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By ficod

italian history by typefaces

used here (DA):………

outside DA:

this one goes to: L'amico di Famiglia (P. Sorrentino)

You can use it for free for personal use. Please give credit (something like: font used is Telegrafico by ficod + a link to my deviantart page if you can).
If you're going to earn money for a project involving this font, I would consider correct to make a donation (send me an email/PM and I'll send you a link for donating by PayPal).
Imho a donation is not a payment, so you're free to donate as much as you want (be kind, please!).
You can make me a donation using my paypal account.
Just click the "donate to salvo nicolosi" on the following page:…
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Super clean work done..Good work!
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Magnificent job! amazing.I also like to telegraphic  it to my FB page :)
Hi, I'd like to use telegrafico font for my website. Could you advise me what is required to use your font please? My email is
beautiful clean font
i like your work and font
I would like to use your beautiful font in a logo. Where can i donate? and how much would you like?
Nice Typography! Thanks a lot for sharing. :-)
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If I use it as a trainee(ergo no money for it) to make a facebook cover for a Brain Trust, would it be commercial use?
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I would like to use your font for a logo for a non-profit organization. Do I still have to donate? I don't have a problem with donating, I just wanted to check, since we will not be making any profit out of this. Thanks.
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Love the look of this font! The only thing I have noticed that messes up with it is when I'm using a 1. It automatically switches to a different font. Is there any way I can fix this?
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amazing font. Thanks a lot!
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great font. A long time i spent searching this font. Thanks

Amazing Font ! Really works.
Understand you have declared your expectations for the fonts commercial usage. Just wanted to double check and confirm rights.
We would be more than happy to make a contribution/donation. If you could pl mail me the PayPal link. My id is
We intend to go live relatively soon, so it would be very helpful if you responded at the earliest.

Thanks so much for the art!

I would like to use your beautiful font in a logo. Where can i donate?:-)
Is there a chance to see this typo with small caps and numbers?
Hi, would like to make a donation for commercial use of this font. Is it ok to donate via where I downloaded it? Or do you prefer Paypal? Please email me the details at

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... email

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Hi ficod!! Is a lovely font what you done.I have a one-man street food company so is a small business then i want ask you if I could use telegrafico font for my logo.If you are agree,please send me a mail with your pay-pal
I'd like to use this for a nonprofit event that I am designing the logo for. I won't make any money.. can you let me know if I can use it?

Great font!
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Thank you for this lovely font. Is it available in any different weights or variations? I have found outlines and different weights on Lighter weights are found on the logo and outline version found on the title of the columns of content.
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and if i dont earn money just display it on my website? do i need to pay u then or just display you name in credits page?
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