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(So before I post the blog, this is a blog post by jayce76 who suggested us accepting blog submissions from others. As I cannot find out how to make that happen naturally, we will be accepting suggestions sent to me or the group in a note, and most likely be making them into blogs. You will be credited (or not, if requested to not be credited for anonymity) naturally.)

Matthew Wood Talks General Grevious & More!

Mark Walters of Big Fan recently nabbed a quick interview at Com-Con with the very nice, Matthew Wood, the top sound designer at Lucasfilm Ltd. Who helped bring many creatures and exotic worlds in the Star Wars Universe to life on the big & small screen. Matthew briefly talks about how he got started in the business and his major contribution to one of Star Wars most fun creatures creations: General Grievous. A character that continues still in the ultra-popular – Clone Wars television series . .


More Ghostbusters #3 News!

So many Ghostbusters updates, so little time, whats a fan too do? In a very exciting bit of news, the always exuberant Dan Aykroyd recently spoke about the continuing development of another GHOSTBUSTERS sequel over the weekend at an appearance to promote his Crystal Head Vodka, telling WIVB, “We’ve got a whole new writing staff working on it now. It’s got to be just perfect. That’s the whole thing. It’s got to be something that knocks our socks off. Like the first film. So there’s really no point in doing it unless it’s . . .

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Could Josh Hartnett Be the Next Daredevil?

It was recently reported from Twitter that the,“Daredevil” reboot director, David Slade, hopes that actor Josh Hartnett will accept the role as, Matt Murdock, aka “Daredevil: the Man without Fear”. Or perhaps that’s just everyone reading way too much into a brief Twitter exchange between Slade and . .

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Is X-Men Sequel Going More Sci-Fi?

With the cast, director, and release date (July 2014) set for the X-Men: First Class sequel, our attention will naturally turn towards where the X-Men and Magneto’s gang are headed this time round. As is the case with these types of scifi / comic films, story details are scarce, but word has hit the net that 20th Century Fox has registering a title for the movie, and it has led to speculation that the sequel will involve alternate timelines and mutant-hunting robots . . .

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More Spidey / Avengers Rumors!

Before Marvel Studios smash hit, The Avengers: Assemble was released back in early May, speculation was running pretty wild that Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man would have some sort of a cameo ( If not a role even? ) in Joss Whedon’s superhero ensemble. Which in the end proved to be totally false, despite someone on the production speaking to the later. However, the actor has now been spotted in downtown L.A. with something leading “Daily Mail Magazine”, to come to the conclusion that he may indeed be . .

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Ant-Man: The Movie Comes Closer To Reality!

For a long time now, it seemed almost improbable that Ant-Man:The Movie ( Not the official title ) was heading into production anytime soon, especially since director Edgar Wright had already announced principle photography would begin on “The World’s End”, his trilogy ending collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, sometime this September. So many would be left thinking that any inkling of hope for an Ant-Man feature would be down the drain, and headed for development hell, as it were . .

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Rick Mccallum Gives Star Wars: Live Action Show Update!

Several months ago, Cinemaroll Magazine reported that the upcoming, live-action series, “Star Wars UnderWorld”, now “Detours”, was on hold for at least three years, due to its overwhelming budget. Producer Rick McCallum now reveals that another challenge facing the show is . .

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Highlander Reboot Gets New Star!

It seems Hollywood’s new Highlander Reboot is now firmly taking shape, after many multiple restarts throughout the 2000’s, it’s finally found it’s leading man, with an actor that many would not expect in the role as the immortal Highlander . .

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Christopher Nolan Talks The End Of Batman!

Christopher Nolan is certainly “THE MAN” in Hollywood right now. And with good reason. His final instalment of his epic Batman Trilogy may make “The Avengers” look like small potatoes when it’s all said & done. He seems to deliver hit after hit, and it doesn’t appear to stop anytime soon. So it’s of no surprise that he was able to tell Warner Bros. to . .

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Arnie Talks Terminator!

Whatever you might personally think of the most recent Terminator installment in the on again, off again franchise,”Terminator Salvation”, there’s no denying that director McG’s return to the world of Skynet pretty much killed the franchise, and it’ll certainly be awhile before we see anything new from the world of Terminator now, and series star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who actually didn’t appear in Salvation (at least not in person), knows why . . .

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Welcome & Rules

Hello everyone~

:bulletpurple: About this group

This is a group for all fantasy and science-fiction lovers.

:bulletpurple: How to join?

First unleash your imagination and the just click "Join our group"on the front page"

:bulletpurple: How to submit art?

:bulletgreen: Just press "Contribute Art" on the front page. Then choose your deviation and submit it to the proper gallery folder.
:bulletgreen: You can submit 3 deviations per day.
:bulletgreen: Do not submit to the feature gallery!

:bulletpurple: What we DO accept:

:bulletgreen: Fantasy related books/TV shows/movies FanArt.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related books/TV shows/movies FanArt.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related books/TV shows/movies FanFiction.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related books/TV shows/movies FanFiction.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related Drawings.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related Drawings.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related Photo-manipulations.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related Photo manipulations.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related Artisan crafts.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related Artisan crafts.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related Photography.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related Photography.
:bulletgreen: Fantasy related Prose.
:bulletgreen: Sci-fi related Prose.

:bulletpurple: What we do NOT accept:

:bulletgreen: Deviations against dA rules.
:bulletgreen: Images of poor quality.
:bulletgreen: Unfinished drawings/sketches.
:bulletgreen: "Twilight" related things. (Sorry, no offense, it's just not the proper group.)

:bulletpurple: If your deviation was declined:

:bulletgreen: Check if it's in the proper folder.
:bulletgreen: Check "What we do not accept".
:bulletgreen: If still you don't see any reason and there's no explicative comment feel free to note us.

:bulletpurple: How to suggest a fave:

:bulletgreen: Go to "Suggest a fave" and choose the deviation you want to suggest. Add it to the proper folders.

If you'd like us to promote your contests, news etc and they are sci-fi and fantasy related feel free to note us.

For any other questions you can sent a notes to forest-goddess and Skorpion66


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Our heroines, the aptly named Longshots, have been tasked with the infiltration of the Onyx Keep and assassination of the reviled King Kaj, but unbeknownst to them an even more dastardly regent has taken his place. Who is this oddly costumed conquerer and how do the three bravest, talented women of Glenhaven defeat and dethrone him? Find out in Planet Threadim Chapter 1.
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