I love art in all forms, although I'm not exactly good at it. I read a wide variety of things and have a great appreciation for the creativity of anime. (In other words, I'm a pathetic old lady who watches a lot of cartoons!) I do a little quilting and minimal scrapbooking as well as decorate cakes for Birthday gifts.


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