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Flutter in the sky!

Result of tonight streaming...

OK, alright, I presume it will be a set incoming.
This kind of stuff not take a long time. I can do one in a day ( so like 3-5 hours of work ). I'm pretty happy about that. I'm not a fast drawer at all!

Precedent ones:

Rainbow in the sky!

Twily in the sky!

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The cutest pony in Equestria
I really want to give her a big hug. She's soooooo adorable:3
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she's a cutie..... <3_<3
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Too much cuteness for me... My heart is melting <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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That's some Kenny G-worthy pony right there... [FMA]- Edward Blush 
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Oh, come the fuck on! As if the focus isn't her ass!
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Uhh, yeah. That was the joke.
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What's wrong with you people!
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You should understand that people have different tastes. There are some people Who love and get pleasured by torturing people. Those you should conplain of, instead of people with a pony fetish
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Umm, Ok....... I believe I have the right to think you are a creep. And people who like torturing other people are just as bad! Just like people who abuse animals! Your fucking PONY FETISH is absolutely DISGUSTING!!! IT'S A FUCKING CARTOON HORSE!!!!!!
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What would be disgusting is REAL zoophilia. We're talking about fucking draws, dude. I don't think you criticize people Who like gore, for example.

Think about Pokémon. How many Pokémon porn have you seem this far? I bet tons. Tons and tons. But there's nothing bad about it. Even if some of them are based on ANIMALS. There's nothing bad about it because it's a Fucking Draw. Just like the lolicon. It cannot be pedophilia, as they're not real.

I don't like zoophilia. But I like cute. Ponies are Cute. I don't like humans fucking ponies. I like ponies alone. That's the difference about a fetish and a paraphilia
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Ok, first of all, pokemon porn is just as bad! Porn should ONLY be of HUMAN BEINGS!! NOT ANIMALS!! Unless you're a dog or a horse who figured out how to use the internet, it should ONLY have humans in it.

And second of all, if you see a drawing of animal porn, IT'S STILL PORN!! And people jerk off to porn. Animal porn is DISGUSTING!!! If you didn't jerk off to it, it wouldn't be porn. But, since you probably DO, that makes you sick!!

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We sexualize quasi-anthropomorphized ponies with human minds and overtly feminine qualities because of the fantastical nature and visually simplistic beauty of both the characters and their world.
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How did you do this in 3-5 hours???? This is freaking sweet! I hope I can get this good at digital art, like seriously. 
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I can go twice as high...
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:icontwilight-rapefaceplz: Take a look, it's in a book!
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Book-chew MLP: Rainbow Dash is Unamused  Reeding Ramboooo...
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