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May 14, 2009
Texture Pack 1 by ~FidgetResources is just one of the great resources in this small gallery, one to keep an eye on as it can only get better!
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Texture Pack 1

Hi-resolution Texture Pack from a 19th Century book titled 'World of Fashion'. Some of the pages have been coloured but you should still be able to see some of the images that have worn through over the years.

This pack is free to use in your art on and off dA - you don't have to ask permission to use it in commercial products as long as you don't repackage and sell the texture as it is. It must constitute part of a piece of art or commercial product. If you're unsure please contact me and we can discuss :)

It would be lovely to have comments if you download the pack or faves of course ;)

And I would LOVE to see anything that you use the textures in.

Most of all ENJOY!
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Very nice, thank you.

ashes-and-ghost's avatar

These look honestly lovely.

Thank you very much, that's high quality !

awesome textures

Thank you!  These are perfect for my scrapbooking kits!
These are great!  Thank you.
ddm3ck6's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing!!!
wycha's avatar
in 100% view, they're very very grainy pixelated and blurry, like someone tried to make a  big poster from post stamp. 
Is something happened to file, or they're always like that, sorry for asking but thumbnails looks very stunning, and I wish textures also would look amazing too.
Great texures!
JustNatanya's avatar
Geest textures!!
emerald-ang's avatar
Beautiful textures!
lightleviosa's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Nice colors, thank you so much :D!
cereflame's avatar
soft and pleasing to the eye
GinkoKite's avatar
Used here [link] Thank you so much!
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