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Twilight Magic

BG: :iconfaestock: [link]

Tree: :iconwolfc-stock:

Path: :iconmomotte2stocks:

Door: :iconamliel: [link]

Sky: :iconnight-fate-stock: [link]

Textures: :iconsmoko-stock:

and :iconafinewar: [link]

Moon: :iconresurgere:

Cardinal: :iconseductive-stock: [link]
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During my childhood, I used to love "The Faraway Tree" series of novels by the famous author Enid Blyton. Those books were the tales of a gigantic, magical tree whole wide canopy acted as a temporary dock for magical, wondrous lands. One never knew what one would exactly find when we climbed the numerous, winding steps within the tree, but once we reached the top, we would be whisked away into a fantastic land full of exotic beasts, interesting people, and adventure and memories.

Your painting has captured that innocence of childhood dreams, and that magical aura of the mysterious tree. Superlative work, well done!
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Wow. Thank you for that amazing comment. Made my night. :heart:
I love this piece, as you already know... I'm so glad I found it, because it brought me to the rest of your art, which is equally amazing!  You are a fantastic artist!
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Beauty is fabulous!Clap 
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nice very nice
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used your artwork here i hope u like it :D (Big Grin) 
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This is awesome, I love the way you separate 2 worlds with the big tree Clap I am a dummy! 
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I have send you a site mail, hope you got it?
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I got it and replied! :D
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I am totally in love...this is so magical...I am poet and photographer....this is so well done
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So glad! Thank you!
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Oh my dear madam! So beautiful with touch and scenery i have to add to my favirote right away! Thank you for making such fine art!
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'As the moon rides overhead, the hidden portal and secret path shall be revealed.'

An interesting variant on the hollow hills legends.
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Glad you like it. :D
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Very cool looking pic, very nicely created!
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Thank you soo much for the beautiful background, I have used it here .....[link]
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Beautiful work! :aww:
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Thank you very much.
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