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1920s Sport Photoshop Brushes

A collection of 1920s sports images - what ho!

These are available for:
Non-commercial use
Commercial use

HOWEVER - I do not want them repackaged and sold on somewhere else. That's not fair. Also don't just plonk one down on a background and sell them on, again, that's not fair considering the work I've put into them.
When I say commercial use, I mean you can add them to a piece of art, website, leaflet, poster etc. or they can be added to cards, atcs, aceos, collages, scrapbooking etc. but NOT to be sold on as an element by themselves.

PLEASE comment or fave if you download and/or use - that would be nice
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Thanks great super cool

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Thanks for these, looking forward to using them for personal use xxx
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gonna use ths. tnx
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Thanks so much, awesome brushes.
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hi there, can i use one image to do a shop banner? please reply me at
thanks for your hardwork!
Hello! I wanted to thank you for the excellent brush and permission for use. I plan on using the 'equestrian' banner-style brush on a website I'm building for my daughter's horse-riding instructor. You can see my initial PSD here:


However, I've extended the brush out (yay for clone stamp tool) to be 1900px wide so it covers the largest resolutions applicable. Anyway, really, this is a great brush set!
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This is very beautiful, but did you do all this?
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I got the images from a book, scanned them in and created the brushes - why?
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Smart idea, tahank you. I was just woundering beacuse it loks so well made and i would like to do something similar and nice for my school. Thank you for your time friend and i hope to see more from you later.
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these are epic! nice work!!!!
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these are epic! nice work!!!!
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looks awesome. How big are they?
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mostly around 1500 - 2500

I always try to do them hi res and large.
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