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Penz business card

Just a card done to go with the logos i made yesterday, might change them yet not really 100% about them. But anyways hope you like them. :)

Tools used: Adobe illustrator Cs, Adobe photoshop Cs

Time taken: Maybe an hour.

Faves and comments are welcome as always. :D
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Featured on my website :)
i love the card..damn neat:) im a newbee to PS. Ive always wondered how to achieve clean edges..especially when i move an object from corel draw to PS. The edges are jagged and looks pixellised:(
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nice style, though i'd position the logo + tpyo more to the top left~
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You are probably right, it looks off in the centre.
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It's pretty, but that's about it. There doesn't seem to be much concept behind it which is a key element in a logo's success. Why the choice of colour? Why the shape? What does the shape mean and how does it relate to the role of the company.

The shape resembles a quotation mark, is that deliberate?
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Well firstly thanks for the feedback most people dont leave very detailed feedback so thanks for taking the time to bother. :)

Ok first of all the shape its meant to be a "P" as simple as that I decided to keep the idea of the shape simple so its easy to understand what it is (maybe that didnt work out since you said quotation mark :))

For the colour I decided to go with a nice vibrant green and yellow (something that is warming but not overly warming) I wanted to use nice warm welcoming colours but not be overly welcoming.

Finally as for relating to its meant to portray a modern company (hence the web 2.0 look) but i will agree with you on that it doesnt show that it is a logo for a design/web agency.

But we all learn from our mistakes and I want to thank you again for the great feedback. I will make sure i think everything through in the future even if I'm just try somethings out.
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Phew.. I kind of thought you might bite my head off.. People tend to get precious about their work. We all learn off each other from critiques.

The quotation mark could be a cool motif, I thought. Since a design/web company are all about communicating an idea or message, hence quotation marks. Vodaphone have got that though, unfortunately. The clever bastards.

Sorry if I seemed a bit anal.. I'm partially irked by a lot of designers who churn out funky shapes then add them to companies later, you see a lot of these 'instant logo' companies set up online charging dirt cheap empty logos for $150 which undervalues the importance of branding in the first place since clients get the wrong idea and think it's just a pretty picture. Makes it difficult for someone like me to justify charging 1200 bucks for a logo, which is still a dirt cheap price for a brand identity. ;D
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No worries mate i understand why you were mad. :)
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I wouldn't go so far as to say 'mad', but annoyed. ;D
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The card itself is okay, just the typography is rather lacking. Maybe you should experiment a little more. Use some variation. Make the important things pop out a little, ya know? ;)
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Yeah i know the text isnt great on this design but i really couldnt think of how to place it, maybe i'll fix it up i dunno though. :)
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The color balance is so smooth I love it. I hope they look printed as good as they look now.
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Yeah me too, gonna have all the cards ive designed printed soon i hope. :)
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I like it my friend :)

Just a question. What is the meaning of Penz??
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Thanks bro, not sure if penz means anything just came up with it. :P
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Well. i love the card. but the card content is lacking. its just empty.. id lick to see on the front of the card or the back the company name. And a little bit of More organization.
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i see the company name sorry... It needs to be bigger though so it catches the eye :)
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Cheers mate, gonna edit it tomorrow morning and fix a few things. :)
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Oh I like them very much. Will they all be green or do you think you'll print a third blue and a third red as well?
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Hmm maybe i will im not sure. :P
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Simple but perfect. The design is perfect in balance :)
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