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Kid Icarus Uprising Fan Wallpaper

I thought the background on the US Kid Icarus Uprising website was beautiful, so I made a wallpaper out of it. :)

© 2012 Nintendo. © 2012 Sora Ltd. Kid Icarus and Nintendo 3DS are trademarks of Nintendo.
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© 2012 - 2021 fiDumppi
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i love Kid Icarus Uprising
Shiranui425's avatar
You did a great job on this!
Metafaniel's avatar
Thanks a lot for this great HD wallpaper =D I'm really enjoying the game, I didn't thought it will be so high quality, quite enjoyable! Thanks =D
ExKeysi0's avatar
This is simply amazing. Can I use it on my PC?
fiDumppi's avatar
Of course! There is no way for me to stop you, is there? :P
01jdog's avatar
how did you get a picture of that website background?
fiDumppi's avatar
I found the link to the image in the website's source html.
zelc-face's avatar
May I ask how you found the background? I'm looking all over for it right now.
fiDumppi's avatar
Chrome has a great built-in resource viewer. I got it from there.

MegaPatron's avatar
amazing! i cant wait for the game!
LuckyBombCC's avatar
Well that's entering my wallpaper rotation right now :)
Konyuna's avatar
This is beautiful.
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