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Dread Pirate Vriska “Mindfang” Serket was born into a well-to-do but power-hungry family who made their money by capturing young trolls and selling them into slavery. Upon her spider-mother’s death, Vriska took over her airship and expanded her trade. She lost her arm in an airborne dogfight with the Alternian lawmaker, Terezi Pyrope, but used her illicit earnings to purchase a new, mechanical replacement from the hermit blacksmith Equius Zahhak. In addition, he modified her left eye to gain Vision Eightfold and see into all future outcomes. Always up for a good gamble, she wagers her victims’ freedom against the roll over her Flourite Octect. However, it is said she is very lucky, and has never lost a game.

In this universe, steam power (much like nuclear power) was invented during war that destroyed the earth’s surface. Thus, people created great engines to lift islands of arable land into the sky. This resulted in two classes of people: those who live on the sky islands and those who power the steam engines that keep it afloat. Body modification with steam-powered accessories has become the norm to help people survive with their minimal resources.

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SkyPirate!Stuck AU (this one, anyhow) created by Grace Fong, :iconfictograph:
Vriska Serket belongs to Andrew Hussie.
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