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MLP MRW 03: How much cuter can you get

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A lately 3rd page for MLP "Meets Real World". Yep! Again Fluttershy... why have I so much gag ideas for her!!!

Here I updated a little my rendering: lines have been done with PaintoolSAI, colors and effects with Photoshop CS5.

And for the pleasure, panel 4 without text here: ->Meow :3 <-


strip 01: Similarities
strip 02: Adaptation
strip 04: Going ballooney

Russian versions are also available HERE!  Thanks to :iconvedont: for his superb work!


Thanks to :iconransurround: for her great job on translation!
And thanks to :iconbharb: for his help on script!

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Reminds me of that gnome puking rainbows. GIF Gravity Falls - Rainbow Puke 
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You have to release an individual picture for the 5th panel.
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LummhHobbyist Writer
Waaah ! This is really awesome!!
FidzFox's avatar
FidzFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
This... is... awesome!!! I love you so much for having made this! You made my day! :D
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Random idea: Rainbow Dash, her wings failing to work without natural equestrian magic, attempts a jump start with a ramp and scooter. She fails, but runs into Scootaloo. Her Senpai is copying her!
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
quick, someone get this idea to Hasbro. that would be so awesome. i even have an idea how that could happen in Equestria: Scooaloo (from now on just S, its shorter) tells Apple Bloom (AB) that Rainbow Dash (RD) doesnt seem to notice her lately, and AB tells Applejack (AJ). AJ then thinks of something and the next morning, she goes to RD and tells her that RD may be faster when flying, but if she would use a scooer and AJ would run, AJ would win. AB, involved in this plan, makes sure S is close to the route and sees RD as she tries to keep her balance on the scooter, and S is happy. :)
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Looks like Batman is also overworked on this particular night.
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FidzFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
It appears you're right... finely observed! :3
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! Buck Tracy, ya better quit or yer ticker might not survive this case.
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You've got to keep that weapon holstered, 'Shy. You can't just go around letting ti go off willy-nilly.
TigerGeekGuy's avatar
I am so watching you for this!

Great comic!
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All hail the mighty Fluttershy,
Today she overloaded a homeless person, tomorrow the police station, the week after the world leaders, and in a month she will overload the world. (in d'awwws unintentionally)
Will humanity survive this horror or will the equines take over while the remaining humans keep saying d'awwww till their final days?
No one knows. (though the later one might scar Flutershy)
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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
:icondiscordannoyedplz:-"He died as he an alley."
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"Doctor! I think I might be a homosexual!"
"How can you tell?"
*vomits rainbows*
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i appoligize for the following pet peeve alert but....

links in description to previous and next pages ??? 
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FidzFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
For sure ... you're right. I update this immediately even if I have only 3 strips for now. :D
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Danno, book her on a 042; assault with a cutey weapon, as well as a 506; Felony cute and run
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MARoyHobbyist Digital Artist
well itd be a good way to go at least
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Yes that would be a great way to go.
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That's how I wanna go . . .
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do you have a pic of the fouth panal without the text and background?
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FidzFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
I keep the background. It's part of the composition. ^^
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