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Apple Sisters



Well, it's not actually as great as I was hoping (note to self: blue and orange look good together, but they will not mix), but hey - I'm satisfied with this.
.. Especially after livestreaming 7 hours of the process.

Applejack was strongly referenced from the One Bad Apple episode (S3E4). I was actually practicing expressions by copying them from the show, when I saw AJ making this cutesy face. Had to make this.

It's already on tumblr, I'd appreciate it if you didn't repost it! ~

I got in another drawfriend!~ Slot #42.
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A great piece of art. A very cute as well as funny picture.

Everfree-Sea has done a very nice job with the shadows, giving a really nice sense of depth. I am also amazed (and slightly jealous) by the blanket/cloth's detail, especially the folds on the part where Applebloom is under. And Everfree has done an amazing job with Apple Jack, making her look slightly raggedy but still great. And it is with her where the shading effect is at its best (in this picture). I'm guilty or being a huge fan of Seapony's style and technique.

As a fan of Everfree, it is hard to state the "bad" parts of this picture, but I have to stay honest. the first thing is Applebloom, she doesn't look as good as her sister, or maybe her sister looks way to good that A.B. looks slightly plain (with other words A.J. is amazing). And secondly: the background, which has less greatness then the foreground. it could be to make the viewer focus on the centre where everything is going on, but still is a tad boring. at least it is better than a white or no background.
The mediocre points for originality is due to the fact of thousands of other A.J.+A.B. drawings out, let alone millions of MLP:FiM drawings. this may be one that stands (read: REALLY stands out) out of vast sea of MLP:FiM drawings. But it is still one out of a million. Don't get me wrong I love all the fan art, but the amount of it makes it hard find stuff original, or find original stuff...
But this has little to do with the artwork, and I apologize for the rant <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>.
all in all this is a great piece of work, I'd even pay for an A3 formate of it.
And Everfree, you are amazing and you have talent that makes me jealous, but there is still some room for improvement...
Stay artistic my friends!