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Cthulhu nightmares. Cthulhu 1790.

Featured in Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition RPG
Chapter 10
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Utterly alien... incredible!!
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Cthanku 😄 I wanted to do something a bit different where his actual form is a little uncertain. If that’s his head what’s the rest of him like 😄😄
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It's the colossal eye here that creeps me out the most. And I love the grayscale of this picture!
Wow, that's impressive. I like the whole scene with the ship and the massive Cthulhu. It also has a Gothic feel to it, very fitting to H.P. Lovecraft's stories.
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I've not seen a Cthulhu like this before.  I approve.
Very interesting look!
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Calls images of Songbird of Bioshock Infinite. A fantastically unique take, awesome work.
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I was about to say that when I read your comment. Great minds think alike I suppose.
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This is a very original vision of Cthulhu and set in the 1700s?! VERY COOL. I love this. Great work.
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My Cthulhu those puns.
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I forgot, I was going to ask about the strange cluster of pixels near the bottom left.  Is that some part of the wave, or something that's not supposed to be there?
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Artistic flair my friend . Thats my excuse. Keep it loose. Keep it loose. 

I haven't got a clue what it is hehe
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This is one of the best depictions of Cthulhu I've ever seen, both in design and execution.  It looks recognizable as Cthulhu yet also very different from the standard form.  It looks like something you'd see in Blue Planet.  The transparent tentacles are a nice touch.  The sepia-tone is an odd choice for a composition like this, but it adds to the eerie atmosphere.  This might sound strange, but one of the things that impresses me most is the ship.  It's very detailed and lit in a lifelike manner.  When I first saw this, I though you had taken the ship and possibly the waves from a stock photo and shopped on the rest, but it looks like you painted every single element from scratch.  This realism really adds to the impact of the painting.
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Cthanks. The ship is taken from a photo. But nothing remains of it. It was just a low res image i found on google. It wasn't  terribly detailed. I just used it to get the angles of the masts and painted everything over it. It was a handy reference. The painting actually started with a 1920s steam yacht like the one in the book but at the last minute i decided on an earlier vessel to be a bit different . The waves are just made up from imagination. I didn't use any reference for them so it keeps them a little nightmarish and oily. 
Cthulhu is real though. :) getting him to pose is a problem I can tell you..
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Hi. I run a magazine called Surreal Grotesque and for October we are doing a tribute to Lovecraft issue. I love your art and I was wondering if you would let us use some of your pictures for that issue. All credit would remain with you and I could run a small bio. You can see the magazine here: We are legit and also have a book on Amazon called: Aliens, Sex and Sociopaths. Unfortunately I can’t pay for art right now, all I can offer is exposure, we do have over 1000 fans on Facebook. Thank you for your time. Let me know what you think or email me at

I am doing a Lovecraft creature specific gallery with creatures like Cthulhu, Dagon, etc. 
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Hiya. Thanks for the compliment. that would be cool. Just use whatever pictures you like. We need to make the public aware of the horrors lurking on the threshold. :)
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Awesome!!! Can I order this as a print?
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