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Beach Bimbo Ready (Sequence)


Tan Lines? Check.
Firm, Toned body? Check.
Bleached-blonde hair? Check.
Skimpy, Revealing Bikini? Check.
Big, firm titties and plump, dick-pillow lips? Check.
A couple of big-dick frat-boy to keep you full of cock and cum all summer-long? Quadruple check!

Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 > Part 4

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sortimid's avatar

Great job! Love the outfits and expressions!

Fiddlesticks-56's avatar

Hearing that from one of my favorite Bimbofication artists is high praise indeed! Thanks very much, man! Delighted to see you here!

sortimid's avatar

Aww, you're too kind ❤ Keep up the great work!

Psychologist-Roachy's avatar

Excellent fashion choices with this subject

Fiddlesticks-56's avatar

Thanks very much! I had a few "lifeguard" clothing sets lying around, and hit on the idea. Kinda' wish I could have added some lifeguard crosses or something to the bikini on the final look, but I didn't know how to do that at the time.

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kame--genius's avatar

fuck yeah that's how I like my summer

Those tan lines!

Very sexy ❤️

Fiddlesticks-56's avatar

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

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